Why most of Our Prayers Are Not Answered

There are not many reasons Why Most of Our Prayers Are Not Answered. i had to take time and dissect it in the way you will understand, because this has been a silent inward question without a specific answer for so long.

i will have to zero in on believers here because i do not know how you want to receive from God when you are his enemy, without any relationship with Him. i am not sure it really works that way. Biblically you just must have a relationship with God before you can approach him in prayer.

Why More Unanswered Prayers

God Does Not delay Prayers

As believers we have more unanswered prayers right now than answered ones. There is a very important correction i want to make here. God does not delay prayers, and if you are in the right tune with God, in other words if you are living in obedience with him, you will always have your prayers answered before you ask for them or even pray.

when it has entered delay, then you are already living in error, you are not doing what you are supposed. you are living in disobedience. if i know if i acquire a table it will come with legs, why will i abandon acquiring a table to go looking for the legs? simple. First thing first

Praying Outside of the will is another reason Why Most of Our Prayers Are Not Answered

I have tested God with prayers and I discovered once you pray outside of God’s will, you will never be answered

What do I mean?

Some of our prayers are absolutely out of rebellion and we tend not to recognize that, because we are fund of taking God for granted.

How many believers today will fast and pray asking God for wisdom, spirit of revelation, how many fast and pray, asking God to help them study and understand the bible.

In fact you do not need to ask God for wisdom. Once you have the spirit of understanding of the word, you will automatically have wisdom, because the word of God is the wisdom of God.

The bible says that Jesus is the wisdom and the power of God, that means if you have Jesus, you have wisdom of God and the power of God.

Many people misunderstand this, thinking when they are born again and receive Jesus into their heart then they have received the wisdom and the power of God.

This is a misunderstanding of who Jesus is. The real identity of that personality called Jesus is the word of God. He only took up the identity of Jesus for the salvation.

The bible says and the word became flesh and dwelt among men. That name Jesus was given to him because of man. He is the word of God and only accepted the Jesus responsibility for the salvation of Man.

If you strip him of the word he has lost his originality and will never exist again but if you are able to strip him of Jesus, then only man will lose, he remains the word, and that is who he is and will ever be.

The old man was made from clay, that’s why he was not perfect, and sin could overtook him. But the new man is created by the word.

……old things have passed away and all things have become new.

That is why the new man will attain perfection because he was created by the word of God which is incorruptible.

It is in the bible that the word of God is our lives, and God said; seek ye first the kingdom, and I have said the kingdom of God is the word of God.

God is simply saying; if you have my word, if you live by my word, if my word becomes your food, if my word becomes your first and the last, if you start everyday with my word and end with my word, then all other things will be added unto you.

What does all these mean?

For you to ever ask God for prosperity is never prayer,

For you to ever ask God for breakthrough is never prayer,

For you to ever ask God for wisdom, you never prayed,

For you to ever ask God for grace, you are praying amidst,

For you to ever ask God for anything apart from the understanding of his word or the spirit of revelation, they are just as good as not praying at all.

Where believers always miss it is where they think God understands, that may be their job is not giving them time or whatever might look like an excuse.

There is nothing like that in God. It is either yes or no. Did you do it? Yes. You did not do it? No. There is never anything attached inform of excuse or reason why.


When you arrive the earth

Look for the word

Stay on the word

And let the word stay in you

Live on the word

And let the word live in you

Eat the word

And let the word eat you

Jesus gave us an example, when his disciples asked him to eat food, he answered them that his food is to do the will of the FATHER which is in heaven.

I am so surprised at man, and may God forgive us in jesus name.

How will God give us EXPO. Seek ye first this one thing, and every other thing will be added to you, including the trillions of money you are looking for, the wealth, the ego, the queen and the kingship you are struggling for are all there.

Lack of trust in God is the fundamental reason Why Most of Our Prayers Are Not Answered

It simply means we do not trust him to give us all those things if we obey and do just one thing he asked us to do.

God never said, have the kingdom or possess the kingdom, He only said seek, and from the way he put it, God only wants to see that commitment, that  trust, that loyalty, that meekness, that humility.

You know how most of us portray ourselves now? That we know more than our creator, that we are faster, we know the short cut to everything. We assume God will take long, so let’s take the short cut

The will of God is the word of God. That means Jesus used to fast to do the word, he rejected food for the word to have pre- eminence.

I do not know whether you are away that God love and honor his word more than his name. The bible calls Jesus the only begotten son of God. This means the word of God is the only thing God has, yet he lacks nothing.

Men are busy accumulating all the wealth, ego, yet they can’t live up to 100yrs, many die while still accumulating.

My question is

Why do we like it the hard way, and see the easiest way as the hardest. You hear people say God takes long to answer. Takes long? In fact, to take long should tell you that the answer will never come, simply because you never ask anything.

Asking amidst or for your greed simply means you ask nothing.

If God answers every prayer, I wonder how the earth will be. That means once one person is angry with another, he will just ask God to kill him, or paralyze him.

Jesus says

Whatever you ask the father in my name; he will do it

There is what is called, the Spirit of revelation. When this spirit comes on you, you will enjoy God, you will be studying the bible with in-depth understanding.

 It is the spirit of understanding; Spiritual understanding and total comprehension of the truth

God is spirit, it takes the spirit to understand spirit.

Since it is the spirit of God, you ask God for it. I guarantee you, this prayer God answers you expressly, without an iota of delay, because this is what you need.

There are just not many reasons Why Most of Our Prayers Are Not Answered, only one, and that is disobedience of not seeking first the kingdom. God has put everything you need and will ever need in that phrase; see ye first the kingdom

Turn Men messages are being inspired by the Holy Spirit. If you spend time to meditate and pray on these messages, you will be empowered by the flood of light from God that will heal, restore anything lost and most importantly build your spirit to dominate the world as a son.

In case you are not born of God yet, you cannot reject Jesus. You were created by Jesus for Jesus. God created you for himself. To reject Jesus is to rebel against God. Jesus is your life, to reject Jesus is to reject your life. Give your life to Jesus today; repent, accept Jesus into your heart as your lord and savior and be born of God now, it may be late after now!!!!! Do not postpone. Please follow this steps to obey God now.

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