How to walk in the spirit

what a topic for humans. How do humans walk in he spirit. You have to be a spirit to walk in he spirit. We all live in he physical, but if a all you believe in God and wants to walk with him, then you must learn how to walk in the spirit.

Our Birth Right

God created us as spirits to live in the flesh and occupy the earth. Our true nature is spirit, therefore we are truly spiritual. if our real nature is that of spirit, then we should be used to the things of the spirit than physical.

Whatever is born of he spirit is spirit and whatever is born of the flesh is flesh. If it is God that gave birth to you, hen it is not possible that you are flesh. It therefore depends on which one you believe. Are you of your mother or God? If you were born of your earthly mother, you are flesh, but if you were born of God, then you are a spirit. God cannot give birth to any flesh, this is one of he things God cannot do.

What Does it Mean to Walk in he Spirit

To walk in he spirit means to be more sensitive to the spirit realm than he physical realm. It means to be more sensitive to God than the things on earth. It means to pay attention to God than man including yourself. You just have to be spiritual to understand the scriptures. It means to be in the spirit. What you are trying to understand is completely spiritual, you can only use spiritual mind and eyes to uncover it.

What Does It Mean to be Canal

 Canal is the opposite of spiritual. To be canal means to be more sensitive to the things of the flesh than spirit. A canal man does not understand the things of the spirit, because they are spiritually discerned.

How to walk in the spirit

We really need to know the things we do that helps us to be spiritual. Spirituality is not a gift neither is i being conferred on people, it is not imparted and cannot be transferred. One can only be spiritual by reason of exercise, doing the things of the spirit. You can call it spiritual exercise. If you know what it takes or mean to be spiritual, then you are on the right path.

What is Spiritual Exercise or Spiritual Activities

Spiritual exercise is engaging yourself in the things of he spirit to keep yourself spiritual. There are many of such activities and all of hem are geared towards reaching out to God, they are all means of communicating with God, having fellowship with God.

God created man for himself and until you remain spiritual or continuously making yourself available for that relationship, you are not fulfilling your purpose on earth. After God created Adam and Eve, he was always coming down to fellowship with them, just like a friend will always visit his friend. The bible has recorded how even Angels do jealous the love of God for man.

There are many of such activities that will help you to be spiritual and build up a great relationship with God. Prayer, praise, worship are all some of them, but he food hat your spirit eats to grow is is the most important.

The word of God is the food for your spirit.

So the Holy Spirit is the teacher of the word and you need a very good relationship with HIM to succeed, not only in understanding the word, but in life generally.

There was the dispensation of the Father relating to man directly, in the Old Testament. Jesus was not around then. That was the time of Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, and so on. The Holy Spirit was not officially on earth yet and Jesus was not there.

Immediately Jesus arrived on earth, God the father withdrew, and man could only relate directly with Jesus.

Even from then till now and the end of the world, anything you want to get from God the father must come to you through Jesus.

God does not break ranks. When Jesus left, He said I am going to the father. That means I am leaving the earth to where the father is, but there is another person replacing me, which is the Holy Spirit.

If you want to relate with God now, after Jesus had left, you must pass through the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing you will do successfully with God now without a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is here on earth primarily for man. He came just for man, and nothing else. He did not come for animals, the planet, neither did he come to help God realize his dreams.

Jesus came just for man and when he left, the Holy Spirit took over to complete what Jesus was here for. The Holy Spirit cannot have relationship with any other than man.

How do you think the Holy Spirit will feel, if after arriving the earth which is your house, nobody wants to neither receive him nor have relationship with him?

 Therefore the Holy Spirit is here only for man, just for man. He is the spirit of Christ, hence the spirit of the word. He is here to help, lead, and guide us into success both with God and on earth.

The Holy Spirit is the one that will give spiritual understanding of the word.

The Word of God Satisfies`

Look, it satisfies; this is why Jesus wasn’t eating much of physical food; the disciples observed and ask, and he told them he has food that he is eating and that is, doing the will of the father.

 The will of God is the word of God, what Jesus was actually saying was his meat was doing the word the light or doing the spiritual understanding of God’s word. The word of God is light. This tells you that when you receive light, you are receiving God’s will.

Every Light You Receive is Grace

 The most exactly point of this is that you receive the  will with God’s ability, grace, capacity, power to do the will, no struggle to do.

 Every light you receive comes with grace, I call this grace a level of authority or dominion in that area.

If you were researching, meditating, studying consistently, intensely in the area of health, you would be accumulating grace in the area of health.

 hence an in depth accumulation or extensive accumulation of grace in that area surrenders to you a complete authority, rulership or total dominion in that area.

I am sure that you will now discover that you have lot of work to do as a Christian, yes there is no place for a lazy man on earth, you have to do a lot of research, study your bible, meditate because there are many areas to dominate.

 But it’s easier than you think, you are not going to do this by your power believe me – God works for you, through you, only make up your mind and yield your entire system to God to take control. The Holy Spirit is the one that leads, guide, direct and empower you to do anything as a believer.

This is the only way you can take complete dominion on earth as a believer.

 That’s why at the end of it all, everything is free. One thing I discovered about God is that, just prove to him that you are willing to do this, believe me, he takes over the job, and you one surprise at end how it’s done.

 But it’s you that was used to get it done – the grace of God is the supernatural power, ability that get things done without stress. This is How to Attain Perfect

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