Amazing Benefits of Spiritual Understanding

Importance of spiritual understanding can never be over emphasize. There are many Amazing Benefits of Spiritual Understanding you need to discover

This means spiritual understanding of the word has a lot to play in GOD answering your prayers; because you are fruitful even in your prayers that you pray with your spiritual understanding.

Your prayers are supposed to be speaking the mind of God. This is why the bible says we should always pray in the spirit; allowing the Holy Spirit to take over and do the prayers on our behalf.

Amazing Benefits of Spiritual Understanding: This is the best way to pray the mind of God.

 You need spiritual understanding to be able to offer prayers that will be answered. God is spirit; you can’t pray in the flesh and expect an answer from the spirit. The flesh profits nothing.

  • Spiritual understanding also give you strength, might, give you power, it though your system with the fruits of the spirit – love, joy, peace, longsuffering. Spiritual understanding also delivers the inheritance of the servant to you
  • Colo. 3:16 when the bible says let the words of God dwell in you richly, it does not mean the letters, nor quoting to be able say it exactly the way it is written. Note that it says… richly in all wisdom. The wisdom here means spiritual understanding of the word of God.

You should know that the word of God is the wisdom of God. Any time the bible makes reference to wisdom that is from God, it is referring to the word of God. The only wisdom God has is his word.

Since it was the word of God that became Jesus to save man, so Jesus is also the wisdom of God. People make a lot of confession even in songs claiming to love Jesus so much. A lot of songs that inspire so much on this subject; Jesus I love you, Jesus for me, all I have is Jesus.

Please we all need to go back to the basics, back to the originality of Jesus. Jesus is the word. If you do not know the word, you do not know Jesus, if you do not love the word, you do not love Jesus, if you do not have the word, you do not have Jesus.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge. It will be very difficult to apply the knowledge you do not understand correctly.

 This is the same thing as saying let the spiritual understanding or light or revelation of God’s word dwell in you richly.

Lie not one to another seeing that ye here put off the old man with his deeds

  • When you got born again, you put off the old man with his deeds – which is the sin nature, nature of Adam.

 This happens automatically once you accept Christ into your life, the new nature of Christ will immediately replace the old one.

  •  V10 saying and have put on the new man which is revealed after knowledge.

The bible says Jesus is the complete exact image, carbon copy of God. Once you got born again, you automatically assumed the image of God.

You may not notice that change immediately because that was completely a spiritual change, but with time it will gradually show off in the physical.

What your spirit experienced is a complete perfect spiritual turn around to assume the image of Christ.

But your physical being; the mind, intellect, tongue, the character transformation will take their turn gradually. 

 Now you have to start working toward that perfect image of Christ physically by undergoing a daily renewal of what you initially assumed using the word of God.

One of The Amazing Benefits of Spiritual Understanding help you to conform to the image of Christ

 Another word that we can use interchangeably with renewal is conformation to what you are looking forward to be like, to arrive at the perfect image of Christ.

 And the tool God has given you which I call TOOL OF CONFORMATION is knowledge (which is spiritual understanding of Gods words or revelation or light).

Genesis 1 says; and God said let us make man in our own image, the image of God the father, son and the Holy Spirit. I.e. God the father, son, and Holy Spirit had a meeting to take this decision.

Adam was made in a perfect and complete image of Christ (which is a total complete representation of God head (trinity) but sin striped man of that image, and completely replace that image with that of sin.

 This means the devil actually deceived man to give man his(the devil’s) own nature which is sin. Note that the devil told Eve, if she eats the fruit, she will be like God.

Eve was already like God, but the lack of that understanding that she was already like God was her downfall, that was where the devil capitalized on. This is still another proof that knowledge and understanding is the key.

In Eve’s mind, she will be like God after eating the fruit. But when eve ate the fruit, she rather assumed the image of the devil which is sin consciousness.

Eve remembered very well that God had warned them never to eat the fruit. But I am sure she never understood that instruction given by God. That was why she messed up.

 Jesus simply came to restore back to man the image or nature that God gave to man, hence when you accept Jesus as your lord and savior; you simply gain the potential or you automatically become a candidate to be like God again or enter the complete class of this image.

You cannot automatically be like God once you are born again because your mind has not been renewed. Born again is an automatic spiritual transformation of the spirit and not, hence your spirit can now have access to God.

Your spirit can talk to God directly or communicate with God. It means your spirit is now made alive to God.

It means you are now a son of God, but you can never be like God until your mind is renewed to think like God, and the tool for mind renewal is staying on the word of God with the spirit of revelation and the spirit of understanding.

Because you are now born again, you can ask God for the spirit of revelation and understanding and God will give you. And the essence of those two spirits is for the acquisition of the knowledge of the word of God which is the process of mind renewal.

Mind renewal is never a miracle but a conscious process you must steadily embark on till your mind is completely renewed to think like God.

What happens at the point you are saved

After Salvation, What Next

At the point you are saved, you can go to heaven if rapture comes. Remember in genesis 1:27 & 28 after God created man in his own image (he molded clay, used clay to make a sketch, then breadth into the clay.

 The breath now transform the clay into different organs of the body – fine skin, head hand, stomach with intestines, heart living eyes, all the organs were formed by that breath.

God only use the clay to sketch a figure of how man will look like, and after molding, the clay was still clay, no change; there was no any form of transformation yet.

 If you touch your body now, it is not clay. If the tree or any plant or other animals die and decay now, they turn to clay with time, but they were not made from clay.

 Hence God was just using clay to sketch how he wants man to look like. Just to have a clear picture of how man should look like

It was only after God breadth into the clay that the flesh was formed with all the organs and body parts.

That breadth was what God use to form the real man which was the spirit that dwell in the flesh, so the breadth of God was the spirit of man. God simply reproduced himself into man by that breadth.

Hence the man was perfect and exactly like God but ignorance of who he was his fall

So Adam was automatically perfect after creation without having to pass through knowledge acquisition, and that was why he failed.

After Jesus saved man from the fall, God told man, for you to be like me again, you must think like me, and the word of God is the thought of God, so stay on the word till your mind is renewed to think just like me before you can be like me.

This means no inheritance till you are able to think like God or renew your mind by changing your mindset through the word

This was in verse 27. In verse 28 God now prophesy on this image.

 Verse 28 says;

And God bless them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the foul of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.

If you check this statement; it is a statement of complete revelation of authority over the whole earth and all that is in it.

And man having lost the image to sin had lost his complete authority to Satan, so instead of man dominating the earth, Satan was now dominating man and the earth.

 The earth was never made for Satan but for man, God only throw Satan into the earth, as a way of humiliating him so low that even man will have to be kicking him around.

 But man did not understand, he lost it. So Jesus came and restores back that image. Remember, after God created man in his image or nature, he spoke into man by way of blessing him.

Amazing Benefits of Spiritual Understanding

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

This means that breadth which represented the spirit was not enough; God had to speak HIS word into man by blessing him.

This is another prove that man must live by the word of God, and what were those words that man was to live by;

Fruitfulness came by the word of God.

Multiplication came by the word of God.

Dominion came by the word of God.

Replenishing came by the word of God.

Authority came by the word of God

 But your authority and dominion, blessings, fruitfulness; everything that has to do with the good life on earth, will have to come through knowledge and understanding of the word of God.

And the level of  fruitfulness is directly proportional to the level of understanding of the word.

 By knowledge I do not mean the logos, the letter killed, but the spiritual understanding of a revealed word, or wisdom or light.

Spiritual understanding of God’s word is the wisdom of God – And this is what God himself refers to as his knowledge.

This coming back of this blessing authority, dominion, power, fruitfulness in Gen 1:28 is what the bible refers to as conformation in Romans 12 or renewing the new man (image or nature).

This is why the bible says you should work out your own salvation hence consistence dwelling on the light that comes from the knowledge of God’s word till an explosive breakout of his power in your inner man will do 2 things to you;

 (1) Giving you back the blessing, authority, dominion over the earth and all that is in it.

(2) drive you toward a perfect image of Christ, but please N/B once you are save or you are born again, your soul is saved.

  Bringing back or getting back your dominion and authority over the earth and all that is in it including Satan will have to be by knowledge which is the Spiritual understanding of God’s words or revelation or light.

The truth is that every promise you find in the bible, you can only get them or appropriate them to yourself through knowledge.

 By knowledge I mean Spiritual understanding or insight into that promise through meditation.

Believe me I would advise Christians, do a research of any area you are lacking behind, you can also use other Christians documented discoveries in form of books, dvds, tapes peculiar to your area of need, to gain your dominion in that area.

Therefore you can gain the knowledge and understanding through anointed books. For example, the only way you can be rich is by having a giving heart or developing giving habit into yourself as an attribute using the knowledge of God’s word.


(1) You have to understand what is giving and receive light or spiritual understanding on giving.

The moment you search, study and receive spiritual understanding about giving, grace for giving will enter you and you’ll give with result.

 Jesus was in a crowd and the power to heal was present but nobody was healed; because they did not believe.

Why did they not believe?

No understanding.

Why was there no understanding?

There was no knowledge

The day you understand, you will not wait for people to pave way for you to pass; you will tear the roof and enter the room.

 There were many sick people still waiting out for when the crowd will be less or when some people will be tired and go home so they can have a chance.

But somebody with understanding arrived and discovered a door where there was never a door. This is what understanding do; it will make you to break through walls.

Understanding is what brings faith; there is no faith without understanding.

The renewal is a process, as you are gaining the light, your dominion is being restored, and certain things are tearing apart on their own automatically.

When God spoke to them in Gen1:28, it was automatic. The light you are gaining is what is talking now; remember it is the same word of God.

God spoke as a spirit, the light you gained replace God and talk in the spirit. The bible calls it renewal: the light enters you and causes transformation from feebleness to giant gradually;

The light will enter and replaced timidity with boldness, poverty with riches, and sickness with healing. Once the correction is done in your spirit it will show in the physical.

The letter you see in the bible, they are natural, the light you receive is the supernatural part of God words that carry power, that is the God – the word of God is God – that is the spiritual food you need, it releases the authority over sickness, poverty, death.

 That is the sword that fights anything that is not of God in your life – you may not see them but the light sees them and the truth is that they have the ability to turn into flesh.

Nothing flesh or substance can turn into spirit, no, the revelation is only one way – spirit to physical. Never physical to spirit. When you contact enough light on riches, wealth, your spirit will definitely become rich.

That light in your spirit will turn to flesh and you will equally become rich. When the light is enough in you to turn you into riches, you will know. In fact you will unconsciously stand up and shout; I can never be poor.

This is how we gain enough faith to turn impossibility to become possible.

  Whatever passes through that cycle to  turn itself from the spirit to physical  is permanent.

This is why the bible says;

“Whatever God does is permanent”

The word that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life – if they are spirit then you don’t see them.

This means you do not see the real word of God. As long as those letters in the bible are visible, they are not the word of God, but they contain the word of God. They act as guide to direct you into accessing the word.

You must understand this, if not you will be eating sand, thinking you are eating food, and of course instead of doing you good, it will be doing you harm.

This is how many people think life is more difficult in the kingdom of light, and many Christians mix it. Why, they did not read the manual very well.

It is better never to mix, it ends in casualty somewhere along the line.


You need to also learn about results that are from God. So that you can always distinguish which is which.

For the fact that you see the letters on your bible means that is not what Jesus refers to as word – you do not see the word,

If they are in the spirit, then you can only caught them through meditation, in-depth study – read my book on ACCESSING THE SPIRIT REALM.

When I am talking about accessing the light of God’s word, I am not referring to catching a piece of revelation in one day and think you are done.

This is the realm we live in permanently as believers. This is our food, the word of God is our life, this is our victory, our power, the only trust we have, our assurance, our inheritance, our JESUS, our hope, our trust, our perfection, this is our future, our today, our tomorrow, and this is our eternity.

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