Walking With God is Personal

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A lot of things have changed in the new covenant, and you need to know that the old one was abolished on the arrival of the new covenant. One of such great changes is what brought the topic; walking with God is personal.

Walking with God is completely personal, journey with God is never in group. It is they that know their God. Whether you know or you do not know, what you do not know can never affect me.

Your sin can never take me to hell, neither will what I do with my life take you to heaven. Every man answers for himself. This is one of the great turn around from the old testament. The fathers can no more eat grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge.

Old Testament Covenant

In the old testament, God knew only one set of people and recognized them as a group. That was the Israelites. Every other people were called gentile or alien. That’s why the old covenant was made only for them and with them. The new testament or the new covenant is for the entire earth, everybody, but strictly with individuals not group.

What does walking with God mean

Walking with God means to relate with God, to communicate on friendly or intimate terms. To Walk with God means to be spiritually sensitive to God and his ways. It means to enter into a covenant with God by being born again. It is a continual and consistent relationship with God.

Being born again is a covenant. It’s public declaration of Jesus as your Lord and savior. You publicly declare that from now on you submit to Jesus as your Lord and savior, meaning you are going to abide by his terms by living according to his standard of prescriptions in the bible. It’s an agreement to choose light and shun darkness. That agreement has terms and conditions. You are declaring to join Jesus in the sonship. God has his own part of the agreement to fulfill too. There are blessings, inheritance attached to the agreement. Yes, God will provide the grace, but you have to agree.

Walking with God is Personal

“Walking with God is personal” means you are not going to God as a group, you are not relating with God as a group, though you are in church, gathering or in your privacy.

When God used to relate with people as a group, everyone must be right, if anyone is wrong, the whole congregation is wrong. So when one person commit sin, God will punish everyone. If the father commits sin, the whole family will be punished.

I’m still surprised where you went to, that you call it church.

You are the church and your body is the temple. So you worship God in your body, forget about any location or building.

Once you are born again, Jesus is the head, you are the body, the church.

So what happens in Church on Sundays?

God says; do not forsake assembling yourselves together from time to time. We have to do the word and obey God, so when we gather, different bodies come together to worship God in their temples which is their bodies.

God does not live in building, God lives in us. We worship the God in us, not in buildings. God does not have location on earth; the location of God is in us.

If you have ever gone to a location to worship God, you have never worshiped God, but location or building. This is no more Old testament, the old covenant was completely abolished, In the new testament, we worship God in spirit and in truth.

Why God Created Man

Jesus did not die for a building or location neither was his blood shed to sanctify a building.

Please let us quicken our understanding, God created man in his own image. And the bible has recorded that God created man for himself. In other words God created man primarily for his personal relationship. That relationship also mean that God made man to live in man. This is our purpose of creation. Once we fail to fulfill this purpose, we don’t have any destiny and every other thing we try to do will also fail because the foundation is out of place.

If we now try to be painting picture or encourage the presence of God in stones, sand, water, rather than in us, it means we have lost our value because we’re trying to betray our purpose of creation.

Stop worshipping idols as building or location. God is a spirit and live only in human hearts, never building. God is in you, never building. If the presence of God is in any building, it’s because there are sons of God in the building.

That presence radiate from the spirit of the sons present. When the sons of God gather together to worship God, God visits their spirit. The presence of God decends on then through their spirit, not the building. Therefore if the presence of God is in the building at all, it radiates from their spirit. The building receives from our spirit, not direct from God. Where two or three of the sons or children of God are present, God is also there. What this statement simply mean is that God lives in our spirit. God is where his people are gathered, not where buildings are gathered.

if we all agree that God lives in us, in our spirit, when we start to worship and the presence of God fill the the place where we are, is the God already in us that showed up or God visited the earth once again.

God used to come down or visits the earth in the old testament, this is no more Old testament. In the new testament, God lives in man.

Jesus left the earth ànd is sitted in the right hand of the father. So both of them are in heaven or their abode. God sent the Holy spirit to earth to live in man. So God expreses himself on earth through the Holy Spirit that lives in your spirit. If you have ever been deceived that the father left the throne directly to the earth for anything, you were deceived.

God does not visit building or stone, God only communicate with our spirit. God does not communicate even with our bodies. If the body, clothe, or maybe hanky of a man has the power of God, it’s a radiation or impartation from his spirit to the cloth or hanky. From his spirit to the body, then to the cloth. When we say walking with God is personal, it’s a direct reference to the spirit

Whatever result we see due to our relationship with God, maybe in terms of power, anointing, excetra, is a significant of the level of faith we have in God. In other words, it’s due to how much we have been able to build our spirit to be receptive to God. It’s the level of spiritual growth.

Every business, interaction of God with man is through the spirit. I still have to remind you that man is a spirit that lives in the flesh and has a soul. Whenever the sons of God are gathered, God sees them as spirits. You need to know certain facts, God does not see nor recognize your flesh. The bible has said that the flesh profits nothing. It means the flesh is not useful, therefore God is not interested in it. You only have to take care of it because that is where you live, that is your house.

it is in the bible, that your spirit sustains the flesh, not God. Still proving that God has no business with your body. Your flesh is completely your business. God is a spirit and has nothing whatsoever to do with our flesh. Ofcourse if you build your spirit, the presence of God in the spirit will surely influence or impact upon the flesh; it will sanctify, make it godly too.

The mind of the flesh can think like God, human senses can be made to reason like God, this is why the bible instructs us to renew our mind. The major problem of the flesh is in the wrong mindset. The mind is used to feelings, interpreting things according to how the body feels, and this completely opposes the mind of God because God does not follow feelings, God walks or live by faith according to his principles which is his word. This is the main reason God and the flesh cannot walk together.

Build Your Spirit

Now, all my emphasis so far has been to make you understand how important it is to build your spirit. Even believers will hate you if you try to get more serious with God, they say you are too spiritual, you are carrying this God thing too much on head, but walking with God is personal oh man.

Lack of Knowledge is Not An Excuse

Ignorance can never be an excuse for failure, because the knowledge is made available. You are the one to search for the knowledge. You had finished his part by sending the Holy Spirit to teach. The Holy Spirit does not have any location, he is always by you wherever you are. Lack of knowledge has been the reason for too many errors. Men will buy very costly perfume, cream, some will even bleach their black skin to be white. A lot of people spend so much money and buy expensive food to eat, just to make sure their body is well taken care of.

If for any reason you try to make them to attend church four times a week, they will murmur. They invest so much in their flesh, but their spirit is starving. The spiritual food is the word of God, ask them when they study their bible last, how much time do they spend to study the bible each week. Some Christians don’t even have bible, but they will eat at the restaurant and collect extra. You have to know that walking with God is personal and the personality there is the spirit.

They invest so much in the flesh that profits nothing, but don’t even have time for the spirit that sustains the flesh. This is the error, the cankerworm eating up many Christians. This was not so in the biggining, an enermy has done this.

How can you fail to know that you are a spirit. You should invest more in yourself as a spirit. You should never give your body its food, if your spirit is not fed, everyday.

The Church

We have to get it correct, going to church is good, and it encourages us to build our faith. The pastor steers us up and help us have hope, help us to understand the word of God by explaining it to our understanding.

But emphasis were never made, that the primary place of worshipping God and building faith is in our bedroom. There should be more power at home than in church, for you, not general now. You will forever gain more from God if you approach him as a person, not as a group, because all of God’s reaction will be specifically for you.

The only difference is that by the time we now come together, may be on a Sunday, and we corporately bind a demon, such a demon should be extinct.

Because we are now joining our faith together to achieve a common goal. BUT ONE FAITH THAT IS BUILD BY KNOWLEDGE IS MORE FORCEFULL THAN ONE THOUSAND FAITH THAT IS NOT DEVELOPED.

Jesus said;

A time will come that ye would worship God neither in this place nor in Jerusalem.

The bible says;

They that worship God must worship God in spirit and in truth, and the spirit is you, the truth is the word of God.

Your actions also prove how much you love God. If you love him enough, you will never want to be distracted by anything whenever you are praying, worshipping or simply communicating with him.

I lock my door, silence or put off my phone whenever I am communicating with God. Even humans always look out for that respect. If you want any level of success in your relationship with the Holy Spirit, then you must know how to respect privacy.

You live in your house, you do not live in that building you call church, and you spend more time in your house than church. Church is mostly just one hour meeting. I don’t know how it is possible to build any successful relationship with God in church than in your house.

So many people could not visit the building they called church during the covid 19 pandemic, so what did they do? Christianity was suspended for a while? Maybe many also suspended their relationship with God till covid 19 could be controlled. What of if it could not be controlled.

People refer to building as a place of worship. They cannot miss Sunday service because they must worship, once they enter the building they wear a different mood. You know what? They are worshipping the building.

Many cannot fight, quarrel on Sundays, Sunday is a sacred day, they are worshipping Sunday.

Their bodies can be so messed up, but the building must be sacred. The building has replaced their bodies as the temple of God. This is idol worship.

Please do not forget our sub topic is simply that;

 The true acquisition of the knowledge and understanding of who God is, which equals your faith, is achieved in your privacy, never in any gathering, as you may like to refer to as church.

Never forsake the assembling of you together, if you assemble every Sunday, please go, and join, but that assembly is not church.

The church of Jesus which is the body of Christ is not a congregation, not a denomination, neither a building; rather it is everyone born of God all over the world. It is a body of all believers worldwide. Only God can know or sees this body because only he knows those that are born again and those that are not. You cannot tell if everyone in church is born again, you can’t know those that are born of God and those that are not because you cannot read their hearts. It is more of a spiritual building, never physical.

More of spiritual building because it is referring to us as spirit beings, not our flesh.

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