How to Change Mindset From Negative to Positive

Your mindset is very critical to the success of your destiny and future. Knowing how to change mindset from negative to positive is eminent to your success at every point in life.

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. Having a positive mindset means to make positive thinking a habit, continually searching for the silver lining and making the best out of any situation you find yourself.

In other words the mind needs to be able to select between negative and positive thoughts. The mind can be healthy depending on its thought pattern. If you stay on negative thoughts too long, it can make you depressed, oppressed, if not commit suicide.

A Healthy Mind is a Healthy Spirit

Everyone needs to know how to change mindset from negative to positive because a healthy mind is actually a healthy spirit, and when your spirit is healthy, your body will be healthy. Before you got saved, the message you heard first passed through your mind then to your heart. You must hear it first before you are convicted.

it means the first point of reception and acceptance is in the mind, it means the mind must be convinced first before it sends the message to the heart for conviction. The fruit that Adam ate in disobedience was from a tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Every human mind can differentiate between good and bad, we all know what is good and what is bad. Consequently we do what we do by choice, but you must train your mind to be positive always if you have decided never to go negative at all.

Before your mind can stay positive always, it must be trained. If you stay in an environment where everybody is positive, you are training your mind to be positive. it means if you want to be positive, select only friends, environment, visuals that are positive.

If you do not like negative then you should not be found around negative to avoid interference and subsequent induction.

What is mindset

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave. Your mindset is created by what you see, hear, feel, meditate on. The 2 most important influence to mindset is what you see, and what you hear.

Therefore to change your mindset, you must change what you see and what you hear.

How to Change Your Mindset From Negative to Positive

Stay on the word of God,

Saturate your mind with the word of God, let the whole of your being be filled with the word. then you will think like God, you will feel like God. The word of God builds your spirit to overpower your flesh, to silence the flesh.

This is what bible mean by dying to the flesh, you are no more sensitive to the dictates of the flesh, you are only sensitive to God. God is the one always talking through your spirit. The flesh will be completely silenced.

When God wants you to do something, he puts an urge in you, not feelings, so feelings can be completely subdued in the system. It is only when your spirit is not build up and is weak, that is when your flesh will be lively, but if you build your spirit, your flesh is silenced

How to Renew Your Mind – What Does it Mean to Renew Your Mind?

To renew your mind, you have to discover How to Change Your Mindset From Negative to Positive. It means to completely change it from the old way of thinking to new way of thinking. it is to discard the old mindset and take on a new one. It means to train your mind to think like God. The word of God is the mind of God.

How do we Renew Our Mind

  2. Holy Ghost baptism
  3. Stay on the word always with the spirit of revelation and understanding

Who is the Holy Spirit?

This is where a lot of Christians, even believers do not understand. A lot of people including believers are ignorant of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person in trinity but it is equally important.

We did not hear so much about Jesus in the Old Testament. According to the bible, God the father was the one

Communicating with the Israelite, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, all the prophets and so on. We did not hear a mention of Jesus nor the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

Therefore the personality that presented himself all through the Old Testament was God the Father.

And God promised them Jesus will come as their savior. And at a point Jesus actually came.

Immediately Jesus came, the father was no more appearing or communicating with them, he pulled off from the scene completely, except when he officially announced Jesus at the point of baptism.

Matthew 3:17

How to Change Mindset From Negative to Positive

And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

Jesus was on earth till he fulfilled what he came to do and announced that he was leaving the earth but that another personality is replacing him, just the way he replaced the father, and that personality is the Holy Spirit.

I am still surprised, very, very surprised, but what is wrong with MAN, oh man.

Jesus said;

John 16:7

How to Change Mindset From Negative to Positive

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

This is how important the Holy Spirit is.

3 important things in Jesus statement above

1 it is expedient I go away, meaning I will leave the earth, meaning for now every work on earth is handed over to another.

2, it is very important that the comforter will come

What is the comforter coming to do?

To teach and to show you.



  1. THE father is no more having any direct commitment on earth
  2. Jesus is no more having any direct commitment on earth

Who Should we Look Up to as God on Earth

Oh man all your attention should now be turned to the Holy Spirit.


All your attention should be turned to the word, and the Holy Spirit will help you in its understanding.

I do not know what you will need the father and Jesus again for, than to worship and thank and praise.


So, having understood who the Holy Spirit is, we can now discuss the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The word of God is the God with Man now

Believe me, this is the God that will answer you at any point you touch him, this is the God that will provide all your need, this the God that will give you the power you need on earth. You should remember it was the word of God that turn himself to flesh to become Jesus for the purpose of saving man.

This means the word of God is the real Jesus, hence the Jesus you see is the word of God inform of man. Jesus as a person for the purpose of what he came for, had finished that assignment and step aside for who i will still call the real Jesus.

People are still looking upon the person of JESUS, you will not gain much from that personality that was once on earth. The JESUS available for man now is THE WORD OF GOD. JESUS that came to die had announced that he had gone to the father, he had finished his assignment on earth and left for the next personality to take over.

it was the word of God that told GOD, yes, i will volunteer to go and save man, the word is the way, the word is the truth, the word is the life. it was the word of God that volunteered to come and save man, and the father told the word, so you take the name JESUS and turn into flesh and look just like man before you can qualify because a man’s blood must be shed for man’s salvation.

After the word of God had finished that assignment, that version of the word had to remain with God as evidence.

The salvation of our spirit was complete after Jesus died and rose. For man to enjoy the evidence, the manifestation of what Jesus did on the cross, on earth. For that reality to show on your body. For you to have your authority back, your dominion back, your power, your prosperity.

All these things i have mention has to do with your real life on earth, your physical life on earth. For you to experience all the blessings that God has promised in the bible through his word.

God made those promises through his word, you can only experience those promises through His word.

Therefore Jesus had left the earth and handed us to his real person which is THE WORD OF GOD.


People spend a lot of time praying each day for Jesus to help, Father help, destroy, kill. God will have mercy and answer our prayer, but this is not God’s plan for man.


it is all over the bible; before you call i will answer, you are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, they will come against you one way and fall before you seven ways. Whatever is born of God overcome the world.

We are all praying because we are not seeing these results, these promises, but did God lie? NO

So how do we supposed to exact these promises?

God has also said in his word that you cannot get any of his promises if not by knowledge.

So the word of God is the God we supposed to sit with, eat with, sleep with, wake up with.

This is the person that will renew your mind and make you think like God in order to have God kind of result.

Why Did the Holy Spirit Came

The Holy spirit came to teach us this God, to show us this God, to help us understand this person by revealing this person to us.

So the more you spend time with the God called THE WORD OF GOD, THE MORE YOU ARE TRANSFORMED TO BECOME LIKE GOD

The bible has said that the word of God is the wisdom of God and the power of God.

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