Feelings – a Gateway to the Heart

Gateways are routes through which signals are sent to the heart, pictures of the future, building up faith or unbelief. I have discussed many Gateways to the Heart of a Believer. This is the last series and i am going to concentrate on the human feelings as a gateway to the heart.

We are going to find out why feelings is a gateway to the heart and how it can be a resistance to our destiny and future.

Feelings as a Gateway to the Heart of a Believer

This is the most common gateway. Most common in the sense that a lot of people live by their feelings. It is very easy to always go by your feelings. Just a little weakness, even when people are not sick, they want to see the doctor.

The amazing thing here is that the the doctor will never tell you any thing when you ask him as wrong. He will tell you,, ‘Don’t worry, you will be fine’.

So, people feel like shouting, they go wild. You just feel like entering Facebook with your phone when you are already in church, then you jump on that. You feel like eating rabbit, ice cream, you jump on them and you find no rest till those feelings are satisfied.

Your body can only feel like eating any type of food, but it can never suggest whether that food is good for you or not. This should give you eat concern about about whether to follow your feelings while making food choices.

Feelings Are Never Dependable

What are the 4 Types of feelings?

These are; happy, sad, afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted

What are The 6 feelings?

They include sadness, happiness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust.

Now, if you look at these samples of feelings, the only one that is positive is happiness; others are negative, meaning they are harmful, should never be toiled with, cause a heart attack, and and would soon form wrinkles on your face, making you look older than your age.

Job 22:21

acquaint yourself him now now and be at peace; thereby,, good shall come unto you

What are the positive feelings?

Love: to have a deep affection for or experience immense pleasure from; to actively and enthusiastically enjoy: I’m a huge music fan.

Joy: a feeling a great pleasure and happiness







Are feelings passionate?

What are some feelings?

Feeling is a sensation, sensitivity, touch, emotion, sentiment, mood, Enjoyment, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust,

What is passion?

Passion is desire, hunger, appetite, craving, urge

You can see the difference. When you have sentiment, feel like doing something, it is not based on knowledge, it is an assumption, no fact to back up the act. You are just following your emotions. Passion is based on knowledge, there is an awareness that push the drive, gives you the urge.

You crave for what you know and are sure you can derive benefit from. There must have been a trust that drive the urge

I am simply using natural circumstances to prove to you that your feelings should never detect any pace for you.

Feelings Vs Emotions

While emotions are associated with bodily reactions that are activated through neurotransmitters and hormones released by the brain, feelings are the conscious experience of emotional reactions.

Your Flesh vs Your Spirit and God

Feelings are suggestions from the flesh; they arise as a result of of your body’s’s reactions. The flesh fights the spirit, which means the flesh fights God. The flesh will always go contrary to what God expects; it will always suggest the opposite of the the biblical standard.

The flesh or feelings fight God 24/7; your feelings aree enemiesof God. Your feelings will always go against everything written in the Bible.

What am I saying? if you follow your flesh, you will become an enemy of God. This should tell you out rightly that it is the devil manipulating your feelings. When it is time to pray, your body will feel weak, you will always feel bible study is boring.       

To go to church, you have to struggle with your feelings. You will never feel good giving.  

Why Feelings as a Gateway to the Heart of a Believer

If you are always following your feelings, if you walk by your sensations, you will be sending wrong signals to your heart, You will be building wrong believe system, you will be building a house on sand. Feelings are shadows, you would be pursuing shadows.

Once you start executing what your feelings detect, you would be working against God, your destiny, your future. This would definitely be a whole lot of frustration and failure.

How Feelings can Destroy Our Destiny And Future

If you build your faith on your feelings, you will be destroying yourself, Your destiny, and your future.

If you feel like dying and you believe your feelings, then use your mouth to confess that you are dying, you may soon die. If you keep saying you are sick, when you just feel a little headache, the sickness will be worse, if you keep saying my sickness; that sickness will keep coming back because you have attributed it to yourself.

You cannot live by the dictates of your feelings, it will definitely work against your future, and it will always work against your success. Your feelings are always going negative.

Your feelings does not work with knowledge, facts. Your feelings works with assumption.

Irrespective of your feelings, go by what the word of God says.

Whatever your feelings suggest, if you believe in it, that agreement will be sent as a faith signal to your heart, YOUR HEART WILL BELIEVE IN IT and sent a picture of that thing believed to your mind. That mental picture will be stored in your sub-conscious as a model to be emulated or transformed to physical product.

It is just a matter of time, your system will immediately start adjusting, shifting, changing things and every orchestrations will be geared towards the reality of that which was felt, believed and eventually formed in the mind

The funny part is that the whole development is a process that happens over time depending on the level of committed believe.

No smoke without fire, nothing just happens. Most time if a young man dies prematurely, if you go down deep in the investigation, you will discover that he must have exercise some level of believe in death.

Whether you want to take it or not, the truth remains that you cannot put a seed of corn in the ground and subsequently harvest yam, it has never happened and will never happen.

If a lady turns out to be a prostitute, a seed for that was sown somewhere, it can be from one of the parents who painted that picture for the girl at teen age or even when she was grown.

This is why it is bad to allow your child to live with someone else. If your child is always watching you fight or may be the father use to beat the mother, that son will grow up to beat the wife.

The first feeling that will be established there that wives are to be beaten. That immediately forms the foundation on that, except along the line he encountered another knowledge that opposes the first one with adequate explanation, before that child can do away with the former.

Expression of our feelings when we are happy
Expression of our feelings when we are happy

One of my pastors refused to send the children to a particular school because of certain wrong information that was given to then on religious doctrine.

 How did the parents got to know that?.

The children has been in church where the father has been teaching something was different from what the school was trying to teach, and when they came home for holidays, they alerted the father on that. The parents immediately removed those children from that school.

A lot of parents will sit somewhere with their kids listening to people sending out very wrong information. Adult will always know how to separate the chaff from the grain but children will not, kids will take everything, they don’t know the difference

How Feelings can be Controlled to be of Benefit to the Heart, Your Destiny And Future.

  1. You Must be Born Again

You must give your heart to Jesus and allow God to live in your heart. This is the starting point and the foundation for every believer. You must be translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Everyone not born of God yet is still abiding in the kingdom of darkness,, where Satan is the king with his demons.

This is the same remedy for all the gateways, simply renew your mind with the word of God. You cannot do without the word of God, in every issue of a believer, the solution is always the word of God.

The bible simply recommends that we renew our minds with the word of God.


Stay on the word of God, saturate your mind with the word of God, let the whole of your being be filled with the word. Then you will think like God, you will feel like God. The word of God builds your spirit to overpower your flesh and silence the flesh.

This is what the bible mean by dying to the flesh, you are no longer sensitive to the dictates of the flesh, you are only sensitive to God. God is always talking through your spirit. The flesh will be completely silence.

When God wants you to do something, he puts an urge in you, not feelings, so feelings can be completely subdued in the system. It is only when your spirit is not built up and is weak that your flesh will be lively, but if you build your spirit, your flesh will be silenced.

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The Importance of The Word of God To Christian

Turn Men messages are being inspired by the Holy Spirit. If you spend time to meditate and pray on these messages, you will be empowered by the flood of light from God that will heal, restore anything lost and most importantly build your spirit to dominate the world as a son.

In case you are not born of God yet, you cannot reject Jesus. You were created by Jesus for Jesus. God created you for himself. To reject Jesus is to rebel against God. Jesus is your life, to reject Jesus is to reject your life. Give your life to Jesus today; repent, accept Jesus into your heart as your lord and savior and be born of God now, it may be late after now!!!!! Do not postpone. Please follow this steps to obey God now.

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