What is Church

I do not understand why the name church sounds mystical to many people. If you ask many Christians what is church, what you will get back is a religious chorus as an answer. For decades, a lot of people has known the church to be a building, I believe it will interest you to have a different notion, perspective of what is church today.

Why God created man

I believed God actually needed someone to relate with, someone to love and be loved. God is love, he cannot stay without showing love. God love to play with love, to love and be loved.
I have never seen any record in the bible that a group of people related with him successfully, but I have read that Abraham was a friend of God, Enoch love God and was so close that he never saw death. Moses was another, Jacob, David. These are all individuals that had great relationship with God.

God was always coming down to commune with Adam, to relate with Adam. This is who he is, that is why he came up with the idea of Adam. God created Adam first, later on I believe God must have noticed that Adam was lonely. So Eve was created to accompany Adam, assist Adam so that Adam will not be alone.

The Dictionary Meaning of Church

Oxford dictionary defines church as a building used for public Christian worship.

What is Church According to the Bible

The key verse on this is 1 Cor. 12:13,”by one Spirit we are all baptized into one body.” We see from this passage that the church is like the physical manifestation of Christ, i.e., his body.

Mathew 16:18

What is Church
What is Church

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

The word Peta is a Greek word that means a piece of rock. Jesus was referring to Peter as a rock here. Upon the rock, Peter, Jesus will build his church. In other words the church will beinside Peter. In summary, Peter is the building, Peter is the church.

The building of individual parts of the whole body culminates in the building of the whole. God deals with the individual parts of the building in trying to make up the whole.

Jesus was never referring to a building made with cement here. The Bible has referred to us as a building in many portions. God builds people not cement and blocks. Jesus was referring to his people.

The church is a group of people that are into relationship with God. You can refer them as the children or sons of God. Bringing these people together is only done by God which makes the word church a generalized term, worldwide. It means the bringing together of individual sons all over the earth.

The church is the body of Christ, The body of Christ of whom Jesus is the head is only one but made up of many parts. Billions of sons can form one hand or finger. So we as individuals are all part of the body. So whenever you say church, it is a generalized term of all the believers all over the earth.

Since we as in individuals are part of the body of Christ, we as individuals are also referred to as church. Therefore anybody that is born of God is church. It means church is a human being born of God.
Now we are all spirits, forget this flesh, this flesh is not part of us, we are only using it for the mean time till rapture. What we will have after rapture is immortal, this flesh is mortal and limited. This flesh can never form part of the body of Jesus.

In other words the being that is referred to as church is a spirit. Of course you should understand that God is a spirit and cannot relate with your flesh but your spirit.

God does not relate with the body of Christ as a whole but with the individuals and direct us towards one goal. You also need to know that God relates with you through your spirit, not through your flesh and blood nor your senses. If you are able to build up your spirit to be sensitive, God would be relating and speaking with you on a daily bases.

The church is the body of Christ. The body of Christ is a collection of individuals who are born of God. Man has misunderstood God seriously. God created man for himself, and his relationship with man is strictly on individual bases, never group. Christians have seriously gone into error, what has entered the head of many believers is their denomination, most of them are more loyal to the name of the church than God himself.
We gather together for our own fellowship,

in fact, not to relate with God. Have you ever tried to start communication with God successfully while in church? You only meet for two or three hours two times a week. This is never enough to relate with your creator. When God used to come down to the garden of Eden to commune with Adam, how long do you think he was spending with Adam per day.

You cannot even commune with the Holy Spirit successfully when others are around because he hates distraction. You cannot relate with God in church, it is not possible, there are too many distractions. There is no way you can concentrate to worship God in church successfully, time can never be enough, and people are a distraction. You can only worship God in the spirit.

It means you will be led by the spirit to do that. Church atmosphere is being coordinated and control by humans who may not be led by the spirit.
I am proving to you that it is not possible to relate with God successfully during church services. You must achieve this privately without any distraction.

Now, if you have believed that you are the church, 99 % of your worship, your praises, your prayers, your communication with God, your entire relationship with God should be done at your private hour, in your bedroom where it’s only you and God.

You don’t have enough concentration during church services to relate with God, communicate with him.

It’s fun when you watch people worship God in church, in fact they are more serious when they communicate with their loved ones at home.
Many Christians have never prayed for one hour in their bedroom, they can only do that in their congregation. Is this not hypocrisy? But who are you deceiving? It means you are more faithful to your denomination than God himself. Who are you relating with? Your denomination or God? It would mean you don’t have any relationship with God, it’s called personal relationship, just you and God, no third party.

There must be that personal relationship with God first, well developed, cordial and consistent, before you can think of anything else. Anything out of this order, you are rendering sacrifice of fools.

You mean you cannot fast and pray on your own not until it is announced in your congregation? The earth was created for man. You cannot study your bible for two hours at home until you attend a bible study class in church? You are so faithful to attend church services all the time, but how many times have you sat down to commune with God in your bedroom? Your own relationship with God is only when you gather in a building? Then you do not understand what is church.

Church is never your congregation, your denomination, a building, church is not your convention, no, and church is you. You are the body of Christ if you are born again? You are the finger, the leg, the elbow of Christ. You are church. It is completely an individual thing. Then a collection of all those individuals in one place is what we will have at rapture.

What is Church
What is Church

Right now God sees that collection of all those individuals as spirits because what God relates with is our spirit. I do not know where we keep our minds some times. People so much value the building, and that is what they referred to as church. How can a building be church? How can cement and blocks forms the body of Christ. I thought God created man for himself. God made man in his own image, not building.
God lives in our heart, not in buildings.

How can we go back to the Old Testament when it was abolished, the old covenant was destroyed? How can God prefer to stay in a building than your heart? I thought it is your body that is supposed to be the temple of God, so why are you idolizing buildings, denominations, group names. I call it group names because that is not church.

Church is a person that is born of God. If you are born of God and are part of the body of Christ and Christ is the head, then you are in a relationship with God. If you are truly in a relationship with God, God lives in you, the presence of God will be with you.

It is wrong to put up a sign post in front of a building and write there church. That is not a church. That can never be the body of Christ. And this has done a lot of damage to the mindset of those who are actually the church. The slogan is everywhere, it depicts the mindset; you hear every Christian including the pastor saying they are going to church. This is to tell you exactly that what they mean is the building.

Christians will tell you they are going to the house of God. How can God prefer to live in building and not human hearts? So God would value stones than you whom he created you in his own image? If the building is house of God, then who are you?

What is Church
What is Church

This is total error, church has denied himself and sell his birthright to cement, blocks, stones. A lot of things have actually gone wrong and nobody has taken it to heart. The foundation of Christianity is knowing who you are in God. It is important that you understand that God would value his presence in you than stones. Jesus never died for any cement, blocks, stones nor building.

Depth of faith is arrived at through depth of information. The more information you have on an issue, the more you are convinced, the more you are convince, the deeper the depth of believe, and the higher the level of faith.

I believe you now understand what is church. It would be bad to live and not know who you are. It means you can fail an examination trying to define who you are.

Turn Men messages are being inspired by the Holy Spirit. If you spend time to meditate and pray on these messages, you will be empowered by the flood of light from God that will heal, restore anything lost and most importantly build your spirit to dominate the world as a son.

In case you are not born of God yet, you cannot reject Jesus. You were created by Jesus for Jesus. God created you for himself. To reject Jesus is to rebel against God. Jesus is your life, to reject Jesus is to reject your life. Give your life a meaning by turning to Jesus today; repent, accept Jesus into your heart as your lord and savior and be born of God now, it may be late after now!!!!! Do not postpone. Please follow this steps to obey God now.

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