How to Attain Perfection as a Believer

How to Attain Perfection as a Believer

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Many believers still believe they can only be perfect when they get to heaven. How to Attain Perfection as a Believer completely explain how you can attain perfection right here on earth only if you can follow, obey, and stick you just one thing which is the word of God

Can a Man Be Perfect?

Adam was perfect. It means God created man o be perfect, and if the fall of Adam interrupted that, the coming of Jesus reinstated it.

John 10:35 (NIV)

If he called themgods,’ to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be set aside—

It means God created us to be gods, while he is the almighty God. like father like son. If God is my father i refuse to resemble a goat in Jesus name. The almighty God gave birth to me, why wouldn’t i resemble him. If God is perfect, it is possible for me to be perfect if i was born by God.

When you encounter light; spiritual understanding, that is God talking to you, and there is no other way you can understand what God is saying to you than discovering his thought pattern about a subject.

Revelation is not just a means of communication between God and man; it is also a means that God uses to perfect man.

What do I mean?

This is the method God uses to process man in transforming man to be just like God. If you stay on the word long enough, you will become just like God. This is how to live and excel after salvation

How to Attain Perfection as a Believer
John 10:35

If he called them godsunto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

Hence God uses revelation to process man’s perfection. As you stay on the word, your image is gradually changing and conforming to the image of Christ.

  It works more than any other method, God will use to talk to you. It is more powerful, more direct, more result oriented, more effective, unlimited.

God can use it to talk to you from morning till night – but voicing through your spirit at most 1 minute, 2 minute and believe me you will still need to come and pass through the light process or get spiritual understanding of whatever God has told you in order for HIM to bring it to pass.

If God tells you anything by voicing through your spirit you have to go on research and meditation on that thing to get the light before it will manifest itself in the physical.


Has GOD ever told you something and it is taking too long to manifest; you are lacking behind in the knowledge and understanding of those things you heard.

You, not having the knowledge and understanding of what you were told is the just as not having the faith for it. No faith, no tangibility.

Jesus took miracles, enough power to thousands of people, but none was healed. The bible said they did not mixed faith with it.

This is exactly the same thing as saying they did not have the knowledge and understanding of what was that.


The earlier you come to terms with this, the better for you.

The teachings on faith has been very prominent the body of Christ for a few decades now. Upon that very few people had the faith.


We were not told exactly what faith is. The emphasis was on having faith, believing, hoping, you must come to church, and you must attain bible study every day.

Some said faith without work is death, and the work is to be in choir, sweep the church, give, sing, clap, attain prayer meetings every day, fasting.

Faith is never any of these activities. Faith is the knowledge and understanding of that word of GOD which you have refused to sit on, to stay on, to meditate on, for hours on a daily bases.

This is the only way you seek God, the only way you know God, the only way you gain access to perfection. You will never access your inheritance if not by this way.

How to Attain Perfection as a Believer: This is the only way you can become god.

THE WORD OF GOD IS YOUR LIFE; please get this, understand this, chew this, eat this, live this, and know only this one thing that THE WORD OF GOD IS YOUR LIFE.

So how long do you want to spend with your life each day, decide on it; and you will get back the level of life you live on earth.

This does not have anything to do with being born again nor going to heaven; it simply determines the quality of life you live on earth, though it can help you never to backslide and make heaven.


As a believer, If you do not live on the realm of the knowledge and Iunderstanding of the word of God or absolute faith, you will still make heaven if you do not backslide.

But you will not be able to optimize the reason why you were on earth. This means your destiny will not be fulfilled. It also means that you will not be able to access your inheritance, if you scratch it, never all. This is How to Attain Perfection as a Believer

This is why some Christians are not living above average, and Satan will kill some before their time, some are sick, poor,



The word of God is the power and the wisdom of God. If you are not rich in the word, you are not rich in power, you are not rich in wisdom, believe me you are nowhere on earth. You are a spectator.

Seeking GOD, loving GOD or the kingdom of GOD with all your heart,, mind and soul does not have anything to do with going to church, being in choir, attending prayer meeting, sweeping the church, fasting.

You have to also understand that it is one thing to be born again; it is completely a different thing to know GOD.

You can never know GOD by fasting, even if you fast for one million years.

Please do not get me wrong, I fast, I never said fasting is bad, neither all those church activities I have mention.

I am rather trying to make you pursue what is your life at a faster rate than you do all those activities. If it means you keeping them aside first and getting what is your, why not?

I have watched many Christians, they are very fervent in those activities, but they know not God.

It is more important to pay attention to the word of God first, if not, you are giving sacrifice of fools. That is exactly what Martha did to JESUS and Jesus had to warned her.

Matha was cooking for Jesus to eat, while Mary was sitting at Jesus feet listening to the word of life. Exactly the scene that many Christians create between their life and activities.


Sleep in church from morning till night, it will never build your faith.

You need to understand something, you can never really know God that much, nor gain much faith on a Sunday morning preaching than you would spend an hour in your bedroom studying the bible.

Gathering in church is meant to help us to understand what you are learning now. The pastor was meant to give us the direction on how to find God, how to know God, how to have. The pastor is to direct you to where and how to get faith. What the pastor preaches on the alter is not enough to give you that faith you need.

The most important place to meet with God and gain that faith is in your bedroom. You cannot really have much light while in the crowd, there will be distraction.

The Holy Spirit delivering the light is not friendly with distraction. You need your privacy to go far with God. God wants to work with you on personal bases not as a crowd. This is How to Attain Perfection as a Believer

You need a quiet environment for insight, for light, for revelation.

You cannot really appropriate everything God says to the crowd to yourself on a Sunday morning.


The church is supposed to encourage you to build a better alter at home; the real church is what you have in your house or in your private.

What we always forget is that we individuals are the church.

The church is the body of Christ, we as individuals form the body of Christ. It will be funny to think that God will prefer to live in the building than our body. The bible says our body is the temple, not the building. God can never live in a building, he will forever prefer our body. God never made the building, humans deed, but God created man for himself.

Why there will be regrets in heaven

It is an error for us to pick up sand in church building, pour the sand in water and drink to get healed, this means more God in the sand than in your body, very disappointing. I am not saying, this is not possible, I am saying this is very disappointing. If you were God, how would you feel?

It is laziness, lack of knowledge that create these errors. You are not making effort to do what you need to do to be who you supposed to be. How long will you continue to be babies, when will you grow?

Some people will discover God had destined for them to be the president of their country, but they were pushing truck, packing cement.

If you were to be a World Bank president, but you were a director in ministry of agriculture, it will still pain you because the difference is clear and much.

What most of us think is success is rather deceit?

Jesus did not die for the building. The death of Jesus was not to save, sanctify the building. It was for our being, spirit, soul and body.

Most of us think the building is the house of God. God forbid that his house should be a building. The body of Christ is the building, not made of blocks or cement. God does not live in a house. Forget what happened in the Old Testament.

Wy do you think God would prefer to deposit his power inside sand, hankies, water that you deem to be holy. And you boldly call it holy water. This is because a you have refused to build your spirit, and sanctify yourself as the temple. It means you are not qualified for God to deposit his power. Water, hankies, and sand are more qualified than you. This is a shameful thing. Hankies, sand, water, were not created in God’s image. Are they the gods now.

In the old testament, Jesus did not come yet. Man had fallen then, and every means to reach out to God was blocked, man was dead, condemned to die, completely separated from God.

The only way God himself could reach out to man was to establish what we saw in the Old Testament which was a temporary measure till Jesus arrive.

But all those things does not count anymore, it was totally abolished immediately after the death and resurrection of Jesus. If those things were anything to go by, Jesus would not have come.

But for the failure of Adam, what would God be looking for in a building, a non-living thing


This is a very vital fundamental point in Christianity. If only you can understand this, you are gone with GOD. Very unfortunate, we were told the other way round.

All we hear in church more often is that you have to be in church always for your faith to grow, but our faith never grew, because church activities can never make your faith grow.

There is nothing else can ever make you grow spiritually than the knowledge and understanding of the word of God

You need the understanding of the word to build your faith, and very little will the one preached in church accomplish that.

When you stay with God at home to study the bible and gain knowledge of God through his word, you gain more concentration to access the required light for optimum growth.

God deals with us individually, and it is very optimal that way because you collect all you need to collect that has to do with you and your destiny without any mix up.

When we are in church, we are all listening to one man, the pastor, depending on him to collect information from God concerning all of us and distribute to everyone according to their need.

Distributing that information to everyone according to their need is never possible. I rather think God would never want to do that there. Everyone in church never get their needs met every Sunday.

We just all get encouraged, shown how to do that at home. Pastor is to encourage and show us or teach us how to meet God at home.

Every time I am in church, the pastor will preach fantastic message, my faith will rise, pump up to 90%, in fact I can raise the dead at that moment, but once church has close and I got back home, the faith returns back to where it was before church.

Let us be frank; pastors build their faith to the level of doing miracles, they can heal the sick, most of them cannot even be sick by their faith, which church do they always attend to get to that level?.

They do not go to church on Sundays, they are the one always preaching in their church, so how do they build their faith.

Your pastor sits in his bedroom from morning till night, studying his bible. That is where and how he meets God, hears God, develops his faith, grew his spirit, matures as a believer and become a son ready for his inheritance.

You are deceived if you think it is your offering that makes him rich. He has encountered enough light on that area in his bedroom.

Until you are able to encounter God one on one in your privacy, you are very far from being a son. Sons meet their father in the bedroom, never only in public places.

You do not do family talk in the public. The four walls of the building that you refer to as church is a public place, even Satan can also go there.

Church is Not a Building

And you need to be corrected; church is never that building you visit every Sunday. Church which the bible refers to as the body of Christ is not a building.

A building is not a body; a body is a person, if you are born again. That means church is you.

The bible says; do not forsake the gathering together…..

This was an instruction that from time to time the church which is you (individual) should gather together.

Jesus said; I will build my church……, which is you, not the gathering together.

The just shall live by his own faith……

Not the faith of the crowd or gathering together. Still on the journey to show you How to Attain Perfection as a Believer

Walking with God is completely individualistic

Walking with God is completely individualistic, journey with God is never in group. It is they that know their God. If I know and you do not know, what you do not know can never affect me.

Your sin can never take me to hell, neither will what I do with my life take you to heaven. Every man answers for himself.

It will be funny if the only way God will talk to individual will have to be in the gathering, how will I know when he is referring to me? Two people may be having a slightly different situation.

I am making emphasis on this because I discovered many Christians are misled. 80 to 90% of Christians will tell you they always go to church to worship God on Sundays.

If you have ever gone to church to worship God on Sundays, then you have never worshipped God.

I still wonder where you went to, that you call it church.

You are the church and your body is the temple. So you worship God in your body, forget about any location or building.

Once you are born again, Jesus is the head, you are the body, the church.

So what happens in Church on Sundays?

God says; do not forsake assembling yourselves together from time to time. We have to do the word and obey God, so when we gather, different bodies come together to worship God in their temples which is their bodies.

God does not live in building, God lives in us. We worship the God in us, not in buildings. God does not have location on earth; the location of God is in us.

If you have ever gone to a location to worship God, you have never worshiped God, but location or building.

Jesus did not die for a building or location neither was his blood shed to sanctify a building.

Stop worshipping idols as building or location. God is a spirit and live only in human hearts, never building. God is in you, never building.

We have to get it correct, going to church is good, it encourages us to build our faith. The pastor steers us up and help us have hope, help us to understand the word of God by explaining it to our understanding.

But emphasis were never made, that the primary place of worshipping God and building faith is in our bedroom. There should be more power at home than in church, for you, not generally now.

The only difference is that by the time we now come together, may be on a Sunday, and we corporately bind a demon, such a demon should be extinct.

Because we are now joining our faith together to achieve a common goal. BUT ONE FAITH THAT IS BUILD BY KNOWLEDGE IS MORE FORCEFULL THAN ONE THOUSAND FAITH THAT IS NOT DEVELOPED.

Jesus said;

A time will come that ye would worship God neither in this place nor in Jerusalem.

The bible says;

They that worship God must worship God in spirit and in truth, and the spirit is you the truth is the word of God, so where is the spirit?


How to Attain Perfection as a Believer is never such a mind buggling subject as some assume because its never by power nor might, but by the spirit of God. You are a spirit and live in a body which is the temple of God. It simply means you have to be conscious of who you are as a spirit and develop yourself to be spiritual always, so that you and God can flow at the same frequency consistently.

I have never been able to give full concentration to worship God in church like I do in my house. That is how it should be. There. Is more than enough distraction in the church, I am more free in my house where it’s only me and God in a room. If you understand God very well, you will discover that he does not condone any form of distraction when communicating with you.

Your actions also prove how much you love God. If you love him enough, you will never want to be distracted by anything whenever you are praying, worshipping or simply communicating with him.

I lock my door, silence or put off my phone whenever I am communicating with God. Even humans always look out for that respect. If you want any level of success in your relationship with the Holy Spirit, then you must know how to respect privacy.

You live in your house, you do not live in that building you call church, you spend more time in your house than church. Church is mostly just one hour meeting. I don’t know how it is possible to build any successful relationship with God in church than in your house.

So many people could not visit the building they called church during the covid 19 pandemic, so what did they do? Christianity was suspended for a while? Maybe many also suspended their relationship with God till covid 19 could be controlled. What of if it could not be controlled.

People refer to building as a place of worship. They cannot miss Sunday service because they must worship, once they enter the building they wear a different mood. You know what? They are worshipping the building.

Many cannot fight, quarrel on Sundays, Sunday is a sacred day, they are worshipping Sunday.

Their bodies can be so messed up, but the building must be sacred. The building has replaced their bodies as the temple of God. This is idol worship.

Please do not forget our sub topic is simply that;

 The true acquisition of the knowledge and understanding of who God is, which equals your faith, is achieved in your privacy, never in any gathering, as you may like to refer to as church.

Never forsake the assembling of you together, if you assemble every Sunday, please go, and join, but that assembly is not church.

The church of Jesus which is the body of Christ is not a congregation, not a denomination, neither a building; rather it is everyone born of God all over the world. It is a body of all believers worldwide. Only God can know or sees this body because only him knows those that are born again and those that are not. You cannot tell if everyone in church is born again, you can’t know those that are born of God and those that are not because you cannot read their hearts. It is more of a spiritual building, never physical.

More of spiritual building because it is referring to us as spirit beings, not our flesh.

God deals with us individually. Just as our faces are different, so is our callings, elections, destinies.


Knowledge of scriptures

The level to which you expose yourself to the word of God equals the level to which you understand scriptures.

Scriptures are interrelated, knowing many of them help relate one to another for easier understanding. So knowing many scriptures aids spiritual understanding.

 (b) The Holy Spirit

The God with Us on Earth Now Is the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of the word; this means he is the interpreter. Without the Holy Spirit you will never understand the scriptures. The arrival of the holy spirit was the arrival of faith.

There is different between believing in God and having faith. Faith is build up, it accumulates and grows with increase in knowledge. Believe is a norm, a principle formed due to accumulation of knowledge. At this point of believe, no one can influence nor change it.

It means you have been convinced over time and has come to settle with it, you have agreed totally to it, you have been wined over. you have completely accepted and agreed to the idea.

Without the Holy Spirit, no one will have an understanding of the word because the holy spirit is the ONLY TEACHER, no one else can interpret the scriptures. And without the interpretation of scriptures, no believer can take complete dominion on earth

Believe is stronger than faith, believe is the smallest particle of faith. As more particles accumulate, it forms a level of faith.

The Holy Spirit

No one else can explain the scriptures apart from the Holy Spirit.

JESUS said;

The words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life.

That spirit that Jesus referred to is the Holy Spirit. This means the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is also the Spirit of the word of God.

The Holy Spirit is a person, meaning he has feelings, communicates, very friendly, and truly a helper. Many believers do not know nor understand the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the trinity. Jesus had gone to be with father after resurrection, but he left his spirit which is the Holy Spirit with us.

Understand this; Jesus said;

It is expedient that I go away, this means he had gone away.

JESUS said;

If I do not go, the comforter will not come.

This means the God that is here with us now is not the Father, not Jesus, but the Holy Spirit.

This simply means your relationship with the Holy Spirit is very vital and should never be ignored.

Believe me!!!!!!!!!


Whatever you suppose to do in the spirit, you are doing it in the Holy Spirit. He handles every spiritual process. He is the one that supposed to pray for you according to the scriptures.

He is the one that will guide you in worship. He is the sole controller general of everything that happens in the spirit.


Lack of sound relationship with the Holy Spirit is the root cause of the failure of many Christians

What does all these mean?

How to walk in the spirit

(c) You have to be spiritual

You just have to be spiritual to understand the scriptures. It means to be in the spirit. What you are trying to understand is completely spiritual, you can only use spiritual mind and eyes to uncover it.

 A canal man does not understand the things of the spirit, because they are spiritually discerned.

If you know what it takes or mean to be spiritual, then you are on the right path.

So the Holy Spirit is the teacher of the word and you need a very good relationship with HIM to succeed, not only in understanding the word, but in life generally.

There was the dispensation of the Father relating to man directly, in the Old Testament. Jesus was not around then. That was the time of Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, and so on. The Holy Spirit was not officially on earth yet and Jesus was not there.

Immediately Jesus arrived on earth, God the father withdrew, and man could only relate directly with Jesus.

Even from then till now and the end of the world, anything you want to get from God the father must come to you through Jesus.

God does not break ranks. When Jesus left, He said I am going to the father. That means I am leaving the earth to where the father is, but there is another person replacing me, which is the Holy Spirit.

If you want to relate with God now, after Jesus had left, you must pass through the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing you will do successfully with God now without a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is here on earth primarily for man. He came just for man, and nothing else. He did not come for animals, the planet, neither did he come to help God realize his dreams.

Jesus came just for man and when he left, the Holy Spirit took over to complete what Jesus was here for. The Holy Spirit cannot have relationship with any other than man.

How do you think the Holy Spirit will feel, if after arriving the earth which is your house, nobody wants to neither receive him nor have relationship with him?

 Therefore the Holy Spirit is here only for man, just for man. He is the spirit of Christ, hence the spirit of the word. He is here to help, lead, and guide us into success both with God and on earth.

The Holy Spirit is the one that will give spiritual understanding of the word.

The Word of God Satisfies`

Look, it satisfies; this is why Jesus wasn’t eating much of physical food; the disciples observed and ask, and he told them he has food that he is eating and that is, doing the will of the father.

 The will of God is the word of God, what Jesus was actually saying was his meat was doing the word the light or doing the spiritual understanding of God’s word. The word of God is light. This tells you that when you receive light, you are receiving God’s will.

Every Light You Receive is Grace

 The most exactly point of this is that you receive the  will with God’s ability, grace, capacity, power to do the will, no struggle to do.

 Every light you receive comes with grace, I call this grace a level of authority or dominion in that area.

If you were researching, meditating, studying consistently, intensely in the area of health, you would be accumulating grace in the area of health.

 hence an in depth accumulation or extensive accumulation of grace in that area surrenders to you a complete authority, rulership or total dominion in that area.

I am sure that you will now discover that you have lot of work to do as a Christian, yes there is no place for a lazy man on earth, you have to do a lot of research, study your bible, meditate because there are many areas to dominate.

 But it’s easier than you think, you are not going to do this by your power believe me – God works for you, through you, only make up your mind and yield your entire system to God to take control. The Holy Spirit is the one that leads, guide, direct and empower you to do anything as a believer.

This is the only way you can take complete dominion on earth as a believer.

 That’s why at the end of it all, everything is free. One thing I discovered about God is that, just prove to him that you are willing to do this, believe me, he takes over the job, and you one surprise at end how it’s done.

 But it’s you that was used to get it done – the grace of God is the supernatural power, ability that get things done without stress. This is How to Attain Perfection as a Believer.

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