Once Saved Always Saved is Anti-Christ

Once Saved Always Saved is Anti-Christ without any remorse and simply a deceptive trick of the devil and you will dare to find out how.

The doctrine of once saved always saved is never new, it has always been there, i heard it even when i was 10 years old,

And because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold but he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved

The love of many shall wax cold means they were once saved, and love God with all their heart, and later they decided to follow the world and enjoy iniquity, thereby causing their love for God to wax cold. This means their love for God wax shifted to in

It means God cannot inherit you with iniquity, did you see the devil inside the message of once saved. After Satan told them once saved you are always saved, he now stripped them of any opportunity to repent by telling them asking God for forgiveness is obsolete.

Another cankerworm added to this is that “no sin can take you to hell”, ‘You cannot love God”, no need to ask God for forgiveness, once forgiven, always forgiven.

If you like sleep with 100 married women a day, all you need is to stand up enter the church and continue your worship. Since they say, there is no sin anywhere, in fact they can do it in church. What a license from the pit of hell to sin.

And where the bible says you should love the lord your God with all your might, all your mind, all your soul”, they said Jesus had denied that portion, it is not applicable, do not read it. According to them, the entire gospel is part of the Old Testament, if you study it you are studying the law

The myth is completely for those who does not know God and have adequate knowledge of his word. It is a hard thing to deceive many Christians who have made the knowledge of word their lifestyle.

.This is a well calculated strategy to send people to hell. After giving them license to sin by telling or making them believe that no sin can take you to hell, the demon now seal the message productively by telling them never to ask for forgiveness

If you do not repent and ask God to forgive you, you cannot be saved. They must be forgiveness of sin before salvation, if you refuse to ask for forgiveness it means you have not repent, and you cannot be saved.

it mean by your action, you have not yet acknowledge what Jesus came to do on the cross for no appreciation definitely, this is a very coined deception,
But the word of God cannot be twisted


How can a man tell you, you cannot love God, invariably, he is telling you to hate God and the demons carefully selected the areas of the bible that command us to love God with all our mind, soul, and body, and make the victims believe those are as irrelevant, those areas are not part of the bible.


Definitely handing the victims over to curses in revelation over anyone that commit same act.

Look, the demons know they are already eternally cursed, and doomed for destruction, so those curses in revelation were not referring to them but for humans who have sign up with the Antichrist to be deceived by demons.


I find it hard to believe that people can be so deceived to the extent of believing they should not give to God, to the magnitude of believing they should not pay tithe. Many are struggling to pay 10% as tithe, many are unfaithful with the 10%, then you are asking them not to pay at all – this is disaster.

A good percentage of humans are naturally greedy, many are unconsciously greedy because greed is a natural attribute of the adamic nature. It will take the word of God to gradually renew the mind and mentality of every believer to wash off greed from their system.

why i’m i saying this?

If you have $20,000, it is very easy to pay 2,000 as tithe, but the day you have $2,000 000 find out, tell the truth whether it will be that easy to pay that $200,000 as tithe, be sincere.

This means everybody will agree that even the 10%, we STRUGGLE to pay. but if we keep paying with unease, at least one day we will understand with practice and pay with ease.

It is better this way than to condemn the act. But never to say; STOP PAYING TITHE, almost nobody will pay at all.

Why should giving to God be an issue. i am thinking after tithe, something else should even be created that will keep tasking people to give to church. if you do not give to God, who will you give to?

Okay, how many of you that follow that message, and believe that tithing is Old Testament, and take up the deception that you should rather give God all or more than 10%. How many of you have been faithful or even pay at all, of the more than 10% that you are made to believe in.

How many of you are faithfully giving your 11% since you were made to believe that 10% is too small, please check, and are you able?
If what you are giving is now less than what it used to be, it means this message is harming you.

I had moved from giving God 10% of my income to 20% and I keep moving up as the Lord bless me. God has never said if you add to the 10% and give him that is a sin, never anywhere in the bible, the 10% is just minimum.

Even if they assume more than 10% is no more tithe, give whatever percentage you want to give, give it whatever name you want to, God will still accept, but do not condemn tithe. live it for those that are paying, at least they have started somewhere, and will grow from ther.

Anything you want to do that will help you give to God who is the love of your life, please do.

Do not allow people to cage you with demonic perception. Abraham was the first to pay tithe, and whether you accept it or yes, all the families of the earth are bless through Abrahams lineage.

The blessing of all the families of the earth must pass through that lineage. Who is Melchizedek that Abraham gave the tithe to, a man without father and mother ask your self-questions, so who is Melchizedek?

He cannot be a demon of course, it means he has a lot to do with God, if not God himself or an angel from God. How can you say you are wrong by following the steps of Abraham?

And you also say you are wrong to give to God? This is rather a calculated attempt to destroy yourself by joining the Antichrist
This is Antichrist I repeat; this is Antichrist
This is the level of subtlety of the anti Christ


Watch out!





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