Man Is A Spirit

Man is a spirit that lives in the flesh and has a soul. This is a fact, the truth. It’s not possible that man would be flesh and blood because God who created man in his own image is not flesh. Our flesh doesn’t resemble God, nor our blood, but the human spirit looks exactly like God.

When I was a teenager, the believe i had was that anything speed was a ghost. The impression we had was that once you are a spirit, it means you are a ghost. The fundamental problem of man is that man has forgotten or does not know who he is. You cannot function as a spirit If you lack the awareness that you are a spirit. Most men believe that they are flesh and blood, that’s why they function as flesh and blood.

Disadvantages of Functioning as flesh and blood


God is not limited because spirit çannot be limited. If you function as flesh and blood, you will be limited, and this is the problem of many. Flesh is limited and Will never be able to exceed it’s limit, that’s why God Created the spirit to sustain the flesh. This means that the flesh cannot sustain itself. The spirit can sustain itself.

Spirits don’t get weak, they don’t grow old, they don’t lose strength. They wax stronger instead. Spirits don’t have intellectual limitations but the flesh do. You will do yourself more harm than good by functioning on earth as a spirit, youl loose every battle and competition.

There is nothing like a physical battle, whether you know it or not. Every competition and battle is in the spirit. That’s why, is you aren’t Spiritually strong, you will slap a man and sleep but not wake up the next morning. Spiritually strong men don’t fight physically.

Large muscles is of no use to man at the moment. Spend time to build your spirit rather.

God is a spirit that doesn’t live in the flesh. No flesh can contain God. God does not have size. As big as the earth is, it doesn’t contain God. The earth Is too small for God to be accommodated. The earth Is his footstool. This means the leg of God alone is bigger than the earth.

When God said let us make man in our own image. He wasn’t just referring to the look, the appearance, he was also referring to who he is.

Advantages of Functioning As A Spirit On Earth


God never changed his mind on man after the fall of Adam. The fall of Adam did not change God’s mind about man. Even after God pronounced all those curses in genesis, he never changed his mind on man, instead he made provision for correction of whatever was faulty in the first Adam through the second Adam who is Jesus.

In genesis 1:28 the plan of God was for man to take complete charge of the earth, to rule, dominate and subdue the earth. This authority was committed to the spirit not the flesh. Everything on earth is determined in the spirit realm

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