8 Reasons Why You Must Be Born Again

Discover reasons why you must be born again, find out why God created you for himself, learn why Jesus has to live in you and who is your spiritual father.

The fact is that no man or woman created himself. We were all created by God. God created man for a purpose, and untill we discover the primary reason for our creation, we can never be fulfilled.

Why You Must Be Born Again

#1. God created you for himself

#2. Jesus died to save you

#3. To access eternal life

#4. To regain your authority and dominion

#5. So that you can be a child of God

#6. To make heaven

Heaven is real and by the grace of God we will all be there. Nobody wants to miss heaven because nobody wants to be in hell. Many still believe this is falacy.

We have discussed about the reality of heaven in one of our social media platforms.

#7. To be able to relate with the Holy Spirit

As a Christian, your relationship with the Holy Spirit is very important. It will help you to succeed in your christianity. As christians we do our best to live like Christ, but that can’t be achieved with your physical energy. We all need the help of the Holy Spirit to live a righteous life.

Why you must be born again

#8. To access the spirit of revelation and understanding

Why You Must Be Born Again

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