How To Break Curses

If curses are real, and can be so damaging for such a lengthy period, then there is need to know how to break curses. We have established that curses do exist. At this point we are going to discover how to break them. I give God thanks, why? Every day we receive new light. We are sons and we communicate with the father daily. Today we are going to discuss a new light from heaven on breaking curses.

What Is a Curse

A curse is simply a limitation placed on anyone. Anyone in the sense that it can be a believer or an unbeliever. It can be a bishop, a king, the rich, the poor. Curse does not have respect for anybody. Curses do even come on spirit being, Satan and all his demons are under a curse. Sail as the king of Israel came under a curse at some point.

Curses do not have exemptions. It can come on individual, group, entire country, entire race. It can be generational and it can end at certain point on certain people.

Why Curses

Before we look at types of Curses. I like us to know why people come under a curse. The bible says a curse causeless shall not stand. This means before a curse comes on you, there’s a reason, and the number one reason is fundamental. If your. As an unbeliever, you are naturally under a curse, the curse of God, the curse of the law. The bible address such people as the wicked.

I am not going to dwell much on unbelievers because their case is natural. They are still in the kingdom of darkness and Satan is their father. They are completely off the radar of God. And in that case anything can happen to them.

Whatever I am going to discuss here has to do with the believers. The worst thing that can happen to any believer is to believe that once he or she is born again, they cannot come under. Such people tend to believe that there are no curses. My notion on such believers is that they are yet to understand what is a curse.

If there are no curses among the believers, why are some succeeding and some are not? Why are some struggling. If you enter many churches today, you have few people that are well to do.

Let’s now discuss the fundamental reason why people come under curses: The primary reason why people come under curses today is because after being born of God, they are still committing sin, their ways are not straight, they are still lying, backbiting, committing fornication, adultery, their ways are not straight, some are even more wicked than the unbelievers.

Once a believer lives like this, the foundation is faulty. Too many rooms are being created for the devil and once the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do? Once a believer is not living right, anything thrown on you in terms of spiritual attack will easily penetrate.

Once you are disobedient to God as a believer, you automatically come under a curse.

Types of Curses

Curses has many types, it can come from anyone, anywhere, the source can be physical or spiritual. There is the curse of God, Parents, Spiritual Father’s, Seed time and harvest, the curse of the law, self imposed

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