Positive Mindset Development

There is a great difference between your spirit and your mind or soul. The mind is part of your soul. Your soul consists of your feelings, your sensitivity, your thinking faculty, in other words your nervous system forms your soul. Therefore your mindset is the believe system of your entire being. Objectively, this forms the core of your positive mindset development that you rule the earth by your mindset. Therefore your ability to rule is according to your believe system.

Matthew 9:28-30 (King James Version)

28 And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.

29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

30 And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straightly charged them, saying, See that no man know it.

Your spirit is what connects you to God. Your spirit is where your relationship with God is connected. Your spirit is reserved primarily for God. Your spirit does not relate with the earth or the things of the earth. It is your soul that connects you with the earth.

It is true that your flesh fights God, but it can be tamed, it can be put in subjection whereby the fight is very insignificant. That is where the bible says you can die to the flesh. The flesh can only fight God through your mind. It means the power of the flesh is in the mind, why? Because of the kind of things the mind had been fed with.

Before Jesus came for the redemption of man, all that the mind knew were all contrary to what God expects or want because it was being fed by the devil. Now look at this; God was always coming to commune with Adam in the Garden of Eden. All that Adam saw, knew was the mind of God before the fall because all he ever heard were all from God before the fall, so Adam could think just like God. Adam never heard nor see anything contrary to what God had. Therefore he had the mindset of God.

Adam had the mindset of God before the fall. It was this mind of God that Adam used to control the earth. It means Adam was thinking exactly the way God would think before the fall. Information forms your thoughts, those information come through what you hear, see, and feel. Your thoughts now determines your convictions which forms your believe, your believe now forms your faith. Your level of faith is what determines how much power you get to rule the earth which is your spiritual authority which is the believers authority.

I am not writing fairy tales here, there are people that are operating on this level right now, not necessarily pastors because a lot of people have attributed God to only pastors. They have denied their father and attributed him to a group of people.

What is Church?

Man has misunderstood God seriously. God created man for himself, and his relationship with man is strictly on individual bases, never group. Christians have seriously gone into error, what has entered the head of many believers is their denomination, most of them are more loyal to the name of the church than God himself.

 positive mindset development
positive mindset development

Many Christians have never prayed for one hour in their bedroom, they can only do that in their bedroom. Is this not hypocrisy? But who are you deceiving? It means you are more faithful to your denomination than God himself. Who are you relating with? Your denomination or God? The good life is for every man on earth, this is how God planned that every man should live on earth.

 You mean you cannot fast and pray on your own until it is announced in church? The earth was created for man. You cannot study your bible for two hours at home until you attend a bible study class in church. You are so faithful to go church all the time, but how many times have you sat down to commune with God in your bedroom. You mean your own relationship with God is only in church? Then you do not understand what is church.

Church is never your congregation, your denomination, church is not your convention, no, and church is you. You are the body of Christ if you are born again? You are the finger, the leg, the elbow of Christ. It is completely an individual thing. Then a collection of all those individuals in one place is what we will have at rapture.

Right now God sees that collection of all those individuals as spirits because what God relates with is our spirit. I do not know where we keep our minds some times. People so much value the building, and that is what they referred to as church. How can a building be church? How can cement and blocks forms the body of Christ. I thought God created man for himself. God made man in his own image, not building.

How can we go back to the Old Testament when it was abolished, the old covenant was destroyed? How can God prefer to stay in a building than your heart? I thought it is your body that is supposed to be the temple of God, so why are you idolizing buildings, denominations, group names. I call it group names because I cannot call that church.

It is wrong to put up a sign post in front of a building and write there church. That is not a church. That can never be the body of Christ. And this has done a lot of damage to the mindset of those who are actually the church. The slogan is everywhere, it depicts the mindset; you hear every Christian including the pastor saying they are going to church. This is to tell you exactly that what they mean is the building.

positive mindset development
positive mindset development

This is total error, church has denied himself and sell his birthright to cement, blocks, stones. A lot of things have actually gone wrong and nobody has taken it to heart. The foundation of Christianity is knowing who you are in God. It is important that you understand that God would value his presence in you than stones. Jesus never died for any cement, blocks, stones nor building

Depth of faith is arrived at through depth of information. The more information you have on an issue, the more you are convinced, the more you are convince, the deeper the depth of believe, and the higher the level of faith.

Adam had an absolute believe system. Every information that came into Adam’s system came from God, no other source. Therefore Adam had an absolute believe system that had not an iota of contradiction with the mind of God. The absolute believe system is what produces absolute faith without an iota of doubt which eventually generate such a great power that made Adam god on the earth.

Information >> Thoughts >> Believe >> Faith >> Power >> god >> your dominion

This is the plan of God for man, this is the plan of God for his people. This is why the earth was created by God for man, so that man can rule the earth by knowledge. Satan is only trying his best to make sure you do not have access to that knowledge because this is the only way he can rub of your status as god of the earth.

After the fall, God pulled out, Adam was cut off from God. The question is; what was now forming Adams thought after the fall, since God pulled out. Satan had to take over, there can never be any vacant position. There is never any middle man on earth, if God is not occupying your thought through his word, definitely Satan has taken over immediately.

Source of Positive Mindset Development

There is no other way the flesh is fighting God than what your mind has been developed over time to think and believe in. It is your thoughts that actually fight God per say, not your flesh. Your thoughts takes signals from your feelings, and based on the kind of knowledge your mind has been feeding on, it will interpret that feeling based on its knowledge.

if that knowledge is derived from the understanding of the word of God, then the result is positive mindset development, if not, then what you will arrived at is negative mindset development which is the complete principles of the kingdom of darkness.

Everything done on the earth right now, that is outside of the word of God is being orchestrated and manipulated by Satan and its demons to feed your mind with such things as will eventually work against the positive mindset development in the word of God , God’s ordinance. I believe God will help you to understand.

Immediately after the fall of Adam, Satan took over the government of the earth from Adam, and was the one instituting policies, formations, manipulating everything in the negative on the opposite of the positive mindset development course by the Holy Spirit who is the teacher of the word. Of course every target of each of this changes was on your mindset, to give man the mindset that would perpetually work against the word of God and eventually the destiny of man.

positive mindset development
positive mindset development

 There is nothing on earth now; in governments, social cycle, social media, music industry, movie industry, sport organizations, all their agendas, formations, policies are all being orchestrated, manipulated, and influenced by demons to eventually produce a negative mindset in you that will fight the ordinances of God, nothing more, nothing less.

Satan does not do anything on earth than to set up things that opposes the positive mindset development and bring up certain mindset that works against God. Satan cannot throw any stone on God, no matter how all the demons abuse God, talk against God, it does not mean anything, and it can never reduce God. God would not even be aware of such.

The kingdom of darkness is aware of his fact, therefore it does not even dare to embark on such mission. All their target is on man.

The only way Satan fights against God is to make sure your destinies are cut short through your negative mindset. You are failing because you are operating on the mindset orchestrated by devils for your downfall. Positive mindset development is your only way up.

Orchestrations, policy formations, events, news, government, setups, and all these setups had been there from the fall of Adam, generations have inherited them and gone and improved versions of those mindsets keep coming up, all opposing positive mindset development.. There is nothing on earth, except it is found in the word of God that is not influenced by Satan to control your mindset.

Immediately after the fall of Adam, Satan was in a rush to put in place certain formations, manipulations, orchestrations that will turn the mindset of man against the ordinance of God which is the word of God. There is nothing Satan will ever tell you to do that will not be in contrary to the word of God and oppose your positive mindset development.

Advantages of Positive Mindset Development

Positive mindset development is simply developing your mind to think in accordance with the word of God.

You will Have God’s Kind of Faith

With God all things are possible. If you have the mindset of God, nothing will be impossible for you too. You will simply have the faith that you can attain any height, you can achieve anything.

Ability to Create anything out of Nothing

God has this ability because of his positive mindset. if you embark on positive mindset development, you will also have this ability.

It is amazing to discover that the only downfall of a man is the way he thinks. My greatest surprise is that I have heard many unbelievers preach this message in the business sector, and many Christians are not even aware that their only way up is positive mindset development.

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