Prayer – A Major Communication Tool

Prayer is a major tool of communication with God but not the most important tool, not the fundamental tool. If God wants to speak with you now, God will not start praying. It is only you that pray when you want to speak with God, but God will simply call your name and start the communication.

You are praying because you and God are not in the same frequency. You pray because you are trying to fine-tune yourself to the frequency that you will be able to hear what God is saying. God does not need any fine-tune to reach out to you. Whenever he wants to talk with yo. he will simply start the communication, but you may not hear, why? Because of the limitations of the flesh and the weakness of the spirit. You don’t hear because your spirit is not sensitive enough, not spiritual enough, not build up enough.

The level of the understanding of the word of God in you, is the level of your spiritual maturity. God does not speak any other language than the same word of God in your bible.

God is always talking to us. Every time we are under the spirit of revelation and understanding, that is God talking to us. Every time you pick your bible to read and you start having spiritual understanding of what you are reading, that is God talking to you. Therefore the word of God is the fundamental and most important means of communication between God and man. This started immediately Jesus died and resurrected.

This fact is the institution of God in this last dispensation which is the dispensation of knowledge. There is nothing that God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit will ever tell us in communication, that will ever be different from what we find in the bible. The only reason why God gives us any information is because we have not yet discovered that information in the bible. Everything God will ever tell you is in the bible you are holding. This information will seriously help us to understand what Is prayer. I have never heard God prophesy or speak in tongues when he is talking to me. He speaks normal and uses english language or Ibibio because those are the two languages I understand.

Now, any information that I already know in the bible and understand, and I’m making effective use or practicing it. There would have been no need for God to communicate that with me again because I’m already doing well there.

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