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Turn Men group was established for your interest. It is an international evangelistic organization with the aim of turning men and women to JESUS.

This is a full time online church and i am your internet pastor. We are here every day, every minute, every hour, digging the word of God and praying for you round the clock to make sure men and women are not just turned to Jesus but their spirit is build up and empowered to gain spiritual authority through the light of God’s word.

The word of God is God himself and the same word of God is the wisdom and the power of God. As you spend time with the word of God on this website, you are spending time with God and you are drawing power and wisdom for your dominion and authority.

I trust God for your healing, restoration, favor, grace and empowerment to succeed in Jesus name.

We have a goal to establish ourselves in every country. You can establish TurnMen in your community today. Simply fill our contact form to tell us where you are.

All we do is to go out on uniform, turning men and women to Jesus. TurnMen group is not only for men please. Do well to obey God and join Turn Men Group in this campaign if you are born of God.

God is using this medium as one of the ways to fulfill his word that says in the end time, the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God as water covers the sea.

Turn men group and TurnMen website are the two covenant instruments to fulfill this prophesy.

Though this vision was given to a son of God, Emem Peter in Nigeria, it has spread throughout the entire world.

Men and women from different countries who have been turned to Jesus, born of God, join the group, and the growth rate continues spontaneously.

TurnMen website will build your spirit, help you grow in God and fulfill your destiny. Devour and share every materials on this site with a zeal,

tell your friends, your neighbors, and family members about this website. Share and like every bit of materials on all your social media account.

Let the word of God reach the ends of the earth through you. This is an investment in eternity. It will be counted for you, it will be part of your crown in heaven. Who knows how many will be turned to Jesus through a post you shared.

If Paul planted, Apollos watered, they earned the same crown, same reward. Invest in eternity. Invest more in things that will last forever, invest more in incorruptible than in things that worms can destroy tomorrow.

We are sure of the presence of God through the word of God on this website. If God has touched you, heal you, or you encounter any form of miracle on this site,

please do not hesitate to call +2348035376706 or fill and submit the contact form, you can also directly fill out and submit our testimony form.

Apart from praying for people to be turned to Jesus, we also pray for ourselves (members of TurnMen Group).

Please fill free to submit your prayer request, and we will all pray for you as a group. A threefold cord cannot be broken.

All testimonies are published to return all the glory to God almighty who alone is worthy of all the praise, glory and honor. He is the doer of all the miracles.

Please do not keep any testimony, you are trying to take, keep or hide God glory, and that is not funny.

Testimony is part of our overcoming force. We also overcome by the word of our testimony and by the blood of the lamb which is JESUS.

We have had the backup and support of many individuals and organizations. If God has touched you to be an instrument in turning men to Christ please do not hesitate to call 08035376706.

You can also make a deposit to our PayPal using emempeta@gmail.com, or deposit directly to our account. TurmMen is currently undergoing registration process, that is why we are using private account for now.

TurnMen holds its biannual conventions in two different countries of our choice per year. The soul aim of each convention is to carry out massive group evangelism in different parts of the visited country.

TurnMen has its uniform which we use during our international conventions, and when we go out on local evangelistic outreach in each of the countries we are present.

ONCE you join TurnMen group, submit your details to help us communicate. 

We communicate to all members through email, WhatsApp, text messages, Facebook page, twitter, Instagram, telegram, and other social media arm we can use.

You can learn more about us on our social media platforms.

if you got born again, healed or God has intervened in your case through the articles from this website, please do not hesitate to contact us; call us, send a mail, a text message, follow us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Fill the contact form, and do not forget to submit testimoniesof what God has done for you through the word of God on this site. We pray for you always, and hold you so dear in our hearts, we are expecting your testimonies

TurnMen group was established for your interest. It is an international word, evangelistic group with the aim of turning men and women to JESUS. We have many ways of impacting our members positively for their general wellbeing.

Our goal is to establish ourselves in every country of the world. Do well to obey God and join TurnMen Group in this campaign if you are born of God.

To support Turn Men, please follow this details

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