The Spiritual Food

We have to keep emphasizing because not many people are aware that they are spirit. A lot of people are rather used to the norm that what they see is who they are. Some do not even know that there’s anything called spirit nor the spiritual food. They only take what they see, anything they don’t see doesn’t exist.

This is lack of knowledge, and ignorance is never an excuse. Man is a spirit that lives in the flesh and has a soul. Every man is a spirit, born again or not. God created every man as a spirit. Adam was the first man and God created him in the image of God which is spirit.

Therefore the body or the flesh is not the man. The man is the spirit and the spirit is the man. Please this is very important if you want to work with God. No devil will forever want you to get this knowledge because that Will be to their doom. Your knowledge is their defeat. Secondly, you will never be able to exercise God’s dominion and authority on earth without this knowledge.

Many Christians are down today because of lack of knowing who they are. There are three components that make up your entire system, the spirit, soul and body. The only part of you that God recognize is your spirit. That means the only part that God communicates with, invest in, is interested in is your spirit. it is in the bible that your body, the flesh profits nothing.

It simply means your flesh, your body is not important to God, the only use of the flesh is the housing of the body. But there is something important here; the bible also says that it is the spirit that sustains the body. This means it is the power of the spirit that will make the flesh useful.

If you invest in the spirit, by feeding it well, you are boosting it, you are giving it power and authority, when the spirit is powered, it will in turn boost the flesh and empower it to make it keep doing it’s work well. The flesh can stay without being sick, but that empowerment can only come from the spirit and how well the spirit is also empowered.

Well, i have tried to paint the picture of the real you as a spirit, and how important your spirit is to you and God who created it. The spirit is the main personality, it’s a person, God is a person and created us in his image as spirits. It is the spirit that gives life to the flesh. The spirit does not die, it is eternal, immortal. Things that die are made of substance from the earth, so when they decay, they return to the earth.

You could recall that after God molded Adam from mud, sand, the creature could not move,that means there was no life in it, till God till God breadth his spirit into the sand and the spirit brought life into the sand. Therefore the living part of the human is the spirit. Take the spirit out, every other thing becomes dead.

This should simply tell anyone that if a man is doing well spiritually, then every other part of the man will as well be doing well.

The Spiritual Food

The question is; what are the things we need to do to our spirit to boost it, to empower it. The spirit eats food just like we feed the body with physical food. The food of the spirit is the revealed word of God, the logos, the light. Jesus said; the words that i speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life. It was this same word that became flesh and bear the name JESUS to save man. The word of God is a spirit and food for our spirit.

It will excite you to know that the entire world was created by the word of God, the entire heaven was created by the word of God too, including Satan and his demons, though they were not created in that ugly form, they chose to be like that.

Because the word of God is spirit and also life, it adds more life to our spirit as we eat it daily, it adds more empowerment

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