5 Ways to Achieve Success In Life

Success in life is normal when basic principles are followed. Where people rather fail is always due to lack of discipline. Success in life becomes as simple as a, b, c when we hook up to the word of God as a guide. That’s why we are analysing these basic principles outlined in the bible.

As a believer in the kingdom of light where the almighty God is in control, that you can’t have good success without practicing or taking this fundamental kingdom principles as the bases of your life on earth.

Ways to achieve Success in life

Good and fine, there are many definitions of success. A lot are so mentally limited.

Joshua 1:8

ways to achieve Success in life
ways to achieve Success in life

I also know that eyes has not seen nor ear heard what God has in store for those who love him.

What makes you think you cannot be the owner of something bigger than AMAZON, FACEBBOOK, BILL GATE.

Who told you God rather love these people who are not believers more than you, who told you God does not want you to be the richest man in the world, who told you God does not want you to be the most successful man or woman the world.

Who said you cannot discover what the whole world is tripping for.

Those people has gotten to that height of success because they put in their all to get to the root of the principles that commands the power they power they need to get to the top.

What do I mean?

They all depended on something to get to where they are, it might be demonic inclination, it might not. They might simply higher experts to use technologically discovered principles to beat their competitors.

What I mean is that they had gotten to the root of doing what must be done to get to where they are.

Everything is competing with everything in the world. You have to go deeper than everyone to get higher than everyone.

Even to discover any cutting edge idea, something must have left you for it, either sleepless night, so much of reading and thinking. It took so many years of trial and failures to discover electrity.

Even when it was discovered, there was limitation on its usage, it has taken many other peoples ideas over decades to discover how best the light can be used, applied in different areas of life.

Someone discovered electricity, but someone else discovered how it can be used to barb the hair, drive motor, power a dam and countless things that electricity can be applied

Using The Mind of Christ as a believer

Using the mind of christ as a believer is another way i can show you ways to achieve Success in life. the ability to renew your mind and think the way God thinks after being born again is the only subject that create the difference between a believer and someone who is not born again.

forget what anybody will preach to you, why;

many people will tell you to do what others are doing to succeed, you too will succeed, that is a lie. nobody knows what anybody is using to succeed outside of God.

whether you believe me or not, you only know yourself, never be deceived that you know somebody else, simple,

ways to achieve Success in life
ways to achieve Success in life

can you tell me what they are thinking right now. People only say what they want to say, it never mean they are saying their thoughts.

Human being are full of secrets, only God is frank enough. How can you imagine that any of this people can be business minded more than God.

Do you know that the word of God is the wisdom of God? Do you Know that Jesus who is the word of God is the wisdom and the power of God?

The owner of Amazon, Bill Gate, the owner of Facebook; they never use God to build those conglomerates, or at least they never use the wisdom of the word of God.

I am not sure they are born again. If all these people are wiser than you, it shows your level of laxity, backwardness, laziness, lack of understanding.

This is simply telling you to wake up, from your slumber and learn ways to achieve Success in life

God HIMSELF honors his WORD more than HIS name, who are you to live without the word of God forming the greater part of you.

Wake up with the word, sleep with the word, dream the word, eat the word, think the word, meditate the word, and turn yourself to become the word of God or turn the word of God to become you.

Psalm 34:5

ways to achieve Success in life
ways to achieve Success in life

They looked unto himand were lightenedand their faces were not ashamed.

They looked unto God continually, till the light of who God is becomes part of their being and that was when their shame disappeared.

The only way, you can become god is to keep looking into the word of God till the light of God’s word completes the transformation of your being from mortality to immortality.

Joshua 1:9 if he called them gods unto whom the word of God came, and the scriptures cannot be broken.

Meditate on the word of God always

I challenge you approach a perfect means; do more of meditation of God’s word than read them. I discover God does not like or delight in talking to you directly like talking to you through revelation from his word.

Revelation comes through meditation; staying and thinking on a piece of subject till you gain absolute understanding of the thought behind it.

And in this case till you are able to crack into the mind of God concerning that subject.

Do not just read the bible and keep reading and going; many things will be passing you by. Sit back and mutter on some matters till you understand them completely.

This is a sure practical method but you need to come back and read more on ways to achieve Success in life, as we keep updating all our articles every week.

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