More Than 35 Discreet Acts That Delivers From Foolishness

We have been able to put together More Than 35 discreet acts that delivers from foolishness. If you are looking for how to live in peace, if you vote for less trouble, then you will be commuted to this modest acts.

  1. Love God, your wife and children
  2. Be kind to people
  3. Look again before you invest
  4. Invest again even after you lose
  5. Respect authority
  6. Do not take decisions while in anger
  7. Think, plan on a daily bases
  8. Correct immediately what was wrong
  9. Do not use sentiment when you have to say no
  10. Take charge or be in control of your family if you are a man
  11. Sleep very much on time, 7.00pm is not bad
  12. Spend very little time to watch TV, there is almost nothing to gain from there
  13. Have a reading and study time – in the quiet
  14. Interact with the wise
  15. Figure out who you want to be and interact many times with people of same vision
  16. Spend time with your wife
  17. Spend time with your children. Be the one to guide and instruct them if not someone else will.
  18. Have your own business or company, create a future for your family, your job ends with you, and business is for the family.
  19. Be kind and generous to your staff
  20. You also need to earn the confidence of your staff and win their heart to work for you.
  21. If you have a manager and you are the CEO, CONVERSE OFTEN WITH HIM, talk at length, both of you need to understand yourselves better.
  22. Aim high
  23. If you are a Christian, study your bible well, it helps to fine-tune your thinking
  24. Pray always
  25. Eat healthy
  26. Exercise regularly
  27. Mind your words
  28. Write out a plan on how to achieve your long term goals, pray on them every day.
  29. It is wisdom not to put all your eggs in one basket, but focus most on what works best
  30. Never allow greed to influence your decisions
  31. The only place you find peace of mind is in your home, and your wife has the key
  32. When your wife is happy, you are not far from joy
  33. Try to kiss your spouse regularly, it will always uncover the level his or her heart is with you.
  34. Think with pictures
  35. Spend time with just you and yourself to think regularly
  36. Prefer to be yourself always than act movies that cannot make money.
  37. Think of what to give your wife every two hours
  38. Provide for your household first, no matter what, they are your first assignment
  39. Everybody has what is most important to them, but where they keep it is what makes the difference. At the back of your mind is most preferred.
  40. You must be able to love yourself first before you can think of sharing that love with others.
  41. If you neglect yourself, that is exactly how you will be neglecting others.

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