More Than 100 Turn To God Quotes

Turn to God quotes are selected quotes to help turn you to God. These quotes defines your relationship with God and give you direction on how to turn to God.

Turn To God Quotes

Turn to God quotes
Turn to God quotes
  1. God created man for himself.
  2. You cannot reject Jesus.
  3. Man is never self-sufficient
  4. The word of God will turn you to God.
  5. You can never relate with God except you are born of God.
  6. Being born again is completely spiritual.
  7. Except you are found in God, God can never be found in you.
  8. The reality of redemption is in your determination.
  9. Born again has nothing to do with your flesh.
  10. Once you are redeemed, it’s automatic visa to eternal life.
  11. Etermal life is only a reality to those who are born of God.
  12. Once you have choosen God, you have choosen life eternal.
  13. God only looks at the heart, never faces.
  14. Your choices in life can either make you or mare you, chose wisely.
  15. Hell is real, heaven is real, which one are you heading to. Chose wisely.
  16. Do not postpone, tomorrow may be too late.
  17. If you turn to God, don’t look back again.
  18. Take heed of instructions for that is your life.
  19. God is never late, only man can be.
  20. if i were you, I would chose my creator.
  21. Only he who gives life can take it.
  22. The devil will never come to you if not to steal, to kill, and to destroy.
  23. God is always good, the devil is always bad, chose wisely.
  24. The second born is more important than the first born.
  25. Turning to God earns you eternal life automatically.
  26. The greatest achievement in life is to accept Jesus.
    • Turning to God depends on your value system.
Turn to God quotes
Turn to God quotes

Turn to God quotes are crafted from inspirational messages by turn to Jesus. They are meant to build your spirit and help those who are not yet born again to turn to Jesus.

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Quite interesting to note that turn to God quotes are being updated on a daily basis.

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