The Only Deliverance Believers Need

There are many teachings in the bible that are not easily understood and the topic of deliverance is one of such. “The Only Deliverance Believers Need” clarifies a lot of misconception about deliverance.

Actually there is deliverance and somebody can be delivered. You will need to be delivered from anything you lack the basic knowledge. Somebody that is always being sick, needs to be delivered from that siege

There are many preaching now, saying a believer does not need deliverance. You can say this is true and you can say it is not true. Those messages simply lack clarity. Deliverance is based on knowledge, and never based on whether you are born again or not, hence lazy or believers without knowledge will need deliverance.

And it is all about the level of knowledge and understanding you have that determines the level of your deliverance. Many people do not also understand deliverance. When you are cursed, then you need deliverance. Be real and true to yourself. Curse is a limitation placed on you, by whatever, whoever, whenever.

This means you cannot pass certain point, level, position, you are kept in a place of lack, you struggle, and you are working so hard and earning so little.

You know what?

The truth is that nobody, nothing actually placed that limitation on you, but your ignorance. So whether somebody spoke and you are being wired by it or nobody resisted you, you just cannot excel, it is caused by ignorance.

So, it is not bad if I tell you, you need deliverance and knowledge is the only one that can conduct the deliverance. If any man of God lay hands on you and you are delivered, it is very temporary, it will surely return back with time or another way.

If anybody pray for you to be delivered for one thing, what of another area? For how long will you keep seeking for how to be free? How many deliverance prayer will be conducted on your head alone per year?

That person that prayed for you might have been free, that is why he or she is not having same issues. You should rather look for how to be free once and for all.

The point is that if your freedom is momentary, then you were not free.

What do i mean here? The Only Deliverance Believers Need

if light from the word sets you free, you are eternally free, never to be bound in that area again and this is what ‘The Only Deliverance Believers Need” is meant to do for you.



YOU CAN NEVER BE FREE THROUGH PRAYER, you will be entangled again. i believe freedom is not supposed to be momentary, if you are set free, you must be free indeed.

People do not understand what deliverance is. Deliverance means FREEDOM, LIBERATION, RESCUE, ESCAPE, and RELEASE.

Nigeria had independence in 1960, after 60 years, we are still independent because we were set free.

You cannot be delivered today and tomorrow you are bound again, or you are delivered in one way and bound again in another way. This can never look like what Jesus died for.

It is funny when you hear people confessed that they are delivered, deliverance is not confession, and you can never be delivered by confessing.

When you are bound, it is a demon that is binding you, if somebody that has authority through deep knowledge and understanding of the word pray for you, the demon will leave you because somebody that is greater in authority than the demon is around.

But will you always be with that man of God? How long will he or she keep helping you out? This simply means you are not free. Because when those demons go, after some time they will come back to check back on their captive.

If they still find you in that state that you were before, they will re-enforce themselves by carrying more demons, and the later will be worse than the former.

If the knowledge and understanding of the word does not set you free, you will never be free.


I do not know whether to call it laziness, but wrong teachings has contributed immensely, wrong emphasis, majoring on the minors, ignoring the major is the cankerworm.

For example, It is wrong to force people to give, it can never be developed as a culture without the knowledge. You will never need to tell anybody to give, they will give all they have once they have the knowledge and understanding of what is that.

You do not need to tell anybody to go and have faith, you do not need to tell anybody to believe, where will they see the faith or believe. Tell them how to stay on their bible for 5 hours per day, tell them how to fast for 30 days asking only for the spirit of revelation and understanding of the word.

Do not tell them to fast and destroy spirit of dearth, no, it will never be destroyed, the spirit of dearth is their ignorance. I wish all believers will go on protest, telling their pastors what they want to hear like #END SAS in Nigeria.

You can listen to 300 messages on faith, none will mention how you can sit on your bible for at least 2 to 5 hours per day. But this is the only way you can DEVELOP faith.

All you will hear are topics like “have faith in God” Abrahamic faith. These are stories. Abraham had faith in God because God was talking to him, God was having direct conversation with those people, many times for hours, and they developed their faith from those words.

Jesus used to preach or talk to people directly, many times for hours. And what God and Jesus were giving to those people were direct revelation with their full understanding which must surely produce the required faith with corresponding power for their successful existence.

Abraham was hearing the word of God, Moses was always listening to God speak, Isaac, Jacob. All these people were listening to God speak to them the same words of God. Words that comes from God remains words that comes from God, the same, whether they came in time of Abraham, Moses or Jesus;

they forever remain words that came from God, they do not change, they carry the same influence, same impact, same faith, same power, in as much as those words came from God.

The word of God is the word of God whether it was spoken 100yrs back.

In the time of Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, up to when Jesus came, only one thing God demanded from them; to depend fully on those words for survival

None fell to the ground without accomplishing that to which it was sent.

So use knowledge and do it once and for all.


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