How To Build Yourself Spiritually

After knowing how to build your spirit man, you need to discover where to build your spirit too. it is not everywhere you are or everything you do as a christian that actually helps in building your spirit.

Well, we have been deceived and deceived ourselves for too long. May be the word deceive May sound too exaggerated because most times people do not understand or just ignorant of what they are engaged in.

If you embark on one thing for too long without seeing the desired or required changes, I mean, you should have a rethink, may be you are not using the correct approach or simply go back to the manual for more understanding.

There are very many churches in my area or country at large. Almost everybody goes to church, at least in the Christian states.

On the contrary, people’s character, mindset, does not at all depict or qualify religious approach.

God himself has a mindset, his mindset defines his mode of doing things. If we stay with God for long, definitely we are going to cultivate his mindset. If this does not happen, then definitely we were not with God.

It is impossible that you have been with God for long, then you cannot cultivate his mindset.

It is time we check back again on those places we have been spending time, thinking we have been spending time with God.

Church is not where we build our system, our spirit, church is not even where we build our faith, and church is not where we relate with God. Come to think of it, how do you want God to relate with you in church? Church is a place of worship.

You need to consciously discover where to build your spirit for effective utilization of the building process.

If you think of church as a place where God relates with man, then God would be relating with a group of people per time. God would be relating with a congregation. The body of Christ is first of all as individuals before we think of where those individuals can meet with one another.

But how would God relate with people in groups, except those people are angels because humans are people with different mindset, different thoughts. Even when they have sworn with their mouth that they have agreed, their heart is saying a different thing.

This does not mean God cannot empower a church, bless them as a group, defend them and make the church grow. People does not grow spiritually on the same level, their commitment are different, and the level of seriousness, even the level of their understanding is different from each other. It is to you according to your own faith. Never monkey de work, baboon de chop, no.

This is the reason we can never be blessed equally. This is why Jesus said “the poor you will always have” because people think differently, some are lazy about some things while some are very serious.

What I am doing now is pastoring. I am showing you how to find God, where to find God, how you and God can relate successfully. A lot of Christians only know that they can only relate with God through their pastor. This is why they call their pastor daddy, their pastor is their spiritual father. Their mindset is that as long as their pastor is there, hen God is with them.

Some pastors will add more confusion to their members by telling them ‘I am the god you see’. But he bible said we were born of God. If you are born again, you are born of God. This is the only spiritual birth I know. God is our only spiritual father. No man can give birth to a spirit, it is not possible, and so no man should be a spiritual father.

How do I call God father, and when I see my pastor I call him daddy. Who is competing with who?

What is church?

You can rather think of church as a place where the people of God comes together to worship and relate with one another, not with God. God has never brought up an idea of relating with man in numbers that pass one.

If you want to think of the children of Israel, it was the faithful relationship between Abraham and God that brought about the children of Israel. God tried his best to keep the covenant he had with Abraham by sustaining the decendants of Abraham which is the children of Israel, but it never worked.

With this notion you can see that a whole lot of Christians has missed or has no relationship with God whatsoever because more than 60% of Christians only remember God on Sundays only and blind fully regards Sunday as the day of God, they assigned that day to God, they name it after God.

How many Christians have idolized Sunday

Sunday has been worshiped as a deity by many believers, meaning that Sunday has turned to be a god for many Christians. This is an ideology never found in the bible that Sunday is kept aside for God.

The bible says;

We should not forsake the assembling of believers together, to foster unity, love, to know your brother, to help your brother, to make no one is found wanting. It is more of to relate with one another, not with God.

Most of your pastor’s messages are full of words to encourage you not to be depressed, discouraged. Your pastor is trying to use his faith developed through his private relationship with God to solve your problem. In almost all the churches you attend, all you hear is; you shall not be a victim but a victor, you shall be above every trials and negative circumstances, you shall not fail in life, all your children will excel, you will live long in Jesus name.

Yes, this is what the bible says; but you can never attend those things without seeking the kingdom of God first.

Those messages are just like giving somebody fish every time he needs one and never teach him how to fish. So the church has been turned into the conglomeration of the needy. Well, it was not like this from the beginning, even in the days of Jesus. In the acts of the apostle, they were always gathering to share their possessions equally among brethren, to help one another, not to build their spirit.

If you build your faith in church at all, it will be very insignificant, meaning you will continue to be in bondage.

Where To Build Your Spirit

How do you when you want to study to pass school exam, you take your book to the library, a quite place, no noise, no disturbance. I thought the main purpose for this is for easy understanding and absorbance, not primarily so that you will not forget what you read, but you need the depth for thorough understanding of the subject.

The Holy Spirit did not come to the earth so that he will teach you anything through your pastor. He came to sit you down and teach you personally, one on one. You need to understand who the Holy Spirit is. He does not like any form of distraction when talking to you. You cannot concentrate that much when there are people around you.

You are so serious with your studies when you want to get your PhD. BSc., you off your phone when studying for your school exams. You stay in the library from morning till night because you want write examination and collect a certificate that can kill you on top of it, a certificate that you will carry about for ten years without a job. See how you do everything in life to acquire a knowledge that can never promise your destiny.

Some people will finish the school, after NYSC, they are not a life to do the job they were spending five years to prepare. The word of God is your life, your destiny, your health, your wealth, your wisdom, your success, your power, your faith, your tomorrow, your today, your God.

Look at the input you invest into your education, see how you spend 8 hours to study for school exam. But you have never taken your bible to the library and sit with it for 2 hours. I want you to judge yourself even as a believer, who do you believe in? Who are you loyal to? Are you planning to fail? Or you are failing to plan? Or you are trying to make a mockery of the kingdom of God.

Can you see why you are struggling and will keep struggling until you change? I want you to see why some believers are afflicted, they suffer even more than the unbelievers, and they die young and are oppressed, depressed. I want you see the fundamental problem of believers.

How will an almighty God give you a book and tell you this book is your life, your success, your future, your destiny, and all you need is to study this book for at least 5 hours per day.

God did not tell you 5 hours, I did, because I guess this is the minimum that can help you get something out of that commitment if you do it on a daily bases.

Read Joshua 1:8

If you doubt how long you suppose to study your bible per day. Is it that the bible is not a book worthy to be studied at the library for at least 5 hours per day? Okay, to many, this act will not give them a job? But is this not an act of unbelieve and rebellion? How do you want your prayers to be answered?

Believers do not understand, you will never go anywhere near success, dominion without this obedience. This is the reason you will continue to be frustrated, depressed, and oppressed. I am not praying, I am not cursing but it is the reality of the relationship between God and man after the Holy Spirit came to earth.

God can only bless you according to the level of the understanding of the knowledge of his word through the teaching of the Holy Spirit, nothing more, nothing less. If you like fast for 100 days, it is not by fasting, except you are only fasting for God to give you the spirit of understanding and revelation to enhance the course of your study in the word of God.

All your prayer should be on this obedience, I wish you forget prayer for any other thing except this course. I wish you forget praises, I wish you forget worship and every other form of service for now till you are able to acquaint yourself with enough knowledge of the word.

 Believe me all those things makes no meaning till you know God first. Your praises makes no meaning until you have the understanding of it. Your prayer, your fasting, your worship makes no meaning either till you do them out of knowledge and understanding you have in God.

Spend time on the word, let it be your food in the morning, your food at night, never you eat till you have spent enough time with the word. Give your spirit food first. Build your spirit first, it is your spirit that subtends your flesh. Your flesh will never die until your spirit gives up, only a weak spirit gives up. Strong spirit is for your protection.

You fail, you are sick, oppressed, depressed, you are a victim, disappointed, wanting, you cannot excel, limited, all because your spirit is not strong. Weak spirit means weak faith, low knowledge base, low word base, low God base, low power base. Demons should forever be afraid of your surroundings, then you will be at peace, if not, you will be moving from one issue to another. Before you finish fasting for one thing to go, another one will emerge.

So all your days on earth will be used in fighting problems because you have refused to build your spirit. Wake up, take another course, stand for the word, defend the word, stay on the word, and spend quality time on the word of God every day. There is no word of God that comes to you with understanding that is void of power. I call it POWER ACCUMULATION EXERCISE. THE MORE YOU ACCUMULATE, THE MORE YOU DOMINATE, THE LESS YOU ACCUMULATE, THE LESS YOU RULE AND CONTROL, BE WISE.

I mean, learn how to build your spirit at your private hour where only you and God are present. Be serious with God, spend time with him, and set aside moments of fellowship with him through his word. You need to understand God first, you need to know how he operate, what he would want. God created you for himself. God created you because he wants to be spending time with you. God created man for himself, not for business, not for any profession or civil service.

You have to create reasonable time for God per day. After God created Adam, he was always coming down to talk, to fellowship with him in the Garden of Eden. Until the fall, Adam lived for God, not for the Garden of Eden because he was spending time with God more than he was attending to the garden.

Therefore your private moments with God through his word is where to build your spirit.

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