Turn To Jesus

Turn to Jesus means to repent, to be born of God, to be born again. It means to be born of the spirit.

It’s a regeneration, a complete transformation from the old sinful nature to the nature of God, the righteousness which is of God.

Whether we accept it or not, the earth is the lord’s. God created it, he owns it, and created everything in it including you and me.

Neglecting this fact is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, embracing it is the greatest achievement.

There are things we cannot deny, and one of such is the fact that God created us for himself. You may not be aware but that cannot affect the efficacy and the reality of such sensitive notion.

If you do not believe in God, that’s fine, it’s your choice, we are all free to make choices, but you must have made a deadly choice, obviously out of ignorance.

I wish you are willing to change it and embrace the truth which this website is all about.

For you to be able to find this website means God loves you and wants you. This is why you must turn to Jesus, you cannot reject Jesus. To reject Jesus is to reject your life because Jesus is your life

The bible says everything was created by him and for him. In him was life and that life is the light of men. That same light is what shines in darkness and the darkness cannot comprehend it.

If you are not born of God yet, this is an opportunity for you. Don’t postpone it embrace and follow this 5 steps to be born of God.

About Turn To Jesus

Turn to Jesus is a full time online church. We are here every day as instruments used by God for your spiritual growth, authority, dominion and empowerment to achieve your destiny.

The word of God is God himself, and the same word of God is the wisdom and the power of God.

As you and your family spend quality time with God on this website, you will encounter the spirit of revelation that will enlighten you to draw power and wisdom for your dominion and authority. Welcome to turn to Jesus.

I trust God for your healing, restoration, favor, grace and empowerment to succeed in life.

The website and its entire team has one mission, and that is to help you and the whole earth turn to Jesus.

This is not an impossible task at all, but after your heart is turned to God, please we need your hands too.

A ship was making her way steadily through small waves which slapped her and then fizzled like effervescing water, leaving a little border of bubbles and foam on either side.

The colourless October sky above was thinly clouded as if by the trail of wood-fire smoke, and the air was wonderfully salt and brisk. Indeed it was too cold to stand still.

Mrs. Ambrose drew her arm within her husband’s, and as they moved off it could be seen from the way in which her sloping cheek turned up to his that she had something private to communicate.


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