Love is Kind but Kindness May not be Love

To love means to give out your heart for something or someone. What do I mean by love is kind but kindness may not be love. Because I am kind to you, can never be a proof that I love. I can choose to be kind to people for whatever reason. I can decide to give so much to you because you gave to my sister or brother, son or cousin.

In this case what I am doing with you does not have anything to do with my regard to you. I may not love you, but has to be kind to reciprocate your kindness to a relation.

I may just be in a good mood that day. It can be for whatever reason that does not mean I love, but it is not possible that I love you and I will not give to you, except I do not have. Kindness is not the only thing that defines love. I may be kind to you but not patient with you. I may be kind to you but cannot endure you for so long.

1 Corinthians 13:4

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

Whenever you see love, you will find all the elements that defines love in motion; patient, kind, long-suffering, endures all things, believe all things, bears all things, not puffed up, does not rejoice in iniquity, hopes all things, rejoice in the truth.

Is there anything like true love?

There is nothing like true love, love is love. It is either it is hate, lust or love. If you do not love, it means you hate, no in-between.

Love and lust

Many people are confused and are mistaken lust for love. Lust is not love. What happens in adultery and fornication is lust, never love. A man lust after a woman, may be because of her beauty, large breast, or any parts of her body is attractive to him. Seeing a large breast and feeling like torching it, sucking it, is lust.

If a man really loves a woman, he will never commit adultery or fornication with her. A lot of women needs to go to this school, they do not understand at all. For a man to have sex with you before marriage has nothing to do with his love for you, rather it is an indication of the extent to which he does not value you.

love is kind

No man that loves you will want to have sex with you before marriage, at least he will not be under any pressure for it. For a man to have sex with you before he pays your dowry means he hates you, simple. Let me tell you girls the truth; when a man is not ready for marriage or does not want to marry, then he will immediately want to use you. No man will eternally want to use his wife. He is using you because he knows he will dumb you any moment.

Many women does not value themselves. No man wants to marry a woman that does not have value. If he discovers he was able to have you so cheaply; the first thing that comes to his mind is that, that is how other men work into you so easily, meaning, you don’t have any value. Therefore he does not have a choice than to join others and enjoy himself for a season. Sometimes men simply wants to test and see whether this your beauty has any virtue or it’s just outside and the inside is ugly.

Most times this is why they come close, try to relate, be a friend, and take you out. How do you know a man that is ready to marry? A man can be ready for marriage at any time, there is no particular time, forget the money aspect. If a man goes out today and discover a gold mine; he will go back home and sell all he has to secure it. Even if he cannot pay for it today, he will do everything to secure it, then go back and work hard to pay for it.

Most times men are so much disappointed to discover at the end of the day, that a so beautiful girl they saw and approach to try out whether the character, discipline, virtue or the heart condition is as beautiful as the body but just to find out that the beauty is a cover up.

Therefor when a man sees your beautiful fair skin glowing and things jerks up in his body, and at a point he can’t help but start coming after you, he is trying to satisfy the urge. It does not mean he loves you at all. A man coming to you or approaching you is an opportunity for you, you can mare it or turn it into a gold mine. You can turn lust to love by resisting sex before marriage.

If you are able to prove to a man that no man can easily have sex with you, he will value you, if not marry you.

For God so love the world that he gave. You cannot so love someone and not give. The level of giving is a proof of how much you love. For God so love that he gave his only begotten son. To proof that God loved man with all his heart, he had to give his only begotten son.

How to love; Love is Kind

Love even your enemies. God himself gives the rain, sun, moon, oxygen, even to his enemies that abuse him every day. God has so many human enemies, he does not kill any one, they are still enjoying his goodness on a daily bases. Some of them are even doing better than some sons of God.

Luke 6:35

But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

The bible says; as much as you can, be at peace with everyone, love your enemies. Many humans kneel down to worship trees on a daily bases, they are abusing God by that act.


They are in a way telling God that to us, trees are better than you, but this men are still breathing, living healthy and find. They do not die, some of them may live longer than you, why? God is long-suffering, which is one of the elements of love, peradventure these people will repent at some point.

God is saying; no matter how much they abuse me, it is better for me if they finally repent and I have them back than kill them.

The power of love

Love is Contagious

The word love is such a powerful spirit. Your love for someone will bring a lot of changes in the life of that person, it will correct a lot of things. In fact the first impact is that anyone you show love to will contact the same spirit and also look for someone to express same to.

I think it is far better to spread positive actions than negative ones. It will help to shape the society. There is nothing like making someone to feel loved. How does your kids behave when you show them love?


If I deal with you in love, none of my actions will proof wicked, hardhearted, and cruel. I mean, if I’m living in love with you, even when you do wrong, I will overlook it, even when you are the worst, you will be the best, why? I do not want you to be hurt nor feel bad at all.


The person you show love to will always feel you are the best covering for her or him. You will be the best environment for him or her. How do you feel if you are in an environment where there is always peace, no quarrel?

Turn Men messages are being inspired by the Holy Spirit. If you spend time to meditate and pray on these messages, you will be empowered by the flood of light from God that will heal, restore anything lost and most importantly build your spirit to dominate the world as a son.

In case you are not born of God yet, you cannot reject Jesus. You were created by Jesus for Jesus. God created you for himself. To reject Jesus is to rebel against God. Jesus is your life, to reject Jesus is to reject your life. Give your life to Jesus today; repent, accept Jesus into your heart as your lord and savior and be born of God now, it may be late after now!!!!! Do not postpone. Please follow this steps to obey God now.

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