The Mind as a Gateway to the Heart

The Mind as a Gateway to the Heart is the fifth on this series and we are looking at the mind gateway which is the most common gateway because thoughts are rampant and everybody thinks. Thinking is a great way to success.

Nobody just move, nobody just act, everything has to be planned and we think to plan. in many cases the faster you think, the more successful.

I can sit down and think of how to develop a business idea, a brand, a product, the way out of something and so on. These are deliberately generated thoughts from you, positive thoughts.

There is what the bible calls, thoughts out of greed. If you are a thief, your mind will always be thinking of how to do that successfully, so you will also be discovering ways how to succeed in that business through thoughts.

Whatever you have passion for, you will definitely be discovering ways on how to do about it by thinking, and you empower or energize this process by going to a serene area where nothing will distract.

Difference between thought and wisdom application

Wisdom is developed by knowledge. When you have much knowledge in certain area, you will be witty in that area, you will be skillful in that area. You will have much understanding of how that area operate.

You will accomplish much there without a single thought and if you sit down to think at all, you will easily discover new realms of operation there because it is your area. This is called creativity.

If I do not like fornication because I have knowledge that God hates that, and I have made up my mind not to fornicate. As long as I do not marry, there will always be thoughts to sleep with a woman whenever I see a woman.

Except there are no women around, then the thought will not be there. We chose to live right, not because the thought to do evil is not there, no, but we do not buy the idea based on knowledge.

God does not have anything to do with your flesh, that is why he does not interfere with your thought, but God has given you the solution to use and engage your mind in positive thoughts and avoid the negative that can eventually ruin you.

ROMANS 12: 1-2

Gateways to the Heart and Mind - Part 5

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

God said use the word to renew your mind, be filled with the word of God always. Knowledge is power.

The devil has ceased that opportunity to use thought as a major weapon of destruction.


How your Mind Acts as a Gateway to the Heart

Whatever you conceive in your mind is sent to the heart for concession, believe and subsequent storage. once the heart believe in whatever the heart sent to it, it will store it, then the mind will continue to generate more information on that particular thing as a backup to create more faith. When that information is such that there is much believe by the heart, the mouth will start confessing.

Once the mouth starts the confession of that which the heart has so much believed in; it simply means at this point that the entire orchestration in the spirit on this subject matter is completed, it is time to be manifested in the physical, that is why the mouth is announcing it.

The illustration i am giving here is general; the subject matter could be positive, it could also be negative. if it was positive, the end result will be positive, if it was negative, the end result will be negative.

How Your Thoughts Affect the Heart

Most thoughts are direct suggestions from the pit of hell, and that is the ultimate aim of the devil approaching you to steal, kill and destroy.

People should understand that Satan does not have any power over any human being again, after Jesus’s death and resurrection. All power on earth was given to Jesus after that exercise.

Right now, Satan can never have access to harm you except you permit him. That’s why he now resort to weapon of feelings, thought, dreams, all to try to convince you to accept him by accepting what he offers in form of pictures, words, conversations, songs, dance.

You see a lady working on the road almost completely necked, no sane or normal human will do that. She has been completely possessed and controlled by a demon to do that, she is no more herself. Just like what happens to mad people.

How do you sleep with a woman possessed by a demon, and you think you will wake up still a normal human, never. The worst thing is that you may never be able to trace any calamity to that encounter because you were not even aware of who were sleeping with.

You will never see Satan physically, but he comes through dreams, thoughts, feelings, what you hear, what you see. He uses the gateways to trap you, subtly, craftily.

EXCEPT YOU KNOW God enough through his words, you will never be able to identify Satan when he comes.

The word of God is power to resist the devil, whatever the devil is using to approach you, whether in form of pics, words, songs etc. are all things that will help you to fear, tremble.

Fear is an opposite of faith, whatever you fear will come on you. Satan knows this is what God says, and this is the easiest way he can get you.

You make very negative confessions from most of those songs you sing. I hear people sing ‘‘I go die o’’, ‘’I am sick of love’’.

People that commit suicide first started the act as a thought, it is just that they bought the idea by giving it a second thought, entertaining it.

This is how people are depressed by entertaining a thought, staying on it. Satan get people bit by bit, he may start by making things not work for you, you may be frustrated, then he will cause people around to hate you. This particular series (The Mind as a Gateway to the Heart) will enlighten you on this.

Then he will suggest to you to conclude that you are a no body and nothing can ever work for you, then the best thing is for you to kill yourself and go and stay with God. He can even deceive you through thoughts that once you kill yourself, God is waiting at the gate to receive you.

How People are Possessed

People are possessed by demons through thoughts, no demon can ever work into any body like that. They work on you to open the door through your mind, you will welcome them in through your mind.

They first convince you to accept them through your mind. Once you have agreed to be a prostitute, an armed robber, a killer, a drug dealer etc., a demon that is in charge of those things will enter you, depending on your area.

That demon will sit on you, make you forget yourself, and give ideas to use and succeed in the adventure.

How can a normal man decide to bomb himself, just so that some people will die for nothing? Or a normal man just use knife to choke himself to death. On a normal circumstance, those people will fear to die, but when a demon sits on them, they are no more themselves.

These things are beyond drugs or alcohol. When you are overpowered by a drink and you are drunk, you won’t know yourself again, you cannot even see the road, that’s why they fall inside gutter and sleep there till next morning.

If you take hard drugs or hot drink and you can still drive well or see the road, it means you are still yourself. That cannot give you the heart to kill. Therefore it is not the effect of drugs or hot drink but a demon

The demon is there to use you to execute his plan. It is there in the bible, that the only thing the devil does is to steal, to kill, to destroy. He cannot come out to go about doing this by himself, no, he does not have the power.

He has to subtly convince a man and use him to accomplish his task. One of the reason for this series – The Mind as a Gateway to the Heart

Dream as a Gateway

I did not mention dream as a gateway because dreams are by products of your thoughts, they come from multitude of business during the day. When you engage your mind in some deep thinking processes during the day, your subconscious will replay those thought processes in a different perspective during the night. The bible says;

Dream comes through multitude of business. This means those things that you have so much engage your thought I during the day will come as a dream in the night.

God can also use dream to communicate with people but not so much now because the word of God is God. This is the dispensation of knowledge. The word of God is everything now and God wants to communicate with everybody through his word.

God and Dreams

God used dreams in the Old Testament when Jesus did not die, but after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the veil was turned, that means man is now free to talk to God direct as a son to his father.

No father would want to use dreams to communicate with his son. Simply use the word of God to renew your mind and sharpen it to be sensitive to receive from your father and you can hear him any moment.

Don’t depend on God to talk to you through dreams, you will be deceived by the devil. Stay on the word of God and God will always talk to you there through the spirit of revelation and understanding.

Any dream that does not correspond with what the bible says should be trashes. God will never tell you anything or show you anything that contradict what he says in the bible, never.

God is anti-fear and will never show anything that brings fear. Any dream that comes with fear is never from God. God can only bring peace, comfort, joy, no fear.

Only the devil can communicate fear so that he can strike.

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