How The Kingdom of God works

Every city, nation, race, functions on certain guidelines. There must be rules, guidelines that enables the successful functionality of any group. How the kingdom of God works is a functionality that was clearly defined by God from origin. The almighty God himself has set boundaries for himself that enable him to eternally function as God.


That’s why upon his sovereignty as God, there are things he cannot do. If he does those things, no one will question him, yet he cannot do them. God cannot love you more than himself, he does not even trust you because of your imperfection.

#1. Ignorant is not an excuse


If you do not understand the functionality of any kingdom, society or group, it is impossible to reap any tangible benefits from it. YOU ARE struggling, you do not have favor where you belong because you do not understand how that place functions.

If you do not satisfy its requirement, how do you gain from it? You will rather feel oppressed, disfavored, not being considered. This is how the kingdom of God works too. It is very pathetic that there are people that lives in disobedience ignorantly.

At least if you know what brings a curse upon you, it is easy to avert he curse than suffer and not know the source.

Many of us Christians study and we have been studying the bible from childhood, we know what God wants, we know what he wants us to do and what he does not, we understand his mind at least, many even know how the kingdom of God works but we will bluntly refused to do what we supposed to do, with excuses.

#2. Study to Know How the Kingdom of God Works

If you are a Christian, meaning you follow the footsteps of Christ, you should first study how the kingdom of God works before you embark on your journey of Christianity. How do you fan a club without knowing the rules?

I can point very many examples from the bible, of areas that believers fail woefully, not ignorantly, but out of selfishness, greed.

#3 Make The Word Of God Your Priority -Seek The Kingdom Of God First

The bible strongly warned every believer here

Matthew 6:33

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

You need an understanding of the kingdom of God. I have previously explained what the kingdom of God is. The kingdom of God is simply the word of God. I have read many passages of the bible that strongly lay emphases on the fact ha you cannot receive anything from god if not through knowledge.

You need an in-depth study of God’s word to fully understand how the kingdom of God works.

Believers rather believes that God is punishing them by asking them to spend more of their time gaining knowledge of the understanding of the word of God.

Your Job Should be Secondary

To them, they are more justified to spend most of their time on their profession, may be as a doctor, nurse, driver, civil service, business and more like that, than the knowledge of God’s word or learning how the kingdom of God works.

That’s why you often hear the saying “God will understand” that their job is not giving them time to study their bible, pray.

To this people, God himself knows that their profession is more important than the word of GOD. Their profession first before God. To them, God understands that their profession is their source of living, call it their livelihood. Their job has become their GOD. The bible said “whose belly is their god”

God wants to be your source, but you rejected that, and made your job your source. GOD WILL DEFINITELY STAND ASIDE, WHY WON’T HE? God cannot be contesting for glory with your job.

#4. The Word Of God Creates And Control Everything

Secondly, Isaiah 11:9

They shall not hurt nor destroy in any of my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the lord as waters cover the sea. The word of God is too important to be neglected.

Believers has been reading this scripture, how come no one has taken it to his heart, that his very life depends on how much of the understanding of the word of God he or she has. How come many has not yet realized that until you are able to spend at least 5 hours a day with the word of God, your destiny is not in view.

We mean uptill believers who are born of God have not yet realized that everything about God has to do with his word. The word of god is your life, how much of it you neglect is how much of your life you have neglected, and how much of it you value and spend time on, is how much of your life you value too because the word of God is the almighty God.

 Everything in the kingdom of GOD is orchestrated, manipulated, dominated and ruled by the word of God. You can never and will never succeed in the kingdom of light without being a perpetual student, a lover of the word OF God. This is how the kingdom of God works.

How The Kingdom Of Darkness Works

I told you how the kingdom of darkness function, that Satan uses demons to orchestrate, manipulate everything. Therefore demons are the agents of manipulation in the kingdom of darkness, they are the soldiers, and they are the front burners. All they need to do is to enter a place, and things will start changing.

How the kingdom of God works
How the kingdom of God works

Angels are never the agents of manipulation in the kingdom of light, no. a lot of people believe they are. They were, in the old covenant or testament after the fall of Adam, before the Holy Spirit came to earth.

The death and resurrection of Jesus changed the pattern of things just like the fall of Adam completely altered the pattern of things on earth.

In the Old Testament, God was communicating or relating with man through the angels and prophets. Therefore angels and prophets were the agents of manipulation or instruments of change in the Old Testament. This is how the kingdom of God works.

The Word Of God Is the Still The Only Instrument Of Change

You need to follow things up, before the fall of Adam, the word of God was the only instrument of change in the kingdom light. Before the fall of Adam, Satan was not operating anywhere on earth, he virtually had no kingdom, he was not influencing anything, Satan had no say on anything.

He had no authority over anything, so he was just roaming the earth to and fro. Man was ruling the earth by the word of God there was no bible, the word of God was inbuilt through the breadth from God that gave live to Adam when he was created.

Whatever Adam said on earth was what the earth took. That was how Adam named all the animals.

You need to understand that the earth was created by the word of God, including heaven, even all the angels were created by the word of God. Something in you should also draw that conclusion that Satan himself and all the demons were created by the word of God.

If the earth was created by the word of God, the earth can only be maintained, ruled, dominated by the word of God. It should also come to you that the word of God is the only thing that can destroy the earth.

Even Satan And All His Demons Were Created By The Word Of God

If Satan and his demons were created by the word of God, then the word of God is the only thing that can destroy, rule, dominate, cage, restrict, bind, and manipulate Satan and his demons.

Therefore the word of God is the only instrument of change in the kingdom of God, nothing else. Angels only act on the word. They are there to enforce what the word command. This is how the kingdom of God works.

Angels Only Respond to The Word Of God

Angels are only on earth to make sure that any word of God invoked comes to pass, same thing with the Holy Spirit, but the primary assignment of the Holy Spirit is to teach you the word of God. That means the Holy Spirit is the one that teaches us how the kingdom of God works through the word of God.

#5. The Word Of God Is The Power of God

When you see miracles in the church, crusade ground or anywhere people gather and the word of God is preached; it is because it’s been recorded in the word that anywhere the word is preached there must be that evidence because the word of God is the power of God.

There is something you need to know; the word of God has inherent ability to manifest itself anywhere it is being invoked without the help of an angel. Angels has their peculiar place of relevance.

Someone prayed in the Old Testament and an angel was resisted by a demon in trying to deliver the answer. In the new covenant, God never planned that an answers to prayer should be coming from heaven to earth. This is never the arrangement of the New Testament.

God simply buried every answer to all prayers in the word of God. The answer to your prayer supposed to live in you in form of the light from the word or call it revelation or understanding.

#6. Knowledge Of The Word Of God Is The Key In The Kingdom

In the knowledge of his word, right there, in the knowledge of his word. This is why the Holy Spirit came as the spirit of the word to teach the word. All you need is the spirit of revelation and understanding of the word of God.

Satan use demons to enter people, possessed them to manipulate them to achieve certain things while God uses the word of God.

#7. The Word Of God is the Instrument of perfection

Jesus said; man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. This means the word of God is food, not for the flesh but for the spirit. The Kingdom Of God Is perfect, the word of God is the kingdom of God and the only definition of how the kingdom of God works.

Your senses, your mind, your intellect cannot consume the word of God because it is a spirit, not visible. The word is a spirit food meant only for your spirit consumption. Foods are meant for the growth of those that eat it.

#8. The Word Of God Is Food For Your Spirit

Man eats 3 times a day in order to get enough for the physical system. Even the 3 times a day is backed up with quality before the body can be well serviced, maintained, replenished, rebuild and gained enough energy to run the daily life routine.

How the kingdom of God works
How the kingdom of God works

So how many times a day do you think your spirit can eat and to what quality of food. Remember, it is your spirit that sustains your body. Once your spirit gives up your body is dead. Your spirit giving up means it has faint in the day of adversity, and that is because the strength is small. Strength is small because you are not feeding it.

#9. Feed Your Spirit More than Your Body

I do not know why you do not understand, your spirit needs more food than your body. You feel the hunger in your body but you do not feel the hunger in your spirit.

This is the confusion right? The hunger from your spirit is always there but it cannot be passed through your feelings. You do not feel hungry in the spirit no. you feel what comes from the flesh, not what comes from the spirit.

The spiritual hunger is always staring at you much more than the hunger from the flesh. Those oppression, the disappointment, your failures, your needs, your lack, your inadequacies, your lack of power, no dominion, you are always being over powered by whatever, always intimidated.

Your Spirit Sustains Your Flesh

What you do not know is that when your spirit is full, it will feed your flesh, believe the word. Your flesh can only be at its best when your spirit has assumed its place of authority through knowledge. If your spirit is weak, your flesh is in danger.

The flesh can never sustain the spirit. It is the spirit that sustains the flesh. It means it is the spirit that keeps the flesh alive, yes, even life to the flesh come from the spirit. This is how the kingdom of God works.

The food for your spirit is what will make you perfect in life. This is how to be perfect in life. Everything in life build up from the spirit. If your spirit is not satisfied, believe me, nothing in life will make any meaning. Your destiny is in your spirit. God is a spirit, and gave you a destiny. That destiny and all it will ever take for it to be realized is in incorporated in your spirit.

#10. The Real You Is Your Spirit

You need to come to terms that your spirit is you. Your flesh is not you. Your flesh fights God, how much more you. How will your flesh love your spirit and fight God when your spirit is from God. I have told you before that the only way Satan can fight God is by fighting you.

Satan does not see God, he does not even know where God is. The day the bible recorded that God warned Satan of job. That meeting was on earth. Therefore Satan can only have access to communicate with God through engagement with man, and that must be on earth.

Outside any engagement on earth, Satan does not even have the bearing on God’s location.

The Old Covenant Is Completely Abolished

I so much give God thanks at this moment that he is helping MAN. THANK YOU JESUS FOR HELPING US. Why did I do that? People always say; God willing, God is our source,

God is our life, God will provide, God will give me the grace, God will help us, and very many of such utterances, but there is nothing like all of these actually, believe me, nothing like such utterances.

 They do not exist in God’s dictionary. These things are not God, this is not how the kingdom of God works, may be there used to be things like such in the old testament, but believe me not after Jesus died, resurrected and the Holy Spirit has come to earth.

Please, let’s learn fast; everything that was happening in the Old Testament was a pointer to the real thing that will come and the real thing has come, everything that had to do with the old is abolished.

#11. The New Covenant

That is why there was a lot of prophets to prophecy what was going to happen in the future which is now. All the pointing was to one thing; the redemption of man by Jesus and the new covenant.

I think what many Christians do not understand is the content of the new covenant. The content of the old covenant was writen in stones for Moses, but the story is completely different here. in the new covenant, everything has to be revealed. That means even what is written on the pages of the bible with you is almost irrelevant.

The Holy Spirit can talk to me for 5 hours, just from one word in the bible. The bible will be bigger in size than the whole world if everything revealed were to be stated there.

#12. All the promises of God has already been made available

In Christ, all the promises of God has been fulfilled, we have been given all the riches we need, all the favor we will ever need, all the grace, all the power, blessings, prosperity, all the wisdom we will ever need, has been given to us.

If you read through the old testament you will notice where almost all the patriarchs were yearning to see this days that we are but they could not. And all that had to do with the salvation of man.

We are no more hoping for anything again, we are no more waiting on God for anything. If you are still waiting for anything, you will waste because nothing will come again, all things have already come. Let not what happen to the Jews also happy to you. That Jesus was on earth and they did not know because of unbelief.


The people that were hoping, waiting, looking out for the day their deliverer will come were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, David. All the Old Testament people and the prophets. They were so anxious to know the year, the time that the salvation of man will arrive the earth.

All these people had died and gone without witnessing the time of Jesus. How will they react if they were to visit the earth and discover that we are still frustrated when there is no frustration anywhere, we are still in lack where there is no lack anywhere on earth.

How the kingdom of God works
How the kingdom of God works

How will you explain, that you do not have wisdom when there is wisdom everywhere on earth. How do you explain? When God says you are rich; but you are poor. How is it that God says; there is no more sickness again, anywhere on earth, but you are still sick? So what is the problem? It sounds like a mystery but it is not a mystery. And no one dares to find out.

#13. Jesus Paid The Price For Everything – Total Restoration

God said, there is no more sickness again on earth because Jesus took all away before he left, but you on earth are now complaining that you are sick. Someone must be lying here? Either God or you. So who is not seeing something? Who is not understanding?

Who is missing the road? Who needs to retrace steps? It is lack of the spirit of understanding that would make man to still ask God for help on anything whatsoever. I am taking you back to how the kingdom of God works.

To many believers, the case is not just lack of understanding but absolute disobedience.

It was still in the old testament that God said, he was going to do a new thing, that a time will come that people will know him from their spirit, not from what is written on stones.

And this is my own prophecy; that in a very short time, you will see men and women that has never been to church before caught the spirit of understanding and begin to catch such revelation and write things that even many church pastors would not fathom. Because everything has to do with the spirit, no flesh is involved here. This is how the kingdom of God works.

We are no more in the Old Testament, there is a new covenant and the plan that God had to redeem man thousands of years ago has come to pass, we are in it already but unfortunately some of us are not aware.

Many believers are still waiting for rapture before they can be free. You hear a lot of people sing that from songs; when they will finally be free. You are inside an ocean and you are tasty, how will you survive a desert.

#14. Man Has Been Totally Restored Back To His Place Of Authority

How the kingdom of God works
How the kingdom of God works

It simply mean man does not understand the moment, man does not understand times and seasons. Man has been restored back to the Garden of Eden.

No demon is supposed to come near where you are, they should run for their life at the sight of your presence. Demons supposed to fear you because of what you now carry as a result of the redemption package delivered by Jesus.

#15. Every Demon Is Under Your Feet As A Believer

After redemption, every demon is under your feet, you are place far above them in spiritual hierarchy, and you are now sited with God in Christ far above all principalities and powers.

Your problem is that you are rather ignorant of who you are because you ignore the word of God after you are born again. You have refused to renew your mind, to gain the knowledge you need.

You rejected knowledge, and you rejected the Holy Spirit that was supposed to teach you, you rejected the spirit of understanding. You rejected your life because the word of God is your life.

You need to return back to God by returning back to the word of God, you need to return to knowledge. Take a fast and pray that God should give you the spirit of revelation and understanding.

Sit on the word of God for at least 5 hours every day for the rest of your life, then watch out and see the difference between your life now and your life before. The word of God is the complete definition of how the kingdom of God works.

You need to spend quality time with your life which is the word of God. You are a god, but we must see it. Sit with the word of God till it brings out the god in you to rule the earth. This is the only way you can create your own Garden of Eden, this is how the kingdom of God works.You May also love to read;

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What do you think about how the kingdom of God works?

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