Deliverance From Spiritual Affliction

Today is December 20, 2023. I am grateful to Jehovah, the only wise God, for such a great Christmas gift of deliverance from spiritual affliction. de You are my God forever. I love you, my sweet dad. Thank you. The chrisma gift God gave me on this day is to show me deliverance from spiritual affliction.

The truth is that, I’m in love with God, forever. This God is too sweet. He will always surprise his lovers when they least expected it. God is the one living through us. Just make up your mind to love him and the next turn would be that God would start manipulating things in your favor.

Steps To Deliverance From Spiritual Affliction

If the foundation be faulty, what can the righteous do? Before we delve into the subject of deliverance, we have to dig it from the foundation. Therefore what I’m giving you now is steps to deliverance from spiritual affliction.

#1. You Have To Be Born Again

If you are to gain deliverance from spiritual affliction you must be born again. Born again means to give your life to Jesus. It means to repent of your sins, turn away from your old way of life, and make up your mind to live for God from henceforth. You have to accept Jesus into your heart as your lord and Savior. This is the foundation of starting a relationship with God

#2. Receive Holy Spirit Baptism

We all need the Holy Spirit in our Christian journey. If you must succeed as a Christian, both in life and in your relationship with God, then the Holy Spirit is a must-have. Your relationship with him must be strong, and it starts from the baptism with evidence of speaking in tongues. Deliverance from spiritual affliction is easy with the help of the Holy Spirit

deliverance from spiritual affliction.
deliverance from spiritual affliction.

#3. Make The word of God everything to You.

This is the most important factor and the foundation of every success in Christianity. If only you could be glued to the word of God and make it your daily food, then you could live as a king on earth. Why am I saying this?

The word of God created everything in heaven and in earth, including you. This means it’s only the word of God that sustain you in the earth. In other words, we all have to live by the word. Only the word of God can keep you, preserve you, show you the way.

Jesus is the word of God that became flesh for the purpose of salvation. The word of God is our lives. The devil you are fighting with, and all his demons were created by the word of God, and only the word of God can destroy them. Only the word of God can fix every issues of your life.

Only the word of God can deliver you. God can only answer prayers that is prayed from the word of God because God can only do what’s in the word of God. God will never fulfill what he never said. Anything not in the word should never come to you, because it’s not of God. Always stand to reject what’s not from the promises of God.

#4. Love God

Let it not be feelings, practice it and declare it to God. Your relationship with God must be born out of love. You have friends you love, you love your wife, you love your children.

Even when you living in sin, you showed such a great love to your boyfriends and girlfriends that you could give them anything, you could do anything for them. The truth is evident, any relationship can only flourish when there’s love. Love cannot be one-sided, the donor will soon get tired and retire because there’s no response.

Deliverance From Spiritual Affliction

I am here to share the testimony of my experience today. It will surely deliver you just as I was set free. I was praying today, not really in the mood of celebration because today is Christmas. I was alone because my wife travelled with the kid.

I didn’t plan to go anywhere but just pray indoors, trying to lift some long-standing burden. This has been a long-standing family issue, long before I got married, and whenever I take it on intense prayer, a demon will voice out, trying to tell me it’s impossible to take it away.

deliverance from spiritual affliction.
deliverance from spiritual affliction.

I know very well that’s a lie. No demon will tell you the truth, never, they don’t even know the truth. Why? Because truth is the word of God. The truth will set you free and no devil wants you to be free.

When i say the word of God is truth, I mean the revealed word. The written word is what you read but the revealed word is the light shoned on you by the spirit of understanding. This is what brings result.

l have done serious intercession over this issue for decades, even with fasting but to no avail.

With knowledge over time I decided to pray only using scriptures. And as usual, the demons responsible started talking, even with threats. I started praying from one scripture to another.

The specific scripture that got me angry is in

Jude 1:6

Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Take your time to read the above scripture. The very place you are in God, is where the demons rejected. That was the place of their habitation but they left it and God evacuated them and put you there.

After they left, they were reserved in everlasting chains under darkness, unto the judgment of the great day. now, this is their state, this is where they belong; everlasting chains under darkness.

Now, these are the beings that would have audacity to tell you, that you will not succeed, who should judge who? That same word of God that created them judged them I jude1:6⁴

The above scripture has already defined a status and a destination for the demons, therefore they have no reason to be around you.

After quoting all the scriptures, the demons were still resisting, then I introduced the blood of Jesus and that was the end of it. I cast them out in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus was the price paid for our freedom. The devil will never resist unto the blood.

Our freedom is always to the level of our knowledge. Satan only capitalise on ignorant to afflict.

Deliverance Scriptures You Need To Know

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