How God Relates With You

How God relates with you is very significant. God only have a relationship with you after you are born again. God has no relationship with those who have not yet accepted Jesus into their lives.

God is a spirit, your flesh is flesh. They are two opposites. The flesh will always fight the spirit, naturally. They are two opposing ends, positive and negative. They can never agree.

Your spirit was dead before you were born again. It means the real you was dead to God and alive to your feelings, thoughts, emotions. Your ability to access God was completely blocked, that road was closed.

The dead of Jesus opened it. Since your assessment to God was blocked, it means the real you was dead, you as a spirit was dead. It means not active anymore went dormant.

So once you are born again, Jesus brings life to your spirit, quickens it and give it the ability or potential to access God again, communicate with God and thereby receive from God.

Now because of this salvation, God is supposed to live in your spirit, your relationship with God is now ignited, but your thoughts, emotions and feelings which are members of your flesh is fighting the growth of your relationship to God.

God is a spirit and relates with your spirit, not your body. God did not give birth to your body but your spirit. Your flesh which is your body was created from the dust. After God molded the flesh from the dust, there was no life to it until God breadth on the flesh that was when life entered it.

What God breadth into the flesh was his spirit that gave life to the flesh? This means body without the spirit is dead, hence the spirit gives life to the body.

Having established how important your spirit is to your body, it is important to determine how God himself relates with you.

There are two things you must understand in this article and I will explain how each of them happens;

  1. What part of us does God relates with
  2. How God does the relationship

What part of us does God relates with

Most of us do not know who we are. You are not flesh and blood, you are a spirit. God created you a spirit but only molded a house, a cage for you to live in called flesh.

So peter is a spirit, William is a spirit, they all live in a house called flesh. So God cannot relate with the house, rather God will relate with the man he created.

Having established what part of us God relates with, let’s find out how God relates with our spirit.

How God relates with your spirit

First, let’s establish who is God. Please you will need to go through the article that thoroughly explains who God is


How God relates with you
How God relates with you

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.



Jesus was word of God that had to assume the state of flesh and blood only for the purpose of salvation. This means the true personality of who God is, is THE WORD OF GOD

The only way you can relate with God is through his word. Believe me, believe God and his word, that you do not have any relationship with God apart from his word.

Do not fail to recognize that it was this same word of God that died for, saved you, no one else could.

I proved to you from john 1 that;



And now the bible says the Holy Spirit is


So we have;




If we merge the first and the second which actually is the same thing, we will arrive at just two person for the purpose of understanding.

And that is;

The word

The spirit of the word.

So if I define God as;

The word and the spirit of the word,

 I am absolutely not wrong, even the spirit of God has confirmed that.

THE Holy Spirit is the God that controls the last dispensation which is the dispensation of knowledge.

Hence the only way God can relate with you now is through his word.

Forget dreams, there are no more dreams, God does not use dreams anymore. Forget visions, we have all the visions in the bible. Forget prophecy, the word of God is the only prophesy available now.

This is the era of revelation and the holy spirit is the sole custodian of the dispensation. The last dispensation, and after this, the end will come.

If you try to persuade God to relate with you now through any other means apart from his word, you will definitely enter deception or error. Believe me demons will be talking to you.

We have trinity, God the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

There was the dispensation of God the father, in the time of Abraham, they had all the dreams, visions, and prophesies then.

God there after left the scene, hence dreams, prophesies and visions left the scene.

Then Jesus took over for salvation process, and when he was done, he announced that he is gone. He said it categorically, “I am going. It is expedient that I go away, I am leaving the scene for the next personality.

So the father is not in the scene no, do not look for him. Jesus as a person is no more in the scene now.

The only personality in the scene now is the Holy Spirit who is the spirit of the word, and is here specifically and only to carry out his functions which is to explain the word, to impart the knowledge.

This is the dispensation of knowledge and if you are looking for any other thing from God now, sorry.

Whatever you receive from God now will be through knowledge, nothing else and this is exactly How God relates with you.

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