The Ears as a Gateway to the Heart

There are 5 gateways to the heart. The Ears as a Gateway to the Heart is the fourth article in these series. Other gateways are; the eyes, the mouth, the mind, and our feelings, we are looking at the ears.

How are the ears affecting our future and destiny, how does it change a whole lot of things pertaining to our success, what are the hindrances posed by the ears as a gateway to the heart and mind.

i still want to emphasize the significant of this series to success of every believer on earth. This is the foundation of every believer . When you are able to identify what to avoid from the beginning of the journey, it helps to make the journey very smooth, else it can be frustrating because you are going to be fighting battles that should have been avoided.

The Ears Gateway

Gateways to Heart

The curiosity of humans is amazing. People wants to listen to everything plus the one not meant for the ears. It can never be every audible sound wave that will be useful, and anything that is not adding to you will definitely distract or subtract from you.

And some people does not know how to select which one belongs to them, mainly because of ignorance, they do not just know which one is good at all because they have not been thought.

There is something i discover in life, very easy to buy a negative idea than the positive. Most negative ideas looks like the easiest way out, a short cut as people say. People do not even think of the risk anymore. As long as that is the easiest way out they will rush for it, just because it is cheap.

You are what you keep listening to. If you want to be like someone, keep listening to the person always. You are not painting the picture

It is not possible to keep your ears completely from earing what you do not want to hear. It is not about what you hear. Rather, it is your ability to select you what you need and trash what you don’t need.

You can easily keep your eyes from anything you do not want to see by closing it or turning your face to another direction. It is difficult to treat your ears like that. Your ears is open 24/7.

 You can only try to use your fingers to block it from listening, but it is never completely blocked. For this reason your ears are more exposed to danger.

The ear receives more temptation than every other gateway. The bible has warned;

Be careful what you hear!

And do not go around people that always talk what you don’t want to hear. Do not make such people your friends. Don’t go to places you wouldn’t like how they talk.

Do not play around what is against your believe. It is like playing around your enemy. An enemy will always try to pull you down no matter what.

Music is not rhythm, music is rather lyrics. I watch people curse themselves in the name of singing and the funniest part is that they are not aware.  There is nothing like I was just singing, I didn’t know. God himself said;

Whatever I hear you say, that is what I will do 

When you stay around music you don’t want to hear, I mean you are just there, you are not singing it, you do not like it, and you are not participating. After the music is stopped, it will continue to play in your mind.

It can keep playing for the next 2 or 3 days if you don’t do anything to stop it. I call this fighting unnecessary battle. I mean, you cannot be comfortable when the music keeps repeating itself in you and you don’t want it, but you can’t stop it, funny.

This means the music had entered into you without your permission. I thought since you did not like it, it shouldn’t have come in. the gate was open. The only way to shut it is to stay away from the music.

When is the impact

You need to know this, even if the music keep replaying itself for 3 days, it will not have any impact because you never accepted it, you never bought the idea, you did not go with it.

Singing the music is confessing the words of the song. You only confessed what you want. Confession is the process of bringing something in the realm of the spirit to the physical.

This is why mouth is not one of the gateways to receive things into your system. You do not confess what you want to bring in, you only confess what is already in you, and mouth is rather an instrument of creation, creating in the physical what was accepted in the inside.

Whatever I hear you say, that is what I will do

Once you join to sing, it means you have accepted the idea. Once you accept the idea, you becomes a part of the idea. It means whatever is in the idea will replicate itself in you.

Agreement means you have submitted yourself to it to lord over you, you have opened yourself up to it, for anything from it to come to you. This is dangerous. There are diverse reasons to many people’s downfall and I wish they are even able to trace the root-cause when calamity struck.

I don’t have many friends because I hardly will find the one that will always talk what I want to hear.

 Supposing it was a music dedicated to certain demons so that it will sale. Why wouldn’t the demons be able to achieve whatever they want around you, you just bought one of their property. You have just signed in to their cult group.

Signature is simply an agreement, you don’t need to sign for spiritual things physically, once you have agreed by your actions or words, it’s enough.

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