How Knowledge Determines Spiritual Strength

I will keep repeating till it becomes a part part of you. And that is the fact that you are a spirit that lives in the flesh and has a soul. We are to find out how knowledge determines Spiritual Strength.

Your spirit needs more strength than your physical body or flesh. This is because it’s your spirit that sustends the flesh. God connect to the spirit, not the body or flesh. God relates with the spirit, not the flesh. The spiritual created the physical. The physical cannot create anything in the spirit realm. Spirit created the flesh. The spiritual has complete control over the physical. It therefore means that flesh is dependent on the spirit. The spirit is self subsistent.

We have been able to establish that the spirit is superior to the flesh,

Spiritual Food

The spirit has its food. The food is what nourishes spirit, help it to grow and be strong. Since God created the spirit in his own image, the spirit must eat what God eats to grow. The spirit eats God’s food. Does God have food, yes. Jesus said;

“my meat is to do the will of my father”

The will of God is the word of God, God does not have any other will than his word. Jesus was directly saying that the word of God is his food. Don’t forget Jesus is God.

“I and my father are one”

There is no single difference between the father and the son, and their common food is the word of God. This same food is what God has offered to us as spirits to eat and be gods.

How Knowledge Determines Spiritual Strength

Salvation was to connect man to God. But what will empower us to be like God is the God’s food we eat, and that food is the word of God.

The Last Dispensation

This is the third dispensation and the last dispensation called ‘the dispensation of knowledge’. We have had two dispensations before now.

In the first dispensation God dealt with man as the father. The son wasn’t there and the Holy Spirit did not come to earth as a person. In the second dispensation the father withdrew and we had the son as Jesus came to earth for the purpose of salvation.

Still the Holy Spirit did not come to earth as a person until Jesus finished everything and left. When Jesus wanted to leave the earth, he emphatically said:

“It is expedient that I go away”

Jesus emphasised in many portions of the bible that he was going to the father. I strongly need you to understand the fact that Jesus actually left this earth and went to the father. For Jesus to leave and go to the father, it means the father is not also in the earth.

Both of them left for the third person in the trinity, the Holy Spirit to take over the last dispensation.

Who is The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth according to the bible. The word of God is truth. Therefore the Holy Spirit is the spirit of the word of God.

Why The Holy Spirit Came

Jesus emphatically explained the mission of the Holy Spirit on earth. According to Jesus, the Holy Spirit is on earth as a teacher, he is the one to teach us everything that has to do with the word of God. This makes this dispensation the era of the knowledge of the word of God. You need to understand that the Holy Spirit is the one that Carries the spirit of revelation and understanding.

So, how much of your time do you devout to the knowledge of the word of God every day.

Giving more or most attention to your spirit man is of utmost importance.
The spirit drives the body just as the spiritual drives the physical. Do not
play with the spiritual.

Your strong spirit will fix
all of your physical issues. Your body is dead without your spirit.

Do not rush to eat in the
morning. Take time to pray and study your bible first, the spirit grows which
means it eats food; If it starves, it is stunted, weak, and subject to
punishment and oppression.

When the spirit eats enough,
you are on top of the world, you dominate.

If eating too much oppresses
the spirit, cut down eating too much of physical food.

Physical food is for your
flesh, the flesh fights the spirit, when you starve the flesh, and it is weak,
then your spirit can eat, and assimilate well because the flesh is too weak to
fight or oppose or resist the ability of the spirit to grow it. if you are
worried, disturbed, not at rest, it will affect your growth rate. But when you
are at peace, the atmosphere is favorable for growth.

Pay more attention to your
spirit because your spirit is your life.

Jesus says the word that I
speak to you, they are spirit, and they are life. This means the word of God is
your life, and the word of God is your spiritual food.

Believe me this life is not
only for your spirit but also for your flesh, the more you eat it, the livelier
you are physically.

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