How Strong Spiritual Life Greatly Shapes the Image of God

The subject of How Strong Spiritual Life Greatly Shapes the Image of God is one of the fundamental bases of a successful Christian life.

The subject of Who God is, is better defined spiritually than physical perspective. Your physical life cannot sustain you spiritually but your spirit can always sustain your body when there are crises with the body.

This means your spirit is more important to you than your body. You should take time to build your spirit more than you do to your body, more attention to the welfare of your spirit.

John 6:63

How Strong Spiritual Life Greatly Shapes the Image of God

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

If there was an issue with the body, the spirit will fix it automatically. The spirit is the foundation. If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Sincerely, discovering How Strong Spiritual Life Greatly Shapes the Image of God ultimately gives you a strong foundation to start off with.

Giving more or most attention to your spirit man is of utmost importance. The spirit drives the body just as the spiritual drives the physical. Do not play with the spiritual.

Your strong spirit will fix all of your physical issues. Your body is dead without your spirit.

Romans 8:6

How Strong Spiritual Life Greatly Shapes the Image of God

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Do not rush to eat in the morning. Take time to pray and study your bible first, the spirit grows which means it eats food; If it starves, it is stunted, weak, and subject to punishment and oppression.

When the spirit eats enough, you are on top of the world, you dominate. You can see that knowing How Strong Spiritual Life Greatly Shapes the Image of God eventually helps you to dominate your world.

How Your Spiritual Life Shapes Your True Image of God{

If eating too much oppresses the spirit, cut down eating too much of physical food.

Physical food is for your flesh, the flesh fights the spirit, when you starve the flesh, and it is weak, then your spirit can eat, and assimilate well because the flesh is too weak to fight or oppose or resist the ability of the spirit to grow it. if you are worried, disturbed, not at rest, it will affect your growth rate. But when you are at peace, the atmosphere is favorable for growth.

Pay more attention to your spirit because your spirit is your life.

Jesus says the word that I speak to you, they are spirit, and they are life. This means the word of God is your life, and the word of God is your spiritual food.

Believe me this life is not only for your spirit but also for your flesh, the more you eat it, the livelier you are

How well you eat this spiritual food determines the extent to which you fulfill your destiny.

If this is your life, then you need to give it attention, quality time per day. If you put just two hours into studying the word per day, you will be surprised where your life be in 3months.



Having established how important your spirit is to you over your body, it is important to determine how God himself relates with you.

God is a spirit and relates with your spirit, not your body. God did not give birth to your body but your spirit. Your flesh which is your body was created from the dust. After God molded the flesh from the dust, there was no life to it until God breadth on the flesh that was when life entered it.

What God breadth into the flesh was his spirit that gave life to the flesh. This means body without the spirit is dead, hence the spirit gives life to the body.

Before anything comes to existence, you visualize it first. Whatever you hope for, think of, visualize does not exist yet, meaning you first created it in the spirit. Dreams are spiritual creations intending to be brought to reality.

This is how God operate, this is how nature operate. Whatever you see in the physical was first created in the spirit before it comes into existence physically.

What are we saying?

The spirit always gives birth to the physical, meaning you can only control the physical from the spirit realm.


No physical reality can determine what is happening in the spirit, if the spirit does not censor it, it can never come to reality.

This means if you are not spiritually strong, your physical reality is in shambles. This is how many destinies are still in suspense because nobody is enforcing it in the spirit.

You must be somebody in the realm of the spirit before you can be somebody in the physical, you must be recognized in the spiritual realm before you can be recognized in the physical.

The spiritual realm is more competitive than the physical. Competition was given birth to in the spiritual realm. If you do not succeed in the spiritual realm, forget about success in the physical.

The devil is capitalizing on what is supposed to be positive to use it for negative. Why do you think people belong to cult group, secret society, witchcraft? They are all doing that to possess spiritual authority negatively.

In the spirit realm, there are two kingdoms; the kingdom of God which is light, and the kingdom of darkness which is of the devil. These two kingdoms are always in contention for supremacy. This contention narrow down to families and individual lives.

MOST OF THE INFLUENTIAL people in the society today belong to cults group, why? because they are seeking for spiritual power to be able to have physical relevance, they want to succeed, and what they know or are introduced to, that can deliver that quickly is cult or secret society.

This is where the bible talks about the narrow path and the wider path that leads to destruction.

If you register in cult today, within two days to few weeks, you can start seeing money. The native doctor uses demons to manipulate people’s spiritual path to achieve what they want, and within days or weeks, short period, wider road, they achieve what they want.

But if you are born again today, you have to stay on the word at least 2 to 5 hours per day, and you have to be on this path for ever, sometimes it might take up to a year, two or three years of consistency to have acquired the faith for the required power to excel.

You have to fast and pray in the midst of this for the spirit of revelation, understanding, you have to build your relationship with the Holy Spirit all along, at least this are the required input to attain spiritual authority.

What I am trying to paint here is that it will take some time for the believer, but you are building an eternal castle, a lasting thing that will affect your generations to come positively. When you sow a positive seed, it goes all the way, when you also sow a negative seed, it goes all the way too

The unbeliever that is using native doctor is also building what will affect his or her future generations negatively. Sometimes you see mad people in a family after some decades, some reoccurring negative situations or conditions, somebody might have used demons to achieve some goals. Those demons do not go like that, they will hang around to make your children or children’s children useless one way or the other.

This is the aspect the native doctor will not tell you. They will never tell you, the consequences of premature death. If it starts with you, it will not stop with you, it can get to the tenth generation, but the devil will never tell you of this other side of him, and even if he does, some people will still go for it because of greed.

Somebody can go to a native doctor to make him the head of a company, politically. To achieve that, a demon will have to pull every other people down and manipulate him to that position, but demons do not push everybody aside, there are people they cannot just try that, and they know.

People With no Spiritual Authority – How Strong Spiritual Life Greatly Shapes the Image of God

Only people with no spiritual authority can be manipulated demons. This is why your spiritual growth and investment is of utmost importance

If you are not strong spiritually as a believer, those in the kingdom of darkness will be trampling on your authority, your inheritance, your right. They do not have any right, they can only use your right, they do not have any destiny, they can only use your destiny, they do not have any inheritance, and they can only use your inheritance.

If I do not have a biro, and you have, but I have power more than you. I can bully you and take the biro from you.

This is in the bible; a strong man well-armed sits in his palace in peace until a stronger than he arrive.

This is exactly how servants are riding on horses while kings go on foots.

Words are spirits. How are people cursed and it stands or effective.

There is what we call spiritual authority. Spiritual authorities are not anointed people, they are simply people with higher spiritual authority based on their level of knowledge and understanding of God and his word.

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