Spiritual Life – Your True Life

Man identifies. It’s reality in three different forms; spirit, soul.and body. We are going to center our discussion on the life of the spirit, hence the spiritual life. We need to remind ourselves again that man is a spirit that lives in a body and has a soul. The flesh or the body, the soul; they are not the man. The man is the spirit.

Why The Man is Spirit

The man was created by God who is a spirit. And God said: “let us make man in our own image”. God does not have flesh. So the image of God cannot be our physical look. This has nothing to do with the physical image, it’s completely a spiritual image. God is a spirit and created us in his image which is a spirit too. It means the same look God’s spirit has, that is how our spirit looks.

Adam never knew how they look physically until sin entered. They were completely spiritual being. They had the flesh but they never noticed it because the flesh profits nothing. Therefore God created man as a spirit and can only communicate to our spirit.

A lot of people are not aware of their spirit being, they only take what they see. Life in the physical is being controlled by the spiritual. That’s why you must do everything to make sure your spiritual life is up to date.

Spiritual Life

This is the life of the spirit, completely different from the physical life. The spiritual life is the life of God.

Things That Makes Us spiritual

To be spiritual we must be aquainted with and do the word of God. The only thing that makes us spiritual is the word of God. To be spiritual, we must know and do the word of God. God is the creator of all spirits including Satan and his demons, though God did not create them like that, they reduced themselves to that nonsense.

Our Spiritual Food

God created us as spirits and gave us his word as spiritual food. Your spiritual life completely depends on how much of the spiritual food you are able to consume per day. Just the same way you will be weak, sick, if you don’t eat physical food. Same thing happens to the spirit. Physical food gives the body energy, naurishes the entire system and help in the proper functioning of the body organs.

If you don’t eat good food, it will show on your body, and if you eat good food, it will be obvious too. Same thing to the spirit. Good spiritual food propels the proper functioning of the spiritual life. It’s the spiritual food that helps us to stay spiritual.

The Spirit of Revelation

When we mention spiritual food ahnd connect it with the knowledge of the word of God, a lot of people do not understand. The word of God is a spirit. That’s why we cannot be thinking of it as those letters in the bible. The letters are there to guide but they are not the word of God. As long as you can see them, they are not the word of God.

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