How to Receive Revelation

Revelation is the means of communication between God and his children, therefore you must sign up for son-ship in God’s kingdom before you have access to revelation. I is rather pathetic that how to receive revelation is not important o many believers, but this is the foundation of Christianity.

There is definitely no communication between you and God if you do not have access to revelation

Before you can think of how to receive revelation, you must first be born again, you must be born of God first. This is the first step towards receiving revelation from the Holy spirit. Whatever is revealed belongs

once you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you are bound to be receiving the understanding of the word of God when you are reading your bible. This is because the Holy Spirit came to teach us the word of God. This is his primary assignment. Once you are born again; from time to time or once in a while, your eyes will pop open for revelation while you are reading or studying the bible.

The ultimate desire of God when he created man to be like himself was to Receive the Spirit of Revelation and how to receive revelation explains how this goal will be achieved. He created man for himself and in his image, THE ULTIMATE desire of God for man is that man should not only possess the spirit of revelation but live in the constant understanding of his word as a way of life.

if you do not understand the bible, you cannot understand God, if you do not understand God, you cannot work with God, you cannot even benefit from God

The ability to see what you are reading is the power to translate information to revelation. i try to explain here some of the buttons you will have to press to arrive at the spirit of revelation

Get the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

this is why Jesus told the disciples to tarry at Jerusalem till the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is a person, and he is here on earth. On the day of Pentecost, he was arriving the earth from the father, but since after that, he resides here on earth, All you need is to simply pray and ask Him to baptize you.

If you are more serious you can take a fast and pray to e baptized

How to Receive Revelation –


It comes as a result of in-depth, steady, consistent meditation on the word without any distraction. You have to keep at it, you have to crave for it, you have to taste for it, there must be that desire, there must be that hunger. God satisfies only the hungry.

Through Prayer

Whatever you ask the father in my name; he will do it

 It is the spirit of understanding; Spiritual understanding and total comprehension of the truth

God can only communicate to his people through his word. Secondly, Jesus has confirmed in the gospel that the word of God is spirit. This means those letters you see on the surface of the bible are not the words of God, but you have access to the spirit through those letters. Someone has to teach you, or give you the interpretation of those letters, someone has to help you understand or reveal the real meaning of those letters.

And that person is the Holy Spirit. This is the primary reason the Holy Spirit came to earth; to teach us the word of God. This is how to receive revelation. Therefore revelation is the interpretation of the word of God to man by the Holy Spirit.

We Have Only One Teacher

The Holy Spirit is he only teacher of the word, no one else can teach you the word, not even your pastor. Angels are not even qualified to teach the word of God, not to talk of your pastor. Your pastor too is being taught by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit came to teach everybody. The Holy Spirit did not come so that he can teach your pastor o teach you. Your pas tor is to help link you up with the Holy Spirit and leave you there to receive directly from the source. Then your pastor will keep guiding to be sure you are continually hooked up to the source.

90% of the teaching of the word of God to you mus. be done by the Holy Spirit. Your pastor is to do only 10%. Your pastor is flesh and blood, it is not possible for him to give you 100% of exactly what the Holy Spirit taught him, the same way he received it.

Many times your pastor may give you head knowledge of what he thinks. How do you differentiate that?

The most important reason why you must receive most of the revelation of the word of God directly from the source is that; when God is the one teaching you, you will be receiving what is peculiar to you, what is most important to you at the point. This means if God is teaching everyone at the same time, we would be receiving different teachings but at the same time because as we are different, our needs are different, our destinies are different, and we do not all pass through the same route to our destinies.

If you search through the teachings we receive in our different congregations, you find out that they are not all the same, meaning some pastors are giving their congregation head knowledge or Christian religious knowledge, never what is revealed by the Holy Spirit.

How to Receive the Spirit of Revelation

Therefor do yourself a favor, look for how to receive the spirit of revelation. There is a different between how to receive revelation and how to receive the spirit of revelation. When the spirit of revelation comes on you, every time you open the bible to read, you will be in revelation by the Holy Spirit from beginning to the end.

Until you receive he spirit of revelation, you will be having momentary revelation experience, no always, you may have I today, not tomorrow or once in a while.

Once you are born again, the Holy Spirit will be trying his best to teach you the word of God. The spirit of revelation is given to those who knows the value and are ready to explore or make use of it. That’s why many mature believers will have it, people that have come a long way with God

God is spirit, it takes the spirit to understand spirit.

Since it is the spirit of God, you ask God for it. I guarantee you, this prayer God answers you expressly, without an iota of delay, because this is what you need.

How to Receive Revelation
How to Receive Revelation

Most prayers are not answered because they are not actually what you need. The spirit of revelation is the foundation of your Christian life, this is your starting point as a Christian, if you do not understand the bible, you will go nowhere as a Christian, this is why many Christians are suffering, failures, this is why servants are on horses and kings on foot.


They know not, neither do they understand, hence they die like mere men.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness, and all other things.

But men think they can thwart the principles of God;

They are instead asking for all other things, expecting God to give them that one first, then let the kingdom of God add itself.

It cannot work, it will never work, and they will continue to struggle.

I have said ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high, BUT WHAT?

Ye shall die like mere men,    WHY


You receive not because you ask not, and when you ask, you ask amidst.

Meaning you ask stupid things, for your greed, never to fit God’s expectation.

How to Receive Revelation
How to Receive Revelation

How can a Christian, not yet have the spirit of revelation, and he is asking God for a car, a house.

When you have the spirit of understanding, and you are studying the word, believe me you do not need to ask God for a car, house; they will surely come on their own.

You just make it look like God does not know how to take care of his sons, so, is you that can take care of your children, God cannot?

Do you wait for your children to ask you for clothes before you buy them cloths, then how does your 2 months old baby ask you for food, clothes shoes, how do you buy them shoes when they did not ask.

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