How Faith Works Through Love

Love is a more excellence thing. Faith, hope, and love. The greatest of them all is love. The opposite of love is hatred. Faith can only work by love. If you exercise faith out of hatred, it will not work. I am explaining according to the bible ‘how faith works through love’

Love is the ability to perceive what will hurt another person and avoid it.

When you perceive what will hurt and still go ahead and embark on it, it means you hate, you do not believe in your spouse. You are making expression that means another person is not a part of your system, you are not accepting him or her into your world.

When you make such expression to someone, you are giving the person the mandate to treat you the same. If the person does not retaliate because of the knowledge of God’s word in him or her, then he or she has activated the law of vengeance which says; vengeance belongs to God, and that makes it more dangerous for you because you are being handed over to God. There are many ways the bible has proven how faith works through love.

Love is the ability to see another person as yourself

True love does not discriminate, it takes everybody as being the same, it depicts what Jesus did on the cross. The blood is for everybody, not only the Israelite – for whosoever. God loves everybody the same, he puts us on the platform, same grace is extended to everybody.

You lie if you say you love God whom you do not see, but you cannot love another man whom you see. Jesus said; by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye love one another.

What does it mean to love one another?

  1. It means to take another person as yourself, whatever you won’t do to yourself, do not do to another person.
  2. It means to sacrifice for another. The almighty sacrifice his only son for us. They took Jesus just as they used to take lamb to the altar for sacrifice. The same people that slaughtered him were the same people he was dying to save their lives. Their sins were also among those to be forgiven.

Note that Jesus willingly laid down himself to be slaughtered, they did not force him. He had power to have stopped them, but he needed to save not just them, but the entire world.

Walking in love as a believer

Working in love as a believer is a total expression of your faith in God. This is because if you don’t love God, then you simply do not have the love of God, and you can never love anyone else. You cannot give what you do not have. If at all you have anything that looks like love, it’s infatuation, a feeling, it’s worldly.

Walking in love simply means you have loved God first and is transferring that God-given love to others. This act is an expression of your believe or faith in God.

The subject of walking in love as a believer is critically important. You have to take it very serious and stand up to it before you can succeed in life as a believer. It looks very difficult to love by biblical standard but it is the easiest because we are using the grace of God, not our strength. The devil only makes it look hard because he knows that is your pitfall. Once you have missed it in this area of love, in fact, you have missed God himself.

How FaIth Works Through Love

Forget about being born again because there’s life after born again. It’s that life that we are discussing here. It’s not just about going to heaven but the quality of life lived on earth as a believer, children of God who supposed to be gods. It’s about living your christian life at it’s full potential. It’s about realizing your destiny on earth as a believer.

Working in love is demonstrating your faith in God as a believer. People working in the love of God are operating on the highest level of faith because love is the foundation of faith. Without love, no faith because God is love. This simply means that love gave birth to faith, or love is the mother of faith. Faith came by love.

God is simply telling you to build up the love of God in you first before you build faith. This is because faith cannot work without love. There’s no faith without love. If you spend ten years to acquire all the faith without having or developing the love of God, you are wasting your time.

For this reason it’s critically important to conciously build the lobe of God in your life just as you are building your faith.

How To Develop Faith And Love

Faith is an attribute of God and love too is an attribute of God. You cannot do without faith as a believer. You cannot even stop building your faith because that would mean to stop the aquisition of the revealed word of God. Understand that as you are building the love of God in you, you are building faith too. This is because all of them comes from same source; aquisition of the revealed knowledge of the word of God.

Fsith is a spirit, love is a spirit too, and all of them comes from God who is also a spirit. You are a spirit, even as a man. What God created for himself is your spirit, not your flesh. Therefore faith and love will be build only in your spirit. This is why faith and love does not inculcate or bring in reasoning into their operation. All of them only work by only following an order according to scriptural standard.

There are Standards and guidelines that faith and the love of God follow while in operation, and they will never work outside of those guidelines. Just like fishes cannot survive outside of water, this is how these two spirits can never function outside of those biblical guidelines.

The Important thing is to note that these are two different subjects and to develop them conciously and concurrently.

How Faith Works by Love
How Faith Works through Love

90% of believers prayer are not answered because they are not walking in love. Once you are not walking in love, you are out of God’s presence, nothing about God will cooperate with you, and you are bound to be disappointed if not frustrated.

According to the bible, If you go the altar to pray and you discover that you had any form of quarrel, grudge with anyone; enemy, friend, brother, you have to leave that alter and go the person and settle that score before you are qualified to pray.

There are many people we do not call to say hello, just because they are not friends, or may be they have hurt one way or the other. Sometimes we do not interact with people because we owe them. Most of our bad character, conducts work against us.

Most often we ignore what we think are tiny feud with people, a little disagreement. It may be little with you but has done a lot of harm to others. Nothing is little here.

As believers we should be conscious of every bit of thing we do to make sure they take the right direction, do not ignore anything.

God himself works by love, whatever God does is out of love. Even in dealing with his enemies, God deals with them out of love, even when God is killing or rendering judgement, he does it out of love. No hatred anywhere around God.

As a son of God you must also walk in love with everybody even with your enemies. As believers, we have issues in life only when we do not get it right with God. You might be so spiritual, you pray more than everybody, you fast more than Jesus, you will be having issues like not walking in dominion because you do not walk in love.

If you do not walk in love, you do not walk in God. Walking in love is the perfection state of a believer. This is the last or final stage of spiritual development. You cannot grow higher in God than this level.

One thing I notice with God is that you have to walk in love before he gives you his power. This means you are limited as a believer because you do not walk in love.

How Faith Works by Love
How Faith Works by Love

Matthew 5:43-48 (kjv)
Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which de-spitefully use you, and persecute you;

That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and send rain on the just and on the unjust. …

 You should love even your enemies. According to the bible; as much as you can, be at peace with everyone, including your enemies.

By telling you to love your enemies, God is emphasizing that vengeance belongs only to him and him alone. The truth is that, whether you hate anybody or not, it doesn’t change anything about that person, but you are the one hurting yourself for nothing. Everyone is simply rewarded according to their deeds. This is where seed time and harvest comes in, and the only judge is God. No man has any form of contribution on that.

We Do Not War Against Flesh And Blood

The bible has said categorically that we do not war against flesh and blood. That means our fight is spiritual. Not against any human being, even if the person hates you.

“if you are followers of that which is good, who will harm you”.

No devil is supposed to be able to hurt you. If they do, it means you are slacking behind in what you are supposed to do. You supposed to be in dominion and authority over all principalities, powers, you supposed to be a god. God created you in his likeness. This is why we emphasize on building your spirit. Build Your Spirit because it’s your spirit that will be in that authority, dominion. If you fail in your primary duty, your problem multiplies. If the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do?

Love your enemies simply means you greet them, be nice to them, Show them love, even when they hate you, call them on phone and say merry Christmas, happy new year, call to congratulate them on achievement, give them Christmas gift.

That your uncle that refused to assist you when he was well to do; sponsor his children in school, buy gift for them always. Show them love.

If you hate them, you are acting like them, but you belong to a different kingdom. There must be difference in character, you have to be different. If you are not different, then where is godliness in you? Where is the Christlike disposition radiating in you as a Christian? This is the only way you can prove to them that you are better than them.

People can be converted and follow you to church because of your lifestyle, your character. People can also go to hell because of your lifestyle. I believe it’s better to affect people positively.

The disadvantage in paying back people lifestyle is that it puts you in captivity. You will be in bondage, you would not be free. It means you are still a servant to sin. You need to free yourself, Christ has set you free, why do you put yourself in bondage?1

Anyone you suppose to greet that you refuse, it means something is wrong, greet if nothing is wrong. Lack of greeting does not make someone not to come close, greet and pass. May be because of too much familiarity someone took advantage of you.

How Faith Works by Love
How Faith Works by Love

In trying to keep a distance between the person, do not stop greeting, and still smile when greeting.

If you operate in faith out of love, you are operating in power. You do not need to pray for your enemies. Naturally, no one is supposed to be able to hurt you, Satan himself supposed to fear you as a son of God. You do not need to pray for your enemies to die, they should die naturally is if God wants them to.

You do not need to hate anyone. No matter how you hate them, no evil will happen to them. You cannot win your enemies by hating them. You win them by loving them, giving to them, greet your enemies, do good to them.

Never try to exercise your faith on a course or subject out of hatred, you do not exercise faith with a heart that bears grudge. There are people on earth now that hates and abuse God openly on a daily bases, but God still bless them even with the sun, rain, life.

As people kneel down and worship trees on a daily bases, they are abusing God. People worship all manner of things, they are abusing God, and God still bless them, even with long life.

How to Develop The Love of God

God is love, God is his word, the word of God is God. This means the word of God is the love of God. When you dwell in the knowledge of the revealed word of God, to the extent that it saturates your spirit. This is how the love of GOD is shed abroad in your heart.

The love of God express itself in 3 ways

1. Giving

Giving is an expression of love, if God recommends you should love even your enemies, then you must give to your enemies.

Giving is a general attribute. It is what everyone can do, believers and unbelievers. Some people love this, they are so passionate about it and take it as a way of life. Many use giving is a tool of appreciation, may be to say thank you.

When you start loving God with all your heart out of the knowledge you aquired, it means the spirit of the love of God is engolving your spirit. There will be a transference of Gold’s love to your spirit the moment you start appreciating and embrasing the how God loves in his word.

Giving is also an expression of love. One way to prove that I love and value you would be to give to you. Giving must be involve if at all there is love. Before you love something or someone, you must have placed value on the person or thing. The value you placed on a thing determine the price you are ready to pay for it.

Bible says; love is kind, it means where there is love, there must of necessity be kindness, and if there is no kindness, it means there is no love. This is the bible and there is no other way to prove if someone loves you, believe God.

2. Showing concern or affection, or spending time with God through his word.

For your love to complete, you have to show concern on the things of others. Love is not selfish, love is kind

Even after his death and resurrection, Jesus is at the right hand of the father interceding for us till tomorrow and forever.

3. Sacrifice

SACRIFICE MEANS out of inconvenience, at your own detriment. It will cost you something definitely. You need to know that love is a seed, definitely your turn will soon show up, so do unto others as you would wish them to do to you. Do not look at the cost, the detriment, the ransom. Apart from contributing to humanity, you are simply obeying God.

In case you are not born of God yet, you cannot reject Jesus. You were created by Jesus for Jesus. God created you for himself. To reject Jesus is to rebel against God. Jesus is your life, to reject Jesus is to reject your life. Give your life to Jesus today; repent, accept Jesus into your heart as your lord and savior and be born of God now, it may be late after now!!!!! Do not postpone. Please follow this steps to obey God now.

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