Reasons Some Christians Are Afflicted

6 Reasons Some Christians Are Afflicted

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The believers are supposed to take complete dominion on earth, unfortunately there are quite some reasons discovered Reasons Some Christians Are Afflicted, why some still believe they can suffer for Jesus



Reasons Some Christians Are Afflicted – UNBELIEF;

How do you believe without knowledge? If you pray, you pray amidst because you pray without knowledge. All things are received from God through knowledge.

They do not pray;

God answers all prayer, if your prayer is not answered, it means you prayed without knowledge,
Whatever you ask the father in my name, He will do it’ SIMPLE

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways, and cannot receive anything from the lord – this is the bible.

Whatever is not of faith is SIN. And faith comes from knowledge of God. It is either you do not have adequate knowledge to generate the faith needed to get what you want.


One major wrong route that men tread, is lack of knowing what they need; what is important.
Few men wants to follow scale of preference. This might be because of laziness, greed, trying to go faster than God, or absolute disobedience.

Many short cut rout are never ending, meaning, they are bottomless pits, they look short, but never lead to any destination.

The bible has clearly stated; everything you will ever receive from God will have to come through knowledge, but many will never seek for knowledge because, it is not short cut, but such a long rout by them.

This is simply because this people are lazy, greedy.
If you are naturally lazy, do not think when you go to God there will be a miracle and laziness will automatically leave you, no. You will have to repent of laziness, get it out of your life before you and God can work together.

God is not lazy

John 5:17

Reasons Some Christians Are Afflicted
Reasons Some Christians Are Afflicted

But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.

If God is not lazy, why should a believer be lazy. Many believers are very lazy generally. they feel they cannot meetup in life to study their bible 3 to 4 hours per and still go to office and word for 6 to 8 hours.

They feel these combination is too much for them to bear, and many will use the slang God understands. The only thing God will ever understand is when you have spent 3 or 4 hours on your bible each day.

God must be First in Everything

the problem is that we turn the mystery upside down, you do not earn a living from a paid job. We live by the grace of God which comes from the knowledge of His word. God gives you favor to look for a job, it is not you who is so witty to know where to find a job.

God gives us life, we do not have life because we eat well, do enough exercise, or know how to breadth in and out. If you are aware that it is God that sustains you, not your job, then you would be staying away from job to satisfy God first by studying giving your bible study enough time before going to work each day.

I think we do not also understand how this world operate because Satan does not wear mask and work on the street for everybody to see, many believes he is not an enemy.


You might not know how many times they would have removed you from that job and employ their fellow cult member but God blindfolded them and preserve you.

You cannot be more loyal to your job more than you are to your maker. It is not until you keep a white basin of water in your closet and be worshiping before you become an idol.

Anything you give more of your time, attention, than the one you allocate to God himself automatically becomes your idol and this is one of the things that hinders the believers power to become and the reason WHY Some Believers are Still Afflicted.

How do we worship God; by staying in his presence, fellowship, adoring Him. We express our love by preferring Him to any other thing. by giving Him more of our attention, more of our time.

This is the only way he is convinced that we love Him. we put him first, above all.
if we do otherwise, it means that we have another lover, another idol, and it definitely attract a curse. no wonder why things are falling apart for you. You work so much and earn so little.

Too many disappointments, failures.
Jesus says; my father works, hitherto I work.
The bible says you should pray without ceasing, that does not sound lazy for anyone.
Paul says I speak in tongues more than everyone
That does not sound lazy. Then why should a believer be lazy.

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