How to Control Feelings

Before we know how to control feelings, we need to understand who God is, and the basic principles through which God operates.

God does not have flesh, blood does not flow through him, he doesn’t have blood vessels, no nervous system. God is the truth and simply.

Man is a spirit that lives in the flesh and has a soul. The above statement forms the basis of our understanding. Feelings is an attribute of the nervous system in the flesh. We have feelings through the sensitivity in our nerves. Therefore feelings is a function of the body or flesh. The spirit doesn’t feel, spirit does not have nervous system. Spirit operate based on layed down principles.

God does not work by feelings. Now, this is a very important subject in the christianddom. If you understand this, you would have solved ninety nine percent of your problems. God doesn’t have feelings, God does not operate by feelings. God operate strictly based on principles. This is where many people miss it. People think God will consider them because they are suffering too much. That’s a lie. In the first place, you are suffering because you are operating outside of God’s principles. If you are operating strictly according to God’s principles, that suffering will never be.

How to control feelings
How to control feelings

God cannot lie and will never lie. Many times we try our best to convince or prove that God can lie, we are simply deceiving ourselves. It’s better to be straightforward. Whatever we do is for our good. God will never lose anything. Whatever we do returns back to us, good or bad. If God says; give, don’t lie, the flesh profits nothing, don’t live by your feelings, it’s all for our good.

There’s no bible in heaven because they don’t need one. God gave us his word to live by, for our good. The returns of the level of commitment and attention we give to the word of God comes back directly to us.

i am emphasizing this because ninety nine percent of man’s problem is as a result of disobedient to God. And almost all the disobedience is due to lack of knowledge. But I refused to call it lack of knowledge because we all have access to the bible, some people has upto three bibles. Refusing to commit yourself to study that bible is the first ànd worst of the disobedience. Whether we like it or yes, we are our problems. Infact, God can punish you if you try to blame it on someone else, because there are people whose parents and all the siblings are witches and wizards, yet they are succeeding. Is it not recorded in the bible that if ye be followers of that which is good, who will harm you?

This simply means if ye be followers of that which is bad, someone can harm you. Arise and amend your ways.If we were to commit at least sixty percent of our time to studying the word, we would have been who we supposed to be. God gave us the word of God as our life. If you neglect the word, you are neglecting your life. The level of commitment you give to the word is equivalent to the quality of life you live. Then why are we lazy about the fact. Some people will give a sturburn excuse, that God will understand or have mercy. But this would mean that God is not serious or he doesn’t keep to his word?

“Jesus said; I am the way, the truth, and the life”

How to control feelings
How to control feelings

This simply means that the word of God is the only way. Then why do we try to create some other ways.

Jesus said; the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.

If you have read up to this point, you will surely understand how to control the flesh.

How To Control Feelings

We discover how to control emotions in the scriptures. The bible is our manual for everything in life.

First, you must be born again before you can think of being able to control your feelings, because when the word of God lives in you, then it’s easy to control your feelings.

You are a spirit, the flesh fights the spirit, the flesh fights God. God only have dealings with your spirit, not flesh. Your feelings are part of the flesh, not part of the spirit. Therefore it’s only your spirit that can control the feelings. Once your spirit is built up by the revelation knowledge of the word of God, it will overpower the flesh, subdue it and tame it.

Spiritual Excercise

These are things we do that helps to speed up the building and growth of the spirit. They include: Fasting and praying, prayer, worshipping God, Praising God, excetra. They are simply acts, of doing the word of God in obedience. Any of those spiritual excercises we do is what the word of God recommend. They are so many, almost inexhaustible; giving, thanksgiving, being at peace, love, long-suffering, gentlemen’s, meekness, faith, working by faith is a spiritual excercise, and so on. They are all what the word of God will tell you to do. Living in obedience to the word of God is what gives us the power to live like God.

The word of God is God, the word of God is our life, we can never do away with this fact till Jesus comes. Then

You must give your heart to Jesus, allow God to live in your heart. This is the starting point, the foundation for every believer. You must be translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Everyone not born of God yet is still abiding in the kingdom of darkness where Satan is the king with his demons.

This is the same remedy for all the gateways, simple, renew your mind with the word of God. You cannot do without the word of God, in every issue of a believer, the solution is always the word of God, this one thing.

The bible simply recommends that we should renew our mind with the word of God. God lives in our heart and the mind is the gateway to the heart

How To Renew Your Mind

The mind is the gateway to the heart. Whatever you conceive, meditate on, and convinced of in the mind is believed in the heart. The mind works with the heart. If the mind is convinced, the heart will believe it.

This os why God wants us to renew our mind after born again, to completely allign it with the word of God. When you renew your mind, it means you can never be convinced of any be other thing outside of the word of God.

Stay on the word of God, saturate your mind with the word of God, let the whole of your being be filled with the word. then you will think like God, you will feel like God. The word of God builds your spirit to overpower your flesh, to silence the flesh.

This is what bible mean by dying to the flesh, you are no more sensitive to the dictates of the flesh, you are only sensitive to God. God is the one always talking through your spirit. The flesh will be completely silence.

How to control feelings
How to control feelings

When God wants you to do something, he puts an urge in you, not feelings, so feelings can be completely subdued in the system. It is only when your spirit is not build up and is weak, that is when your flesh will be lively, but if you build your spirit, your flesh is silenced.

How to Control Feelings of lust

How to Control Feelings of Jealousy

How to Control Feelings of Resentment

After salvation and you are born of the spirit, you need to renew your mind to be able to live like God. You need to build your spirit, your faith. In other words you have to streamline your entire being after the dictates of the word of God. Your life must be patterned to only live according to the dictates of the word of God.

This is when you will be able to control the feelings of resentment. The bible has advised us against the feeling of resentmentin many verses.

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