What It Means To Be Born Again

To be born again simply means to be born a second time. All of us were first given birth to by our biological parents. That was our first birth, the physical birth.

That first birth came with the sin nature due to the fall of Adam. In that first birth every human was born into sin. Every human that is born after the fall of Adam is naturally born into sin with the sin nature. Man was condemn to destruction after the fall of Adam. The sin of Adam contaminated the human race.

The Arrival of The Savior

After the fall of Adam God brought up a salvation plan for the redemption of man. Jesus came as a savior to die in the place of man to redeem man from destruction.

The Salvation

For you to partake of that redemption, the salvation of man, you have to be born again.

What it Means To Be Born Again

It’s a simple process but completely spiritual. You have to accept that you are a dinner by nature. You have to be ready to repent of your sins and ask God for forgiveness. You have to accept the death and resurrection of Jesus on your behalf. You have to be ready to part with your old nature of sin and accept Jesus into your heart to take over your life as your Lord and savior.

Once you have declared this believe in a simple prayer, you are now born of God, you are now a child of God. Jesus will live in your heart and God will accept you as his child. You are now born of God.

The most important thing is for you to repent of your sin and believe in Jesus as your savior and accept Jesus into your heart as your Lord and savior. The spiritual process is automatically completed at this point and you are born again, you are born of God.
God loves you and forgives you of any form of sin whatsoever. There’s no sin God cannot forgive once you repent and ask for forgiveness.

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