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Kingdom of darkness and How it Operate

Kingdom of darkness

Kingdom of darkness

The kingdom of darkness is the kingdom of Satan and his demons. The kingdom of darkness is the direct opposite of what we have as the kingdom of light which is the kingdom of God. Satan and its demons are part of the formation of the spiritual realm.

The only direct opposition of the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light is in trying its best to make sure that your mindset, your believe system, your mode of thoughts opposes that of God or the bible.

This is why you need the spirit of understanding and revelation for the knowledge of the word of God. You need to completely know he word of God, if not, Satan will always deceive you.

The Origin Of The Kingdom Of Darkness

Satan is ruler, the king, the originator of the kingdom of darkness Satan is a fallen angel from heaven that was initially called Lucifer.

Lucifer became Satan after rebelling against God by staging a fight to overthrow God and the kingdom of heaven.

Lucifer succeeded in converting one third of the angels in heaven to support his evil agender. He subsequently failed in his coup d’etat and was evicted from heaven together with his angels.

This was how Satan and his demons formed the kingdom of darkness.

How Kingdom of darkness Operate

Satan tried to manipulate, dominate and overthrow the government of God and the entire kingdom of heaven but failed. This was how the kingdom of darkness was formed.

The typical characteristics of the kingdom of darkness is manipulation, dormination, rulership and control.

When it comes to dominating the nations and governments of the world, the Devil is a man with a plan. You see, it takes time and effort to organize a global rebellion against God. Getting the fallen angels on board is one thing – but how can he get the people of the world to commit to his cause?

We need to cast our mind back to the origin of Satan and his kingdom:

The kingdom of darkness will always want to dominate, take control of any instituted government on earth.

The main aim is to influence and use those authorities, kingdoms to carry out their demonic agender. The main objective is to win as many souls as possible to join him in hell.

We notice such influence in many arms of government in areas of infrastructure, especially the need for advanced global telecommunications and weaponry,

What Satan does is to orchestrate things to change the believe system of man from the word of God to that which opposes the word. in other words the kingdom of darkness tries its best to make you live in disobedience to God.

The issue is, this can never affect God but you. Just like what happened o Adam in the garden. God has given instructions, you follow it, you reap the benefits, you disobey it, you get the repercussion. Non of Satan’s target is to God, all his targets is to destroy man, take as many as he can with him to hell.

Objects of Operation – Satan’s instruments

The demons are the elements or objects of operation in the kingdom of darkness. If a man wants Satan to help him prosper, or become a governor, win election, or achieve anything in life.

All that Satan does is to attach a demon or some demons to the person to manipulate operations, conditions, atmospheres in favor of the person involved.

Kingdom of darkness

The person might be possessed by demons and everything about the person, to his or actions, including speeches will be manipulated by demons in favor of the mission at hand.

A lot of people are not aware that they are being resisted in the realm of the spirit, and that’s why they are not where they are supposed to be. If you are working so much and earning so little, there is a limitation place on you not to go far in life. This limitations are placed by demons.

Demons orchestrate things to favor those who patronize them or engage them. People that supposed to buy things at your shop will be diverted to your neighbor’s shop because your neighbor is a patronage to the services of those demons

I told you how the kingdom of darkness function, that Satan uses demons to orchestrate, manipulate everything. Therefore demons are the agents of manipulation in the kingdom of darkness, they are the soldiers, and they are the front burners. All they need to do is to enter a place, and things will start changing.

Angels are never the agents of manipulation in the kingdom of light, no. a lot of people believe they are. They were, in the old covenant or testament after the fall of Adam, before the Holy Spirit came to earth.

The death and resurrection of Jesus changed the pattern of things just like the fall of Adam completely altered the pattern of things on earth.

In the Old Testament, God was communicating or relating with man through the angels and prophets. Therefore angels and prophets were the agents of manipulation or instruments of change in the Old Testament.

You need to follow things up, before the fall of Adam, the word of God was the only instrument of change in the kingdom light. Before the fall of Adam, Satan was not operating anywhere on earth, he virtually had no kingdom, he was not influencing anything, Satan had no say on anything.

He had no authority over anything, so he was just roaming the earth to and fro. Man was ruling the earth by the word of God there was no bible, the word of God was inbuilt through the breadth from God that gave live to Adam when he was created.

Whatever Adam said on earth was what the earth took. That was how Adam named all the animals.

Kingdom of darkness

You need to understand that the earth was created by the word of God, including heaven, even all the angels were created by the word of God. Something in you should also draw that conclusion that Satan himself and all the demons were created by the word of God.

If the earth was created by the word of God, the earth can only be maintained, ruled, dominated by the word of God. It should also come to you that the word of God is the only thing that can destroy the earth.

If Satan and his demons were created by the word of God, then the word of God is the only thing that can destroy, rule, dominate, cage, restrict, bind, and manipulate Satan and his demons.

Therefore the word of God is the only instrument of change in the kingdom of light, nothing else. Angels only act on the word. They are there to enforce what the word command.

Angels are only on earth to make sure that any word of God invoked comes to pass, same thing with the Holy Spirit, but the primary assignment of the Holy Spirit is to teach you the word of God.

When you see miracles in the church, crusade ground or anywhere people gather and the word of God is preached; it is because it’s been recorded in the word that anywhere the word is preached there must be that evidence because the word of God is the power of God.

There is something you need to know; the word of God has inherent ability to manifest itself anywhere it is being invoked without the help of an angel. Angels has their peculiar place of relevance.

Someone prayed in the Old Testament and an angel was resisted by a demon from the kingdom of darkness in trying to deliver the answer. In the new covenant, God never planned that an answers to prayer should be coming from heaven to earth. This is never the arrangement of the New Testament. God simply buried every answer to all prayers in the word of God. The answer to your prayer supposed to live in you in form of the light from the word.

The major route the kingdom of darkness uses to fight the kingdom of light

Your mindset is the major target area of the kingdom of darkness. Once demons are able to control your mind, they will control both you and your destiny, everything about you. Your mind is your capital territory of where you belong, term it your world.

Your mind is your seat of power, once i is captured, then your whole world is captured.

Why Your mind as the main target

Your mind is your seat of power. All your weapons and ammunition are there. Once it is captured, he whole of you is captured. Satan is not all in all, he simply respect and obey the law of choice and believe because the bible has said that it shall be to any man according to his believe of faith.

Romans 12:1-2

1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

It is either you have faith in God or you develop faith in the work of Satan. Most times it is the ignorant that fall victim. They do not know what the word of God says, so they make choice of anything the devil presents and are thereby taken captive of it.

Whatever you are convicted of is based on the knowledge you have. Constant and consistent acquisition of the understanding of the knowledge of the word of God is the believers authority

Kingdom of darkness

The devils works on your mind 24/7 to make sure whatever is accepted by your mind is the opposite of what the scripture says. Therefore when your mind is full of ideas, concepts, beliefs that opposes what God wants, what the bible says, it simply makes you to join Satan and its kingdom of darkness to be an enemy of God.

You rule the earth by your mindset

There is a great difference between your spirit and your mind. Your spirit is what connects you to God. Your spirit is where your relationship with God is connected.

Your spirit is reserved primarily for God. Once your spirit is saved, it does not relate with the earth or the things of the earth, nor communicate with the kingdom of darkness. It is your soul that connects you with the earth.

It is true that your flesh fights God, but it can be tamed, it can be put in subjection whereby the fight is very insignificant. That is where the bible says you can die to it.

The flesh can only fight God through your mind. It means the power of the flesh is in the mind, why? Because of the kind of things the mind had been fed with.

All that the mind knew were all contrary to what God expects or want because it was being fed by the devil from the kingdom of darkness. Now look at this; God was always coming to commune with Adam in the Garden of Eden.

All that Adam saw, knew was the mind of God before the fall because all he ever heard were all from God before the fall, so Adam could think just like God. Adam never heard nor see anything contrary to what God had. Therefore he had the mindset of God.

The spirit of revelation and understanding of the word of God will definitely help you to understand the power of positive thinking and confessions which is the mindset of God

Adam had the mindset of God before the fall. It was this mind of God that Adam used to control the earth. It means Adam was thinking exactly the way God would think before the fall. Information forms your thoughts, those information come through what you hear, see, and feel.

Your thoughts now determines your convictions which forms your believe, your believe now forms your faith. Your level of faith is what determines how much power you get to rule the earth which is your spiritual authority.

I am not writing fairy tales here, there are people that are operating on this level right now, not necessarily pastors because a lot of people have attributed God to only pastors. They have denied their father and attributed him to a group of people.

i believe you now understand what is kingdom of darkness and how it operates. Your defense is the spirit of revelation and prayer. Satan is using ignorance of many believers to defeat them. The importance of the word of God in the life of a christian cannot be over emphasized

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