Seed Time and Harvest Shall Not Cease

Seed time and harvest is a natural law that governs the entire earth. It is a law that before you reap anything you must first sow. This is not just a law but a covenant ant it is invoked as long as the earth remain, it cannot stop, it shall not stop and will not stop.

Anything covenant is always enforced. There are security officers or agent put in place by God to make sure the covenant is enforced all the time.

Why Seed Time and Harvest Shall Not Cease

Genesis 8:22 – kjv

Seed Time and Harvest
Seed Time and Harvest

While the earth remained, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

Genesis 8:22 – message bible

For as long as Earth lasts, planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never stop.”

Seed time and harvest is in the same covenant platform with day and night, cold and heat, summer and winter.

God himself has vowed that as long as the earth continues, you will always experience this processes. They can never stop till rapture. Do not ever think, there can be any time you will reap without sowing.

I am one of those that is very much concerned about the subject of giving, there have been enormous disagreement among Christians over this topic. I understand the reason is because some believers who have studied the subject understand the biblical concept, they have gone ahead to practice what they believe and come up with explosive proven result.

This group of believers are so much being envied by those who do not understand the subject of giving. As Christians, we serve one God, same God, but the level of understanding of what we do is different, depending on how dedicated, how zealous, how serious minded we are.

Giving is one of the major attribute of God. I mean, if you are following God, you just have to learn to do what he does. If these are the things that make him God, why not, those same things can also make you to be god

JOHN 10:34-35

Seed Time and Harvest
Seed Time and Harvest

34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

All these attributes of God are there for us to take after as example to live on. Why will you not want to live like God as God’s son. You want to be going to the left while your father is on the right? You cannot succeed like that.

Why many people derail.

Many people have issues as Christians because, they just want to be listening to others. They do not want to sit down with their bible for hours. The word of God is your life, the word of God is God. If you cannot discipline yourself to study the bible for hours each day, then you are doing yourself more harm.

No one can study the bible for you. God created all of us for himself, to have that personal relationship. You must know God personally for yourself. God is meant to be your father and you his son. When I was small, I used to ask my father what I do not understand and he will teach me.

Your Pastor is a shepherd

The job of a pastor is to take the sheep to where there is grass and leave them there. Your pastor is not God, your pastor is not your father, and you cannot hear your pastor more than you hear God. Your pastor is a man with flesh and blood, God is a spirit, the father of your pastor too.

Your pastor is a servant of God, his duty is to help you to find God, hear from God and develop a relationship with your father, then keep monitoring to make sure you are still intact with God. It is not true that your pastor is your God on earth. That is not right. Jesus said we only have one father.

Be more spiritual to gain from God

You have to be more spiritually minded than the games you are playing, everything on earth is, developed, planed, orchestrated and approved spiritually before you can have opportunity to see it physically.

What I am talking about is both in heaven and in the kingdom of darkness. Everything on earth is decided in the spirit, including your election result. Every competition on earth is done between spiritual authorities, there is almost nothing normal anymore.

I mean even in the natural realm, they go to demons to help them determine election result. This is even far, what of the business you? Competition, everyone wants to succeed with limited opportunity. So some have to consult demons help them. You are competing with them, yet you do not want to be serious with God, you are a joker!!!!

Know God for Yourself

This is just the time to know God for yourself, your pastor is not with you 24/7, but God is always with you, so if you cannot hear from God, how do you survive. No demon will visit you in church, if you encounter calamity, disappointment, frustration, it will definitely be outside the church, your home, office where your pastor will not be there.

What I am talking about is that you do not need to be confused about anything in life, God is not any author of confusion. You should develop some level of spiritual authority and be able to even cast out devils wherever you find them around you.

As a son of God, this is where you belong. You should not panic, cry and be begging, looking frustrated. You must look like your father. Even your biological father can be ashamed if he discovers you are timid.

The Holy Spirit is the teacher of the word

The reason why Jesus left the earth for the Holy Spirit to come is because the Holy Spirit is the only teacher of the word, in fact, not just teacher, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of the word. If any human knows and understand the word, it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit.

Anyone that understand the word of God but not by the Holy Spirit is living in heresy, error, it is head knowledge and it holds no water, no power.

What am I talking about? You cannot build yourself spiritually by just listening to your pastor. I keep repeating this, your pastor will do not more than 5% of what you need to do to grow spiritually. He is a man, he cannot read your bible for you. He also has his own spirit to build to survive, he also has his problems, he has a family, children.

He also get sick, weak, have feelings. He has to deal with all of his own before considering your own. It is not possible that your pastor can be preaching to solve everybody’s problems on a Sunday, how long can you keep waiting for your turn which may never come.

People go to church for years still having one issue. Does it mean that God cannot solve that? Never. They are all looking up to the pastor to connect them to God on their behalf, well you can keep waiting until the year the pastor is able to do that. But it may never happen.

You can connect to God in your bedroom and solve whatever problem you have the same minute. This is the advantage of having a direct relationship with God yourself. When you charm for anything, instead of contacting Satan himself, you will have to pass through a native doctor or an oracle.

This is not how God operate. Jesus has died and open the door to the father. All you need is to believe in Jesus and repent, then you automatically become a child of God. This give you the opportunity to communicate with God at any moment.

There is no father who does not speak with his son, you give them preference, your children are your little you, you provide for them and solve their issues as a father. Or you want to say you are better than God in that. You can solve your children’s problems but God cannot?

The dearth of Jesus was never for people to still go to God on anybody’s behalf. Your pastor’s job is only to help you find and leave you with him. And then keep checking to make sure you are still with God, because some people can be there and not stay.

They might still be remembering how sweet fornication used to be, those champagnes that used to be popped on disco halls. Beyond everything, it is sweet to know God for yourself.

Study your bible

When you sit down to study your bible, if it is the Holy Spirit leading you, he will be taking you to areas of your immediate need, and he knows what knowledge you need immediately more than you do. Knowledge is deliverance, power. The Holy Spirit knows what will help you right now, he knows what is most important for you at the moment.

So when you sit down with your bible and the spirit of God to study on ON A DAILY BASES, you are acquiring light that illuminates darkness around you in bits, as the light is entering. Ignorance is darkness, knowledge is light. Poverty, lack, sickness, name them, are all ignorance.

So you need the word of God every day, with its cleansing power, to build you up, energize you to face the world.

Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. You supposed to be an overcomer as a child of God, not to strupggle

We are still on the subject of giving, I had to take you this far so you can understand that you need to know the word of God and God for yourself, in case any man makes mistake somewhere, you too will not be in error.

How will a man tell you that it is wrong to give to your father? You should be careful with such a one because he is trying to stale the relationship between you and your father.

It is a demonic reason to say God does not need it, he will not use it. But he ask you in the bible to give.

It was God who said;


Giving is all over the bible from Old Testament to revelation. God even said you have to love and give to your enemies.

You do not need to see God physically to give to him. Jesus said as long as you do it to any of this your brethren, you are doing it to me.

Man, do you know that you are the body of Christ? If you support the church you are supporting yourself. The truth still stands that God does not need any man to support him for anything. It is man that needs support from God.

God is more than enough, it is you that is in need. It is as long as the earth remains; not as long as heaven remains, that means covenant of seed time and harvest is only applicable to the earth. There is nothing like seed time and harvest in heaven.

It is only man that needs to sow before he reaps and it happens only in the earth. People in heaven doesn’t need it.

If you love God, nobody will ever compel you to give to him. You are being compelled to give before you give because you hate God. The only way you can give to God to make any meaning must be out of your love for him. It is not how much you give but with what heart. You can give one penny, but out of love. God will receive it and bless you.

How to sow and reap in God

If you give it out of love, you won’t be compelled, you will not frown, you will not even feel it irrespective of how much is involved. To give out of love means to give out of knowledge and understanding. Love is built up with knowledge and understanding.

I know God and understand him, that’s why I love him. If you do not understand God, it is hard to love him. 10% is a mandatory thing, that’s why it will not be given out of love. If you love God, you cannot give him 10%, it is not possible. Forget your needs.

Love is in levels depending on your knowledge and understanding, if you give 10%, that is your level of love and understanding. It also depicts how much you know God.

God supplies your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus, not according to your income. Your income can never be enough for you. What I mean is the money you make with your effort or your salary. You need the grace of God for divine supply.

Financial freedom

To live above your needs, you need the grace of God for divine supply. God’s intention is never for his children to depend on salary or income by their efforts.  There is financial freedom, it is not for devils, it is for the children of God. God is your sufficiency, you can flourish.

Philippians 4:19

Seed Time and Harvest
Seed Time and Harvest

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

God’s intention is for you to live above the riches of the earth. God supplies your needs according to how he is rich, not according to how the earth is rich, never according to your salary. It means you can be a gateman and be rich in trillions, but this can only be effected by the covenant of seed time and harvest.

What does seed time and harvest mean

It simply mean there is a seed in all your income. In all your income, part of it must go back to the ground for another harvest. Your income can be anything. Gods plan is not for your income to be seasonal, monthly, weekly. You should be having income on a daily bases.

Psalm 68:19

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loaded us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.

God’s plan for his children is to be loading them with benefits every day. Other words for benefits include; profits, aids, assistance, reimbursements, paybacks, remunerations.

What we sow for seed time and harvest

God himself sows but never crops, hence this does not only refer to crops. It can be anything, but whatever you sow is what you will harvest. You cannot sow corn to reap money, you cannot sow corn to reap show. If you are a giver of shoes to people, you will never lack shoes in your life.

If you need money, you sow money. Whatever you need, sow it, it will come back to you. This is not a coupon or white paper, you must do it in love.

When God wanted the harvest of many sons, he sowed his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

John 12:24

Seed Time and Harvest
Seed Time and Harvest

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

Jesus was referring to himself here when he made this statement;

John 12:24-27 – kjv

23 And Jesus answered them, saying, the hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.

24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

25 He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

26 If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor.

27 Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.

Jesus had to die as a seed for you and me to be saved, bringing many son into glory.

Giving in love

Your giving must be done in love before it makes meaning. You give because you love. The measure you give is the same measure you receive in harvest. If you sow one corn, it cannot be the harvest of sowing two corns but God’s measurement is in relation to what you have.

If all you have is one seed of corn and you sow that one seed, the harvest also will be unlimited. This means you gave with all your heart. If you give all you have to God, God will also give you bountifully in response to your level of love.

Genesis 4

This what happens in the case of Cain and Abel? Why did God reject what Cain gave? Because of the heart, he was not giving it out of love. This is for those who give because the pastor said give, outside of that they will never give. They are not givers because they do not live in love.

If you do not live in love, you cannot be a giver, it will be hard for you to give because giving is easily done in love.

Is heaven only for givers?

If you are born again but you do not leave in love or be a giver, you will still go to heaven, but you may not fulfill your destiny on earth. You may not excel because money answers all things.

God knows why he instituted seed time and harvest, it was for your wellbeing, it was meant to meet your needs with ease, it was for you to excel financially. The seed time and harvest was for the children of God, it was for his sons, so utilize it for your financial dominion.

You cannot reject Jesus. You were created by Jesus for Jesus. God created you for himself. To reject Jesus is to rebel against God.

Jesus is your life, to reject Jesus is to reject your life. Give your life to Jesus today; accept Jesus into your heart and be born of God now, it may be late after now!!!!! Do not postpone. Please follow this steps to obey God now.

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